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The Endgame

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The Endgame

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The Endgame

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  1. The Endgame These FAQs will be posted and updated as new information comes in. This is as of 12/2/2013. This is all subject to revision. Here are some reminder FAQs on the paper:  Q. When is it due?  A. The paper is due by noon on Monday, December 9. Q. Where and how do I hand it in?  A. Email it to me and your TF by noon on Monday Dec 9. Drop a hard copy off in the box outside my office, 2nd floor, 28 Hillhouse Avenue by Monday 3 pm. When and where are the review sessions for the final exam? There will be review sessions. Details to follow The TAs will have regular sections the week of 12/2; special sessions next week. All review sessions are optional. The format is student Q and prof A.

  2. Here are some FAQs on the final exam: Q0. When and where is the final examination? A0. ECON 122, Intermediate Macroeconomics, group 34, Friday, 12/13/2012, at  2 p.m. Places TBD Q1. What is the exam format?  A1. The exam will be 3 hours plus ½ hour for proofreading and looking over your answer. There will be short answer questions, medium-length problems, and essay-type questions. Q2. What kind of problems will be on the exam? A2. Problems will be similar to the ones on your problem sets. We may well take one of the problem set questions for the final exam. Q3. Are there length limitations on the answers? A3. Yes. You will be constrained on the length of your answers. The idea is that your answers should be carefully crafted and succinct rather than “write everything you know and hope that something hits the target.” You may find it helpful to draft an answer and copy that into a bluebook. Sloppy answers and writing will get penalized.

  3. Q4. Are electronics allowed? A4. Nothing but pen and pencil. No electronics at all. Q5. What will be covered on the exam? A5. The entire course will be covered. There will be slightly more emphasis on the material since the midterm. The core material is the textbook, the lectures, and the lecture notes. Q6. Will you post a sample exam? A6. Yes, with an answer key if we can find one. Q7. Will it be a fun exam? A7. Definitely, it will be a hoot!