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Westport Central School District PowerPoint Presentation
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Westport Central School District

Westport Central School District

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Westport Central School District

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Westport Central School District CSO Presentation March 31, 2010

    3. Being Superintendent at Westport

    4. Westport High School Completers

    5. Westport High School Noncompleters

    6. Westport High School Suspension Rates

    7. Adequate Yearly Progress . . . 2007-08 for Westport High School

    8. Westport High School Post-secondary Plans in 2007-08

    9. What We Do to make Student Successful Professional Learning Communities IST PBIS Character Education Homework Club Enrichment Program Reading Program Writing Program/Lab

    10. Reading Program for Grade 7 Team Taught Reading and Social Studies Teachers Use reading centers Continuing elements of reading first in HS

    11. Reading First Scientifically based reading research is research that applies systematic and objective procedures to obtain valid knowledge relevant to reading development, reading instruction, and reading difficulties. Uses rigorous, systematic, and empirical methods. Involves rigorous data analyses that are adequate to test the stated hypotheses and justify drawn conclusions. Relies on measurements or observational methods that provide valid data across evaluators and observers and across multiple measurements and observations. Has been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal or approved by a panel of independent experts through a comparable rigorous, objective, and scientific review.

    12. College Preparation Course Westport Central School is one of only a handful of Schools offering a college preparation course. Team taught with Business and English Teacher. Students during the course complete the entire admissions process for a minimum of one college. Over the past three years all seniors taking the course have successfully gained acceptance to a Two-year or Four-year College. They leave with the confidence and motivation to transition into post-secondary education.

    13. College Preparation Course What does College Preparation entail: In class time for all aspects of the college admissions process from searching/researching potential schools, applications (including Common Application), FASFA- (including financial aid), scholarships, college interviews, etc. Other curriculum topics covered include: health and wellness, study techniques, reading techniques, test taking techniques, identification of individual learning styles, Bloom's Taxonomy, campus safety, stress, alcohol, drugs, class scheduling, staying power, mindful learning, time management, and college offices and what they do.

    15. I believe the culture at Westport mirrors a Professional Learning Community Professional Learning Communities Exist When Educators Create an Environment That: Fosters mutual cooperation. Provides emotional support. Allows personal growth to occur.