welcome to the new dodea physical education program n.
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Welcome to the New DODEA Physical Education Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the New DODEA Physical Education Program

Welcome to the New DODEA Physical Education Program

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Welcome to the New DODEA Physical Education Program

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  1. Welcome to the New DODEA Physical Education Program Bryant ---- Schwartz---Buckner PEL – Physical Education Life Skills (.5 credits)– Mandatory to graduate! PEF – Physical Education Fitness (.5 credits)–– Mandatory to graduate! PAN – Physical Activity and Nutrition (.5 credits)–– Mandatory to graduate! Ball Control (.5 credits)–– Basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and Lacrosse! Conditioning (.5 credits)–– Weight training, running, agilities!

  2. Class Bio’s! • PEL- activities you participate in for your entire life. • PEF- personal fitness and nutrition activities which allow you to gain and apply knowledge to your everyday life. • PAN- non-traditional/non-competitive activities, social development skills and nutrition. • Ball Control- ball control sports include: basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse and a sport specific training program for each activity. • Conditioning- an advance level of participation in cardiovascular, strength training, muscular endurance and flexibility. The Physical Education program is geared towards the 80% of the student body which does not participate in athletics. This means we do not gear our program for basketball or football players. We have activities to promote healthy bodies and minds for life long learners. Examples: bowling, tennis, golf, archery, bocce ball, pickelball, pillowpolo and aerobics etc.

  3. Beginning of Class Daily Procedures • Be happy! • Girls enter the far door nearest your locker room • Boys enter through main entrance and walk near walls • Do not walk across the floor ( basketball court) • Maximum 5 minute dress time or tardy • As soon as you exit the locker room start walking laps outside the red • Read the board for the daily plan and goals as you pass by the board • DO NOT ENTER THE HALLWAY; DO NOT ENTER ANY OFFICE; DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CLASS WAIT UNTIL class introduction. • Do your best during class activities • 5 minute cool-down walk • Class stretch

  4. End of Class Daily Procedures • Do not enter locker rooms until dismissed from your teacher • You will have 5-7 minutes to change • Make sure you have removed your items from the long lockers back to the small locker • Lock your lock • Students will wait next to their locker room doors for the bell to ring • The locker rooms during class will be locked. • Never Never go to the lobby gym door.

  5. Basic Class Structure • Warm-up- a variety of activities to warm up the body (10-15 min.). • Presentation time- homework review and student presentations (PAN/PEF) • Web Quest (PEF/PAN)- independent group work on an activity • Conditioning period- cross training, circuit training • Skills- independent, group or class activities to enhance team play • Class activity- activities, games or sports • Choice time- activity of your choice • Class- stretch Be prepared for outdoor activities! Plan ahead and have the correct clothes and footwear for the weather! Flip flops are not acceptable! Class structure can vary class to class!

  6. Examples • Warm-ups ** Jogging, agilities, ABC’s, team builders (group problem solving), walls of fun, Indian run, box run, and certain class games. • Housekeeping ** Important information! • Presentations ** Students and teachers share information using technology (InFocus, computer)! • Web Quest ** Student research in groups finalizing with a team presentation!

  7. Basic PE GuidelinesRespect for yourself, Respect for others andResponsibility for your actions! • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. • Treat equipment as if it was your own! • Only sneakers on the new gym floor • No gum or food! • No phones or iPods during class! If we see it we will take it. • If you are on an athletic team you cannot practice or play if you do not dress out for Physical Education! • Use equipment as intended. • During class never sit down and rest unless instructed to do so! • Never climb up the bleachers to retrieve equipment. • Medical excuses must be from a doctor and only a doctor. • Never leave the class without permission. • Check gradespeed for mistakes at least 3 times per week • If you have a concern about grades, tests, homework see your teacher within 3 days or the grade will not be changed

  8. Basic Agreement We will work our best for you! We will not give up on you! You will try your best at all times!

  9. We ask of you just one thing… All you have!

  10. Incentive Program • Ask your teacher, all classes have different incentives programs. • When you work above and beyond both physically and mentally you will receive extra credit. Extra credit is like a bank for your money. You can use your money (extra credit) and make tests and activities GO AWAY. • Extra Credit can make your: • Absences go away (no make ups)! • More choice time! • Buy a new car! Incentives may not be used for No Dresses or poor behavior! Supplying parents email, Working hard, pushing yourself, working with classmates, exhibiting superior sportsmanship are a few ways to obtain extra credit.

  11. Grading • Traditional Grading - based on daily testing. • Absences must be made up before, during, or after school. (Pre-set time with your teacher) • A No-Dress cannot be made up. • If you are sick and in school, you must still participate. • Accommodations may be made on a case by case basis. • No tennis shoes = No participate = No make up • Medical notes from a doctor only are acceptable and those days may be made up. • A note from home (parent note) will not be made up. • Beginning testing should show improvement at end testing. • We also test on effort.

  12. Online testing Regular testing • Testing must be verified by you using grade speed within 3 days of the exam. If a mistake is made it can be changed within the 3 day period. After the 3 day period all grades are final. • If you are having a problem with online testing see me the next morning with the problem. If you wait the grade stands. • Never wait until the last minute to complete online tests. Complete online tests immediately so you will have time to correct any computer malfunctions. Online test started on the last day after 6pm cannot be changed due to computer malfunctions. • Gaggle drop boxes assignments are due by 0600 hours the day of the class.

  13. Terms • Small loop – out back 400 meters • Big loop - out back around baseball field 800 meters • Super loop – out back around all fields 1000 meters • Cone loop – Weight room around baseball field back to weight room • W loop – Around the field with added “W” • Choice Time – You are participating in an activity of your choice. • Pacer – Fitness test of jogging and running in the gym. • DODEA Standards – Guidelines on what to teach from Headquarters. • Cat – Small mammal with four legs.

  14. Physical Education Loops 08 Gym DO NOT enter baseball/softball field

  15. Things that annoy us: • Talking while we are talking  • Asking to use the bathroom during class (unless it is an emergency)  • Doing nothing during choice time  • Asking questions we have no control over (example – can we play basketball all the time)  • Having cell phones out in our class 

  16. Locker Rooms • Locker rooms open daily at 7:35am! • Physical Education Locker rooms close at 2:35pm! • Athletic Locker rooms open by your coach. Do not ask another teacher or coach to open a athletic locker room! • All locker rooms are closed during class time and after school! • Only athletic gear may be placed in PE lockers. • No phones allowed in locker rooms.

  17. Achieve and Believe • Be prepared • Have a positive attitude • Personal best • Communicate • Complete all assignments • Be a leader “Always remember your physical education teachers are caring and safety conscious. We will help you to achieve your goals in our class.”