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Social Stories PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Stories

Social Stories

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Social Stories

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  1. Social Stories Presented by Angie Blanton, Lindsey Myers and Michelle Flinders

  2. By the end of the session, we would like you to know… …what a social story is. …how social stories can be used with your child. …how you can write a social story. …what to do with a social story once you have finished using it.

  3. What is a Social Story? A social story describes a social situation or skill. A social story is written in a positive perspective. A social story is written in the first person, for example “I will….” A social story is meaningful to the person using the story.

  4. Attending a Social Story Workshop Today there is a social story workshop. There will be speakers. The speakers know about social stories. The speakers are entertaining as well. I may want to hear their presentation. There will be other people at the workshop. At a workshop, people sit quietly and listen to the speaker. That way, it is easier for people to hear what is being said.

  5. Steps To Writing a Social Story

  6. Social Story Goal To share information that is descriptive, meaningful, physically, socially and emotionally safe for the audience. Every story has an overall patient and reassuring quality.

  7. Two Step Discovery Keeping the goal in mind, the author gathers relevant information to… improve their understanding of the child in relation to the situation and identify the specific topic and type of information to share in the story.

  8. Three-Parts and a Title Title Introduction that clearly identifies the topic A body that adds detail A conclusion that reinforces and summarizes the information

  9. Four-mat Presented in a format that clarifies content and enhances the meaning. Example: Places to Sit and Eat at McDonalds. Sometimes my family eats at McDonalds. We may sit at a table that looks like this (picture of table). We may eat at a table that looks like this (picture of booth). Or, we may eat at another kind of table. This is okay.

  10. Five Factors Define Voice and Vocabulary A Social Story has a patient and supportive voice and vocabulary that is defined by five factors. Only use first and/or third person perspective Positive and patient tone Past, present, or future tense Literally accurate Accurate meaning

  11. Example of First Person I learned how to button. I learned how to zip. I am learning how to tie my shoes. Someday, I will be able to tie my shoes.

  12. Six Questions Who? What? When? When? Where? How?

  13. When Do People Go to Bed? Usually, children need to sleep longer than moms and dads. That is why I may go to bed before my mom or dad. My bedtime is at about 8:00. My mom usually goes to bed at about 10:00. My dad usually goes to bed at about 11:00. It is okay for me to sleep when mom and dad are awake. They will go to bed soon. They have a bedtime soon.

  14. Seven Sentence Types Types of sentences: Descriptive- There are many vacation days during the year. Perspective- Many people think that surprises are fun. Coaching- I can use a paper change to help me keep track of the number of days until my birthday. Affirmative- To stay safe, children take turns going down the slide. This is very important. Partial- Wrapping hides a gift in order to keep it ____.

  15. A Gr-Eight Formula This formula ensures that the story describes the situation more than it directs.

  16. Nine makes in mine. A Social story is Tailored to the Child’s: individual abilities Attention span Learning style Whenever possible, their interests

  17. Write a Social Story Title #1 Learning About Directions at School # 2 I Should Follow Directions

  18. #1 #2 Write a Social Story There are times when you should listen to adults and follow their directions. Sometimes teachers, or other school staff, tell students what to do. They give students directions.

  19. #1 #2 Write a Social Story Directions help students work, learn, and play together. Directions help to keep students safe too! A student may want to do something else. That student may not follow the directions. Instead, that student will do what he or she wants to do. I do that a lot.

  20. #1 #2 Write a Social Story There are two parts to a direction. The first is giving the direction. Teachers often do that. The second is following the direction. That’s the students’ job. I am going to listen to my teacher. I will follow her directions. I will do what school staff tell me to do, too. It’s my job.

  21. Review and Discuss Social Stories Refer to handouts.

  22. Some People Try New Foods When I am eating, I may see food that I have not tried before. I will not know what it tastes like unless I try some. Sometimes people ask me to try a new food. That’s because they think I may like it. I may like to try new foods. Sometimes if I like it, I can have more. If I do not like it, it’s okay to say, “No, thank you.” Trying new food is a good way to discover which foods I like to eat.

  23. Getting Ready in the Morning I am learning to get ready for school. I am learning to comb my hair and brush my teeth in the morning. Sometimes I may take a shower in the morning. That way I smell good and look good. After I wash myself, I will try to put on my clothes. Usually I change my clothes every day. Sometimes my parents or guardians will tell me which clothes I should wear. Then it is usually time to go to school.

  24. Work Time…..