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Our Communities Our Voices 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Communities Our Voices 2002

Our Communities Our Voices 2002

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Our Communities Our Voices 2002

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  1. Our CommunitiesOur Voices2002 THE RESULTS

  2. MAP

  3. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Forest Heights/Forest Lawn Area Redevelopment Plan - 1992 - 1995 Ward 10 Task Force - November 1993 to September 1995 Sunrise Community Partnership = two Committees merged in 1995 Issues Identified: Safety & Security Poverty Education Cultural Diversity Image and Pride Youth and Family Resources Our Communities, Our Voices 2000 - Oct 17, 2000 Our Communities, Our Voices 2002 - Nov 21, 2002

  4. WHY ARE WE HERE?WHAT ARE WE DOING? Post OCOV 2000 - Report was sent out to every participant and all local organizations in the Sunrise Communities - Co-ordinating Committee disbanded. Post OCOV 2002 - Report to be hand delivered with a presentation to groups (25) in the Sunrise Communities. - Report will be sent to all other local organizations (50 more) - Co-ordinating Committee will meet monthly to facilitate/encourage action steps as identified - Co-ordinating Committee to encourage “issue forums” during next 6 to 18 months. - Co-ordinating Committee to co-ordinate an OCOV 2004.

  5. OCOV 2002COORDINATING COMMITTEE MCC-Employment Development Lisa Caton and Carmen Plante 272-9323 Forest Lawn Library Janet MacKinnon, Manager 221-2069 City of Calgary, Community & Neighbourhood Services Patricia Vanbeselaere, Community Worker 974-1926 Calgary Police Services Inspector Paul Manual 273-1888 Sunrise Community Link Resource Center Brenda Wadey and Meagan Smith-Windsor 204-8280 City Of Calgary, Alderman Ward 10 Diane Danielson 268-2430 Anyone is welcome to join, meet 2nd Tuesdays at 9:00am at MCC-ED

  6. CURRENT ISSUES Image and Pride Safety and Security Cultural Harmony Education Health Poverty Access to Resources Volunteerism Communicating, Connecting, Celebrating

  7. OCOV 2002 Invitation: Anyone who lives, works or volunteers in the Sunrise Communities. Attendance: Just under 100 people Place: Grace Baptist Church (space donated) Format: Opening remarks 9 discussion tables (1 on each issue) Summary of table talk (3 action strategies for each issue) Purpose: To stimulate people to action To move forward on ideas for improvement To become more aware of current actions To focus on 9 issues identified in OCOV 2000

  8. Image and PrideAction Steps Imagerefers to the visual of how the community looks. Priderefers to how you feel about your community. 1. Change perceptions of East Calgary 2. Focus on positives of the Sunrise communities 3. Showcase opportunities and promote special events

  9. Image and PrideUpdate & Action Opportunities • Sunrise Image & Pride Team Formed • Folder and brochure available • Brochure to go to every home • New members on Sunrise Image & Pride Team • Working on manual for “Spruce Up Day” campaign • Enhancing web site: • • Contact: Judy 268-1676

  10. Safety and SecurityAction Steps Refers to people being free from violence and harm. This includes personal safety, home safety, road safety and railway safety. 1. Take personal responsibility for your safety and your community safety. 2. Involve residents in Block Watch, Block Parent, Youth Justice Committees - mobilize people door to door. 3. Promote and identify community resources.

  11. Safety and SecurityUpdate • Ward 10 Summer Student - supporting development of safety coalition. • Forest Lawn revitalizing Block Watch • March “For a Safer Tomorrow” • Meeting twice a month • CPS provides ongoing support • SCL Resource Centre has a community mobilization project • Contacts: Meagan (SCL) 204-8280 • CPS Dist #4 273-1888

  12. Cultural Harmony/DiversityAction Steps Recognizes the fact that the Sunrise Communities are composed of many people of many cultures including Canadian Aboriginal people, immigrants and refugees, for many of whom English is a second language. 1. Develop a working group on this issue. 2. Work in the Dover community (with Dover community Association, multi- cultural director) to develop a model that can be used in order to increase multi-cultural involvement. 3. As model progresses, use the media to report and share successes with the general public

  13. Cultural Harmony/DiversityUpdate & Action Opportunities • Multi-cultural Task Group meeting regularly • “Trans Canada” Global Fest • • International Firework Festival • • First World Fest (cultural groups) • • August 20-24 • Contacts: Marilyn 248-7098 (Task Group) • Office 276-5145 (Global Fest)

  14. EducationAction Steps Refers to acquiring knowledge/learning which incorporates early education (preschool), K to 12, post secondary, adult education and informal educational opportunities. To increase/enhance educational opportunities by: 1. Create awareness of opportunities. 2. Create networking opportunities. 3. Find funding sources for individuals and programs.

  15. EducationUpdate & Action Opportunities MCC - Employment Development expanding facilities Learning Village concept being developed by United Way Study done by C-CALA to increase understanding of where funding is needed Contact: Lilly/Lyndsay 272-9323 (MCC-ED) Stacey 231-2613 (UW)

  16. HealthAction Steps Health is defined as an individual’s personal state of well-being and is clearly related to issues of income, education, resource accessibility etc. 1. Promote Alexandra Community Health Centre services, including bus. 2. Prevention and treatment in the community to help reduce substance abuse. 3. Increase first language services and health care. 4. Improved access to health services for marginalized groups - lobby for a 24 hour medical facility/health and emergency services.

  17. HealthUpdate & Action Opportunties Alexandra Community Health Bus stops in East Calgary Alexandra Community Health Centre looking for a site in Sunrise communities Contact: Office 266-2622

  18. PovertyAction Steps Some residents in the Sunrise Communities have lower average incomes than the City as a whole with many families living on fixed incomes and in severe cases, economic resources not meeting sustainable living needs. 1. Encourage/facilitate access to employment and/or educational opportunities and educate employers to increase wages. 2. Housing-issue a challenge to politicians to live with a low income family for 3 days. 3. Support recommendation of Low Income Review which identifies major gaps in social assistance: eg. - SFI funding and JIMY program

  19. PovertyUpdate & Action Opportunities Housing Advocate, new staff person @ SCL (204-8280) Co-ordinating a “mini” workshop on this issue and including local politicians. (Pat 974-1926) United Way has City focus on sustained poverty reduction - Living Wage Initiative (Ramona 231-6265) Women and Fair Income Project (Paula 240-7347) Calgary Coalition for the Low Income Review (Pat 974-1926)

  20. Access to ResourcesAction Steps Resources are defined as a source of supply, support or aid, especially one that can be drawn upon when needed. 1. Promote awareness of available community resources by using a variety of media (PSA, directory). 2. Support the development of community leaders and involve residents with all orders of government. 3. Initiate social planning and advocate for resources (low income review, affordable housing strategy).

  21. Access to ResourcesUpdate & Action Opportunities Building Active Citizenship Working Group just started June 26 - 1 day conference Contact: Meagan 204-8280

  22. VolunteerismAction Steps Refers to the donation of time, resources or talent/skill to help an organizaton, an initiative or a committee. 1. Central organization/group to coordinate volunteers in the Sunrise Communities (recruitment, training, recognition, networking). 2. Management plan/manual which would be available to all organizations (how to be an effective facilitator of volunteers) and a good example is 4-H manual. 3. Put together a mentorship program within/across organizations- involving seniors/youth. 4. Recognize achievement - Certification for organizations and individual volunteers for “growth”.

  23. VolunteerismUpdate & Action Opportunties Ward 9 and 10 office co-sponsoring an “Issue” Forum with Community Associations SCL volunteer manager position no longer funded Ward 10 office hiring a Community Liaison Worker Initial group meeting on this issue will be happening shortly Contact: Meagan 204-8280

  24. Communicating, Connectingand CelebratingAction Steps Organizations and residents that work together and build relationships can develop coalitions that address similar concerns. And to help develop a sense of pride and achievement, there is a need to celebrate accomplishments: 1. Distribute information regularly. 2. Compile a resource database. 3. Host a community event.

  25. Communicating, Connectingand CelebratingUpdate & Action Opportunities Ward 10 Summer Student improving data base Ward 10/City & Ward 9/City Newsletters delivered door to door June 2003 Family Fun Fairs - July 24 and August 14 from 7-9pm “Trans Canada” Global Fest August 20-24 6-10 pm Multi-Faith Group formed One year reunion of OCOV 2002 community particpants being planned Contact: Pat 974-1926 Joan 974-4953

  26. WHAT IS YOUR ORGANIZATION DOING IN ANY OF THESE ISSUE AREAS? • Image and Pride • Safety & Security • Cultural Harmony • Education • Health • Poverty • Access to Resources • Volunteerism • Communicating, Connecting, Celebrating

  27. HOW CAN “YOU” USE THIS INFO? • Use information for your organization’s program/project planning. • Put “prepared message” in your newsletters. • Get involved with a particular action/strategy. • Get involved with a particular issue. • Encourage residents to become involved. • Contribute ideas to OCOV Coordinating Committee • ASK YOURSELVES • ARE WE HELPING “OUR” COMMUNITY?


  29. THANK YOU • Folder includes: • Letter of explanation • Summary document of OCOV 2002 • Complete Resources of OCOV 2002 • Workbook from OCOV 2002 Forum • Prepared message for your newsletter (if applicable) • Check • TOGETHER REALLY IS BETTER