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Fraction Fun

Fraction Fun. By; Alec, Destiny, and Misaiah. What are fractions?.

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Fraction Fun

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  1. Fraction Fun By; Alec, Destiny, and Misaiah

  2. What are fractions? • Some people say that factions are mean and scary. But actually, their quite easy. You just need to know how to use them. All a fraction is, is a part of a whole number. When it comes to adding and subtracting fractions it’s not that hard, it is just time consuming.

  3. Adding Fractions • To me, adding is easy. But, adding with fractions is even better. Right now were using fractions with like denominators. LIKE denominators is the BOTTOM part of the denominators that are the SAME, all YOU have to do is add the numerators. ( the top part of the fraction)

  4. Example • If you are having trouble with this write this down. • 2/5 + 2/5

  5. Example • 2/5 + 2/5 • 2 + 2= 4 • Since the denominators are the same, leave them be. Add your numerators, in this case two plus two is four. Your answer is…….

  6. ANSWER • 4/5!

  7. Subtracting Fractions • Basically, subtracting fractions is just the same as adding them exceptyou subtract, not addwrite this down, EXAMPLE 4/5- 3/5= 4-3=1 keep your denominator= 1/5

  8. Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators Well, in order to find the answer to adding with unlike denominators is kind of hard to explain, so why don’t you watch it instead? You Tube Video

  9. Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators The video you just watched will help you subtract with unlike denominators. You do the same thing. Example- 3/5- 2/10= What will go into 5 and 10? 6/10- 2/10= 4/10 simplified= 2/5

  10. Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers Everything we have discussed and learned will also help you with this. You know how to add and subtract all different types of fractions. But what if you added a whole number to the equation? Follow along with me on the next two slides.

  11. Adding Mixed Numbers We are going to do this on the board together, 3 1/3+ 2 1/6=

  12. Subtracting Mixed Numbers Again we are going to do this one on the board. 6 3/5 - 4 1/10=

  13. Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Fractions This looks hard, but trust me, it is soeasy. When you are adding a whole number plus a fraction, you just add the whole number to the fraction. Look at the example below. 8 + 2/3= 8 2/3

  14. Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Fractions When you subtract a whole number from a fraction, you have to remember, a whole number is nothing but a bunch of fractions. WE will do this on the board together. 8- 2/3=?

  15. Regrouping For regrouping all you have to do is subtracting one from the whole number, adding your numerator and denominator, and keeping your denominator. Look at the example below. 8 2/5= 7 7/5

  16. Review Game! We will now do a review game!                

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