changes of state n.
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Changes of State

Changes of State

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Changes of State

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  1. Changes of State

  2. The particles in a solid are closely locked in position and can only vibrate. Solids

  3. Compared to particles in a solid, the particles in a liquid are more loosely connected and can collide with and move past one another. Liquids

  4. In gases, the atoms and molecules are free to move independently, colliding frequently. Gases

  5. Plasma Particles The negatively charged electrons (yellow) are freely streaming through the positively charged ions (blue). A plasma is an ionized gas. A plasma is a very good conductor of electricity and is affected by magnetic fields. Plasma, like gases have an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume.

  6. What happens to the molecules if you keep raising the temperature of a state?

  7. The molecules move faster and faster as you add energy until………….. Molecules gain enough energy to change into the next state.

  8. The change in state from a solid to a liquid is called melting. Changes Between Solid and Liquid

  9. The change from a liquid to a solid is called freezing. Changes Between Solid & Liquid

  10. The change from a liquid to a gas is called vaporization. Changes Between Liquid &Gas

  11. Evaporationis the process that changes a substance form a liquid to a gas at room temperature. Condensation is the phase change in which a substance changes from gas to liquid. Sublimation is the phase change in which a substance goes from a solid to a gas. Deposition is the phase change in which a substance goes from a gas to a solid. Other Phase Changes

  12. Changes of StatePHET states of matterChanges of State (2)

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