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N umber P ortability PowerPoint Presentation
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N umber P ortability

N umber P ortability

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N umber P ortability

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  1. Number Portability Peter Martinkovič24.06.2004 - Bratislava

  2. Agenda • Introduction • NP Overview • NP Examples • Central Reference Database • Discussion

  3. Portability Concept The feature Number Portability allows subscribers to keep their directory number when they move within the same local area or change to another network operator. There exists four basic types of portability: • Location Portability Change location but keep the Operator and the number. • Service Provider Portability for Geographic Numbers Change from one Operator to another, but keep the number. • Service Provider Portability for Non-geographic Numbers Service numbers (e.g. IN-Services) ported from one operatorto another. • Service Portability E.g. change from POTS to ISDN

  4. Geographical/location portability Carrier/operator portability Service number portability Network of operator A Network of Operator A Service Provider Network of Operator A Subscriber 1234 1234 Network Node X Service Node X 1234 0800123 Network of Operator B Network of Operator B Network Node Y Service Node Y 1234 0800123 Portability Concept Number Portability is a key feature in deregulated markets

  5. Portability Concept Location Portability

  6. Portability Concept Service Provider Portability

  7. NP DB NP DB NP DB NP DB Example Service Provider Portability for Mobile Numbers All Call Query Donor Network Recepient Network Called party Ported Out Called party Ported In Mobile Net. Eurotel Mobile Net. Orange MSISDN 0905 012567 MSISDN 0905 012567 REL ? 1 IAM Originating Network Fix Net Operator B Fix Net Operator A Calling party LAC=033 DN = 7743001

  8. Called party Ported In LAC=033 DN = 7743001 NP DB NP DB NP DB NP DB Example Service Provider Portability for Geographic Numbers All Call Query Donor Network Recepient Network Called party Ported Out Fix Net Operator A Slovak Telecom LAC=033 DN = 7743001 REL ? 1 IAM Originating Network Fix Net Operator B Mobile Operator X Calling party

  9. NP DB Example Service Provider Portability for Geographic Numbers Query on Release - Local Call Primary Area Trnava NDC=033 DN = 7622001 ERN=E03321 ERN=E0337 PIES 21xxxxx PIES 7xxxxxx Alternative Operator NRN=E38 Slovak Telecom NRN=E21 DN = 7622001 Called party Ported Out TRNV 22xxxxx TRNV 5xxxxxx IDP DN = 7622001 Called party Ported In ERN=E03322 IAM (ERN+NRN+NDC+DN) ERN=E0335 CON ERN=E03323 ERN=E0336 PEZN 23xxxxx PEZN 6xxxxxx Donor Network Recipient Network Bratislava NDC=02 BA ST - GW BA AO - GW IDP NDC+DN CON NP DB

  10. Switch Recepient Switch Donor Switch LE LE LE NP DB NP DB Example Service Provider Portability for Geographic Numbers Query on Release - Transit Call Slovak Telecom NRN=E21 ERN+NRN+NDC+DN Calling party Donor Network Called party BA ST - GW KE ST - GW ERN+NRN+NDC+DN DN = 7743001 DN: 7XXXXXX Piešťany DN=47672123 NDC+DN NDC+DN Recipient Network Ported Subscriber DN=47672123 BA AO - GW KE AO - GW ERN+NDC+DN Alternative Operator NRN=E38 ERN+NDC+DN Primary Area Trnava NDC=033 Primary Area Bardejov NDC=054

  11. Possibilities for NP Database NP Database • switch integrated (EWSD) • Intelligent Network integrated (IN@vantage) • SA STP integrated (SURPASS hiS 700) hiS 700 • Mostoperators and regulators are opting for a centralizednumber portability (NP) solution because it guaranteesefficient use of network resources and independencefrom competitors. • SA STP integrated NP database is high-performance and innovative solutions that is easy to implement and manage.

  12. Central Reference Database National Integration with GNMS Global Number Management System GNMS

  13. Number Portability - Implementation Number Portability - Successful Implementation The success of a Number Portability implementation depends on 2 factors: • 1. Technical Implementation: • Correct call routing from donor to recipient network • Correct charging • 2. Administrative Procedure: • One-stop-shopping • Well defined processes • Short execution cycles • Defined porting windows • Short disruption time for change-over • Low error rates • Clearly defined escalation procedures

  14. Administration – National Integration • Operators have to co-operate to execute NP processes • NP processes are defined national wide • Operators exchange messages in a defined national protocol • In the national NP processes operators systems have to be integrated for full automation The National Integration is the focus of GNMS

  15. Number Portability - CRDB Number Portability - Central Reference Database • Why CRDB? • National Survey • Authorized Reference Data (e.g. for new operators) • Operation • by NRA (National Regulatory Authority) • by independent 3rd party on behalf of NRA • by a consortium of the operators (and the NRA) • by independent 3rd party on behalf of a consortium of the operators • by one operator on behalf of the NRA

  16. Number Portability - CRDB Number Portability - Process and Database Support • Central Reference Database (CRDB) Operator B Operator A Operators IT Systems NP DB GNMS Web-Client CRDB Operator C Operator D LODB GNMS NP DB Processes and Information flow between CRDB and Local Operator Numbering Databases (LODB)

  17. GNMS – Workflow Example GNMS – Workflow Example CRDB Service Provider Recipient Operator Donor Operator Import Process CRDB Process Export Process Customer Porting Request Porting Inquiry Porting Inquiry Porting Inquiry Answer Donor validation CRDB timing supervision Porting Inquiry Answer Porting Order Request Porting Order Request Porting Order Confirmation Porting Order Confirmation techn. implementation techn. Implementation, connection and activation Donor Notification Recipient Notification CRDB validation Porting Broadcasts Other Operators CRDB porting termination

  18. GNMS - Generic Architecture “Managed Services“ Approach GNMS Client GNMS Client GNMS Client Regulation Authority Operator Operator Internet / Intranet ISDN/PSTN GNMS Administration GNMS Server GNMS Database

  19. The GNMS Hardware Platforms Two types of hardware platforms: • Mainstream Platform: PC & Windows 2000 • Power Platform: Sun Fire & Solaris Mainstream Power Platform Platform • High availabilty • High performance • Ease of operation & admin • Price • Modularity • Security • Scalability

  20. Network Element Integration Another strong side: Integration Appl-to-Appl Interface Communication Layer: CORBA, SOAP,FTP ... GNMS Client CORBA, SOAP, XML… local GNMS GNMS Server (operator-sited) Data- base Operator X.25, TCP-IP NetManager MML,SNMP, Q3,TCP/IP hiS 700 SA STP

  21. Minimizing administration costs Full integration Dynamic adaption of processes Exact survey of process workflow High security, safety and data integrity Modern standard interfaces and technologies Information and Reports Fast introduction possible The Benefits: Summary

  22. Key Messages • Siemens is market leader in Number Portability Solutions • Siemens is ready to support you with introduction of NP • Siemens wants to take responsibility for a centralized NP database solution • Let‘s make Number Portability a success together!

  23. Thank you for your attention! Peter Martinkovič24.06.2004 - Bratislava