the world came to our house today n.
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The World Came To Our House Today PowerPoint Presentation
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The World Came To Our House Today

The World Came To Our House Today

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The World Came To Our House Today

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  1. The World Came To Our House Today Prepared by Anastasia Kozlovska Form 7-A

  2. Kirovohrad (Кіровоград) Nickname(s): Little Paris (used in historical context) Motto: With peace and goodness

  3. LocationofKirovohrad Country: Ukraine Oblast :Kirovograd Founded in 1754 City rights 1765, 1782 Government: • Mayor OleksandrSainsus Area • Total 103 km2 (40 mi2) Population (2004) • Total 239,400

  4. Kirovohrad (Ukrainian: Кіровогра́д, [kirowoˈɦrɑd̪]; Russian: Кировогра́д, Kirovograd), formerly Yelisavetgrad, is a city in central Ukraine. It is located on the Inhul River. It is a motorway junction. Pop. 239,400 (2004 est.). Developed around a military settlement the city got to prominence in the 19th century when it became an important trade centre enjoying the rights of the Ukrainian culture promoter with the first professional theatrical company both in Central and Eastern Ukraine being established here in 1882. In Soviet times the city rose to the status of an agricultural and light industry centre whose fame was due to such enterprises as ChervonaZirka Agricultural Machinery Plant, Hydrosila Hydraulic Units Plant, Radiy Radio Component Plant, Pishmash Typewriter Plant. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kirovohrad saw the decline of the city's industrial potential. Since 2002 the economics of Kirovohrad has been slowly reviving.

  5. "Hydrosila"JSC is currently one of the biggest companies within the corporation "Hydrosila GROUP" JSC . Nowadays four factories belong to corporation: "Hydrosila" JSC, "Hydrosila MZTG" JSC, "Hydrosila LEDA" JSC, "Hydrosila TETIS" Ltd. It has a leading position as a manufacturer of hydraulic components for the agricultural, road-building and other machinery in the C.I.S. countries and the Baltic States. Nowadays the company produces as many pumps and axial-piston units as all of the other manufacturers in these countries taken together. The production of gear pumps was launched in 1958. At the market of hydrostatic transmissions the company has been represented since 1980, after purchased license of Sauer-Sundstrand Co., Germany for manufacturing of fluid hydraulic drives. The production cycle is closed, meaning that all the stages from castings to assembling and testing of finished products take place in one factory. The company is based in Ukraine, Kirovohrad and occupies the territory of 146000 m², working area is 75000 m² The network of warranty and post-warranty services includes more then 80 other factories.

  6. The scientific-production company “Radiy” specializes in design, development and production of automatic process control systems for nuclear power plants Since 1995 RPC “Radiy” has started series production and supply of I&C hardware and software complexes for nuclear power stations to replace exhausted and outdated equipment. The next step was the design and development of new generation of DPI modules for I&C hardware and software complexes with digital signal processing function, self-diagnostic function and noise immune characteristics. The innovation of the design was application of programmable gate arrays based on FPGA-architecture that provided implementation of typical module functions. Totally 15 complexes of control safety systems Generation I were supplied to nuclear power plants. Those complexes had more than 50000 gate arrays. Since 2000 RPC “Radiy” has used its experience for suppliers and operation of Generation I complexes and has developed digital I&C systems (I&C Platform “Radiy”) of Generation II using FPGA from the world leading manufacturers. RPC “Radiy” is the leading company in Ukraine that develops and produces I&C systems to provide safe operation at nuclear power plants with VVER -440 and VVER-1000 reactors. By making updated automatic equipment we are working both for today’s wellbeing of our country and for its safe prosperity in the future.

  7. Creative Group is a leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company and one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Ukraine. It produces fats and margarines, sunflower oil and meal, soybean meal and oil and biofuel pellets and is engaged in agriculture, particularly farming and livestock breeding. The Group is a major player in the production of fats and margarines on the Ukrainian market (with a market share of over 30%). It is among the top 3 Ukrainian sunflower seed processors as a result of its installed capacities and is a leading soybean processing company (holding a market share of over 16%). The Group operates nine plants, five elevator complexes, and crop farming and pig-breeding facilities. Creative Group sells its products to both industrial companies and end consumers. The Group’s facilities produce unbranded products and products under the trademarks Sonola, Delikon, Dyvne and Kum. The Group sells its products in all regions of Ukraine and exports them to more than 25 countries. Currently, Creative Group employs over 2,500 people.

  8. URGA International Joint Stock Aviation Company is a charter airline based in Kirovohrad, Ukraine. It operates charter passenger and cargo flights from various Ukrainian airports to destinations in Greece, Slovakia, the Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Germany,Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. Its main base is the Kirovohrad Airport (KGO). The airline was established and started operations in August 1993. It was founded as International Joint Stock Aviation Company URGA, initially concentrating on charter flights. Regular passenger flights from Kiev and KryvyiRih were added in May 1997. Air Urga is owned by the State Property Fund of Ukraine (51%) and American International Consulting Corp (43.5%). It has 378 employees.

  9. Conclusion • We must buy the Kirovograd products, because it made in your city. It is natural and it will contribute to economic development. It will be increase in jobs and higher wages.

  10. THE END