lets investigate n.
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Lets Investigate

Lets Investigate

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Lets Investigate

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  1. Lets Investigate By Jamie Connelly and Rebecca Tait

  2. contents Page 1 + 2 History of rockets Page 3 Diagram of a space shuttle Page 4 Space shuttle B Page 5 Newtons law of motion Page 6 Forces on a rocket

  3. History of Rockets • Chinese fire arrows A.D 1232 • The first rockets were made in China. A Chinese chief mixed some random ingredients together and filled it in a bamboo shoot. He invented the firework rocket or Chinese fire arrow. • Wan Hu ,16 C • According to legend Wan Hu ,a Chinese stargazer, dreamed of spaceflight. He built a chair and attached 47 fire arrow rockets to it`s base. On launch day, 47 assistants rushed up and lit the fuses of all the rockets. A huge explosion followed. When the smoke cleared , Wan Hu was gone. Some have suggested Wan Hu had the right idea – use rockets to travel into space.

  4. Wernher Von Braun (1942) • Scientists worked with Newton’s book for years and tried to design a rocket which would make it to space. Finally in 1942 Wernher Von Braun built the German V2 which was the first rocket to make it to space.

  5. Diagram of a space Rocket.

  6. Space shuttle wordsearch Can you complete the wordsearch

  7. Newton’s Laws Of Motion Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientests and mathematics that ever lived. He was born in England on 25th of December 1643. While at school Sir Isaac Newton became really intrestedin science and wrote Newton’s law of motion. He had many ideas about gravity, light and forces. Third Law Of Motion For every action there is a equal and opposite re-action. This means that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size but opposite in direction. Whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard. THIS IS HOW ROCKETS FLY!!!

  8. Forces on a rocket • Rockets need to escape the Earths gravity – the force pulling objects towards Earth. To do this they must make a huge amount of thrust, the force that pushes the rocket upwards.

  9. The end! Thank you for watching our power point! WATCH OUT HE’S COMING TO GET YOU…!!!