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Successful Intervention Strategies PowerPoint Presentation
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Successful Intervention Strategies

Successful Intervention Strategies

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Successful Intervention Strategies

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  1. Successful Intervention Strategies For Multi-Tiered Instructional Models Presented by Julie Ross

  2. The Cost of Illiteracy "The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is  welded to reading failure."  -U.S. Department of Justice • 60% of prison inmates are illiterate • 70% return to prison if they don’t receive reading instruction • Drops to 16% for those who do receive instruction

  3. Reading in a Three Tiered System Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1 20% Mild reading difficulty 15% Moderate reading difficulty 35% Do better with direct instruction 20% Easily read with any type of formal instruction 5% Severe 5% Effort- less

  4. Tiered Instruction -Assisting Students Struggling with Reading, Institute of Educational Sciences, 2009

  5. Students’ Academic Challenges • Don’t know how to read for meaning • Lack vocabulary • Poor fluency • Insufficient writing skills • Not able to transition to “reading to learn”

  6. Why are they Struggling? • Lack reading strategies • Inadequate vocabulary knowledge impacts comprehension • Comprehension deficits impact fluency • Need step-wise writing instruction • Lack interest and motivation

  7. Instruction Across Tiers • Comprehension skills and strategies • Vocabulary, including multisyllabic words • Writing with a reading/writing connection • Scaffolded instruction, leading to independence • Ample opportunities to practice reading

  8. Effective Literacy Interventions • Collaborative Learning • Blended Instruction • Scaffolding & Support

  9. Comprehension

  10. With strong roots the tree will grow

  11. Strategies for all Stages

  12. Comprehension Instruction • Students learn how to apply strategies to master comprehension skills • Students apply these skills and strategies to content-area texts • Empowers students to take control of their own reading comprehension • Teach important comprehension skills in the context of a strategic approach to reading

  13. Skills and Strategies Instruction Let’s start from the beginning……….. • A skill is something you can do • A strategy is something that helps you do that skill. Strategies are the vehicle through which students will develop comprehension skills Students do not only need to understand a strategy, they need to know when, how, and why to use them.

  14. Strategies for Developing Comprehension Students are taught how to apply strategies to master comprehension skills. • Process for understanding what is read • Constructing meaning as you read • Using prior knowledge and experiences • Rereading or questioning when they are having problems (monitoring and clarifying) • Using vocabulary strategies to understand unfamiliar words • Awareness of genre to predict the passage structure • Summarize as they are reading

  15. Students Should Interact with Texts • Read and Mark for Meaning” & “Read and Mark for Skills” • Underline- examples of targeted skill • Circle- Words or phrases they don’t understand • Actively marking the text keeps students engaged • Markings offer informal, formative assessment opportunities.

  16. Teach Students to Interact with Texts

  17. Read the Text American leaders realized that is was essential for the colonies to unite against their common enemy, England. To that end, they drafted the Articles of Confederation in 1777. This document set up a central government for all states. It consisted of a representational Congress, with each state having one vote in all decisions. This body was supposed to establish a relationship with the other nations in the world, especially those nations who were helping America fight against the British in the American Revolution.

  18. Break Down the Text Main Idea The Articles of Confederation set up a central government for all the states. Detail Detail Detail Congress united all the states against England. Each state had one vote in all decisions. Congress established a relationship with other nations.

  19. Vocabulary

  20. Why Vocabulary is Important Language areas: ALL students, ALL content-areas, EVERY day

  21. Vocabulary Skills and Strategies • Multiple meanings • Visualizing • Modeling • Prior knowledge • Classifying words • Compare/contrast • Multisyllabic words • Greek & Latin Roots Rephrasing Multiple exposures Use of words in context Word analysis Synonyms Homonyms Apply vocabulary in writing

  22. Activity: Multisyllabic Words i says /e/ stu di o de vi ate o be di ence char i ot pho bi a au di ence

  23. Activity: Greek & Latin Roots Graph Scrib/Scrip Autograph Biography Geography Paragraph Script Scribe Prescription Subscribe

  24. Activity: Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

  25. Writing

  26. Statistics • 70% of students in grades 4 – 12 are low-achieving writers. • 38% of high school graduates in the workforce find their writing does not meet expectations for quality. • Over 50% of employers say that writing skills impact workers’ promotions.

  27. Planning The International Space Station Largest man-made object in space Gravity makes it difficult to work in space Lots of research is done there People from many countries work there

  28. Define Main Idea Paragraph 1 – Main Idea The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest man-made object in space. Paragraph 2 – Main Idea A lot of important research is conducted on the ISS. Paragraph 3 – Main Idea Astronauts from many countries are building an incredible place to live and work.

  29. Define the Details Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3

  30. Helpful Tips • Create a Writing Rubric • Provide a Peer Review Checklist & Editing Checklist • Practice, Practice, & More Practice

  31. In Closing