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Contract Administration

Contract Administration

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Contract Administration

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  1. Contract Administration Stephanie Jaecks

  2. Project Information Please let me know of any changes as soon as you are aware: Personnel including names, phone or email. Prime Contacts Start or Anticipated Completion Dates. Traffic Control Field Office location, phone or fax. Detour Information

  3. Prime Contractor’s Correspondence

  4. Preconstruction Conference Information to include in email to Steph: • Date • Time • Location • Attachment C(found in Pantry)

  5. NOTICE TO PROCEED • BEFORE work begins the DOT must issue the notice to proceed. • We can also issue a conditional notice to proceed for items. Commonly used to start staking or traffic control.

  6. CON MOD JUSTIFICATIONS Please make sure justifications are being done for each item.

  7. Contract Modification Justifications What Pete sees: Justification are missing a statement that the cost was found as reasonable. “It is unfortunate that I have to turn these CCOs back because they did not take the time to explain that the cost was found reasonable. This has been the main reason I have had to return CCOs. Federal regulations call for an independent costs analysis. In lieu of which, I am willing to accept a statement within the justification acknowledging that the cost was acceptable and was found reasonable (statement made by WisDOT or the Departments’ consultant agent).”

  8. Documentation of Project Manager Visits Please make sure that you continue to: Put Project Manager visits in your diaries. Keep weekly meeting minutes that include attendance to document Project Manager’s visits.

  9. Rhinelander AsBuilts • The AsBuilt CD is being stored on the inside front cover with a self adhesive CD holder. • I will have a self adhesive CD holder in your PE File.