behaviors of heroin addicts n.
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Behaviors of Heroin Addicts PowerPoint Presentation
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Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

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Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

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  1. Behaviors of Heroin Addicts

  2. What do Heroin Addicts Act Like? Heroin addicts can experience a shift in personality, behavior, and physical health in times of active addiction. What signs can you look out for? And what can you do to help?

  3. We review here. Then, we invite you to ask your personal questions or share your experiences in the comments section at the end. Know that we try to respond to all comments personally and promptly…and that if you have a real need, we can connect you with an organization that can help.

  4. How Do Addicts Use Heroin? Before we explore some of the behaviors of heroin addicts, it will help to have some context about heroin and its use and distribution. Heroin comes from many places: China, Mexico, the mountains around the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as such areas are poppy rich. Opium poppies (a flower) grow best in dry, warm climates. They are often grown in these areas by farmers with small plots of land. The sap is collected by the farmer, then it’s bought by a merchant or broker who takes the opium to a morphine refinery. The opium is refined into morphine base and then reacted with acetic anhydride, a chemical also used in the production of aspirin. Most black market heroin is highly impure due to contaminants left after refinement of opium into morphine, which then remain in the final product.

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