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Performance Contract Training

Performance Contract Training. July 2013. Performance Contracts.

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Performance Contract Training

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  1. Performance Contract Training July 2013
  2. Performance Contracts A Performance Contract is “an obligation to pay for non-employee services rendered.” Verify with the Payroll Department that any CCSD employee or former employee can be paid as a contractor or should be paid with Supplemental pay. Use form FS-213 for services from county or local funds. Required regardless of the dollar amount. Must always be completed and approved PRIOR to services being rendered. *(4- 6 weeks processing time)*
  3. Performance Contracts Performance Contract Approvals According to the Board Policy DI-Accounting & Reporting, all District generated contracts for services require the following approvals: $200,000 and above Board of Education $10,000 and above Senior Staff Member & Superintendent $10,000 and less* Senior Staff Member or designee (Principal) * County Funds * In addition, if the funds used belong to another division, the Budget Administrator of the funds must sign below the charge code on Page 1 of the FS-213. All contracts funded from SPLOST must be approved by Glen Brown, Executive Director, Program Management and Accountability. Where to send the contract? Financial Services – Budget Department
  4. Non Employee Services Speaker or Clinician (an individual instructing in their area of expertise.) Training at a CCSD location. Ambulance services. Police Officers. (Initial page 4, Part B, Number 2)
  5. Non Employee Services Contractor who is working on the building or grounds “real property”. If the Contractor has no company, no employees or sub-contractors, does not intend to hire any persons, and is located in a state compliant with immigration then no Affidavit is required. However, a copy of their Driver’s License is required. (Initial page 4, Part B, Number 2) Check to make sure the drivers’ license has been issued from the compliant approved state based on the Attorney General’s website. Note: If the state is not an approved state, then an affidavit from the contractor is required. http://law.ga.gov/00/channel_title/0,2094,87670814_167693491,00.html If the Contractor has a company, with employees or sub-contractors then they must register on E-verify and provide an Affidavit. (Contractor should follow instructions in part C of page 4 to comply with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act.) Reference Board Rule FEAE-R regarding construction services.
  6. Performance Contracts
  7. Where are Contract Forms Located? Contract Forms
  8. Forms Overview Performance Contracts Performance Contract Form FS-213 Performance Contract Form FS-213 MOD (Modification) Contract Remittance Form FS-212 Form used to make payment against a Performance Contract. Always use a Contract Remittance Form (FS-212) to pay for a contract. Do not use a check request form. Contractor Affidavits FS-214 Subcontractor Affidavits FS-215
  9. Contractor Affidavits An Affidavit is a formal sworn statement reflecting that the Contractor has complied with the requirements of legislation proving their employees and subcontractors are eligible to work in the United States. In the event the contractor employs or contracts with any subcontractor in connection with a covered contract, the contractor is required to have the subcontractor complete an affidavit stating the subcontractor is in compliance with the immigration legislation. The Subcontractor Affidavit Form (FS-215) must be completed to comply with this requirement.
  10. Contractor Affidavits What is the EEV / Basic Pilot Program User ID Number? EEV represents the “Employee Eligibility Verification Number” A contractor or subcontractor is required to write their EEV number, company name, and signature on the Affidavit forms (FS-214 or FS-215). A contractor or subcontractor registers for their EEV number online at: https://www.vis-dhs.com/EmployerRegistration
  11. E-Verify Process Corporate administrator enrollment is a three-step process and the contractor or subcontractor must complete the following three steps before they can begin using E-Verify: THREE STEPS Step 1: Set up the account that will allow you to manage E-Verify access and run reports for your entire company. This step begins once you answer the questions on the enrollment page. Step 2: Attend the required training offered over the Web. Once you complete step 1, you will receive an e-mail that provides details about the training session. Once you complete the training, you will have access to the corporate administrator features of E-Verify. Step 3: Log in to E-Verify and add the locations where your company does its verification work, including your own location if your location does verifications. This is because a corporate administrator account by itself will not allow you to do employment verifications.
  12. Questions and Answers Do you need to have a contract vendor complete the Georgia Immigration and Security Compliance Act documentation if they are an awarded vendor for a particular Bid/Quote/RFP for the Cobb County School District? No, you would not.  However, the vendor would have to cite the specific Bid/RFP/Quote on the contract below their signature to ensure they have completed the document.   Please ensure the vendor has been awarded a bid by CCSD by verifying the approved vendor bid list on the Procurement Services intranet website or calling the department directly at 770-590-4524.
  13. What if a contract is paid with county and local school funds? Step 1: Complete FS-213 for the total amount of contract services indicating county portion and local funds portion on contract. Step 2: Obtain appropriate signatures of the contractor, initiator and principal. Step 4: Tracy Smith in Accounts Receivable will deposit check in the appropriate charge code specified by bookkeeper . Step 6: When Mary Waymire in Accounts Payable receives contract, she will assign it a contract number and return a copy to the bookkeeper. Step 3: The bookkeeper sends the local school portion due on the contract to Accounts Receivable. Step 5: Send the performance contract directly to the Budget Department. Step 7: At completion of contracted services, the bookkeeper will submit a FS-212 Contract Remittance Form and invoice to Mary Waymire in Accounts Payable for payment.
  14. Performance Contract Summary Use the performance contract (FS-213 and FS-212) whenever services are provided by non-employees. Contracts are required regardless of the dollar amount. Must always be completed and approved PRIOR to services being rendered. A contractor needs to complete the FS-214 contractor affidavit form when the contractor does work on real property and they have employees or sub-contractors working for them. A subcontractor needs to complete the subcontractor affidavit FS-215 if their services were performed on real property. Note, the contractor is paid for these services. Use form FS-212 when paying services from county or local funds.
  15. Where to Get More Information Performance Contracts Mary Waymire Accounting Technician 770-590-4579 Local School Performance Contracts Nancy Breu Support Specialist/Local School Accounting 678-581-6755 Department of Homeland Security Customer Support 1-888-464-421 E-Verify@dhs.gov (e-mail)
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