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  1. BRILLIANT PERFORMERS © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice


  3. LISTENING TO THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS “My files are scattered across multiple PCs, at work, at home, and on my laptop.” “My biggest fear: losing critical customer information if our systems go down.” “I keep getting interrupted by security prompts and update requests.” “At my small company, we have limited IT resources.” “All my applications and devices should just work with my PC.”


  5. THE WINDOWS® 7 PROFESSIONAL OPERATING SYSTEM: WORK THE WAY YOU WANT • Is fast and responsive • Works with a broad set of devices and applications • Can extend the life of your older Windows XP productivity applications • Has fewer interruptions and prompts, and faster recovery • Makes it easier to quickly fix problems yourself “SPEED, RELIABILITY, AND COMPATIBILITY—THESE ARE MY ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVES.”

  6. WITH WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL: GET MORE DONE • Everyday tasks are streamlined and simplified • Finding things is efficient and easy • Mobile computing is easier • You get access to all your computer programs, files, and network resources like never before “I JUST NEED THINGS TO BE EASY, SO I CAN GET MORE DONE EACH DAY.”

  7. WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL LETS YOU: SAFEGUARD YOUR WORK • Schedule periodic backups to save your data or entire systems • Quickly restore individual files or folders that get accidentally deleted or overwritten • Protect confidential information with powerful encryption technologies • Choose the level of security and prompts you want to see • Help protect your data and system from Internet threats, spyware, and other forms of malicious software “SAFEGUARDING MY BUSINESS IS CRITICAL. I NEED TO MAKE SURE ALL MY INFORMATION IS BACKED UP, PROTECTED AND HIGHLY SECURE.”


  9. WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OFFERS: WHY WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OVER WINDOWS XP? • Performance, value, and compatibility • Ease of use and intuitive navigation • Enhanced security • Latest mobility and networking innovations • Automatic backup

  10. WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OFFERS: WHY WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OVER WINDOWS VISTA? • Performance improvements • Fast startup and shutdown • Improved diagnostics and troubleshooting • Windows XP Mode

  11. WINDOWS 7 VERSIONS With Windows 7, each version is a superset of the previous one, so no features are lost on upgrade Who’s is it best for? Why? Windows 7 Enterprise • Enthusiast • Gives users everything Windows 7 has to offer by combining all of the features of Home Premium and Enterprise (without a VL) • Ability to use multiple languages Windows 7 Ultimate • SMB • Allows you to join a managed network • Protects data with advanced network backup and Encrypted File System • Print to the right printer at home or work Windows 7 Professional • Provides data protection • Connects seamlessly to your corporate network • Decreases wait time to open file across a network • Prevents unauthorized software from running • Medium and Enterprise Businesses • Consumers Windows 7 Home Premium • Aero® Glass and advanced windows navigation • Provides Easy networking and sharing • Includes enhanced Windows Media Center • EM Consumer • Does not limit number of programs you can run • Provides Live Thumbnail Previews and enhanced visual experience • Provides advanced networking support Windows 7 Home Basic (Emerging markets only) • Bottom of Netbook • EM “First PC” Consumer • Contains broad application and device compatibility • Safe, reliable, and supported • Provides ability to join a HomeGroup Windows 7 Starter


  13. Helps you easily and securely add PCs to your Network • Be more productive while on the go • Safeguard your work with Advanced backup options and encryption technology • Run many older Windows XP productivity applications • Simplify software license management and get volume discounts with Volume Licensing programs (5 PCs or more) WHY WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OVER HOME PREMIUM

  14. THE WINDOWS 7 UPGRADE PATH Upgrade Path from Windows XP and Windows Vista Clean Install Direct Upgrade Windows AnytimeUpgrade (WAU) You can perform in place upgrade to Windows 7. This option saves all data and settings in place. Home Premium can be easily upgraded anytime to Windows 7 Professional. This option saves all data and settings in place. You must back up data, perform clean install of OS then restore data, programs and settings in Windows 7. Windows XP Professional Windows 7 Professional Windows Vista Business Windows 7 Professional /Enterprise / Ultimate Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional /Ultimate

  15. WINDOWS 7 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: WINDOWS 7 HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) • 16 GB available disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) • Microsoft DirectX® 9 processor with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0 or higher driver


  17. HP-MICROSOFT FRONTLINE PARTNERSHIPWHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT 25-year alliance to optimize Windows solutions with HP HP ProLiant and Integrity Servers HP StorageWorks storage solutions HP Business Desktops and Notebooks HP Services HP-Microsoft Frontline partners Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Five-time “Microsoft Global Enterprise Partner of the Year” A preferred development platform Collaborative R&D 17 17

  18. ON THE FRONTLINES OF INNOVATIONWORKING FOR YOU Joint engineering development • Shared engineering resources for innovative solutions • Product optimization and synchronization • Walking the talk Joint solutions testing • Global Windows and solutions testing network • Proof-of-concept labs • Research/analysis Joint service/support • University-style training for thousands of technical professionals • Microsoft Certified Support Centers • Complete lifecycle service and support • Executive commitment • Marketing/sales alignment • Customer events and feedback Joint customer outreach Confidential to HP and Microsoft

  19. HP DEMONSTRATED MICROSOFT EXPERTISETHE NUMBERS ADD UP TO MORE VALUE FOR YOU World’s Largest HP’s deployment of Microsoft infrastructure #1 Marketshare 19 Million & 12 Million 23,000 Published 20 Books in 3 years Servers and Storage on Exchange, SQL, SharePoint 19M (47%) Exchange Mailboxes deployed or under contract ------------------------------------ 12M seats of Windows deployed Microsoft-Trained Professionals (Gretchan Holloman) .Net Centers of Excellence 16,400 2,000 + Microsoft-Certified Professionals (MS) 1,900 .Net developers residing in seven EDS certified .NetCenters of Excellence. HP/list Microsoft engagements managed each year – take cut of wins (4,000 8 46% - FLP/services) Largest Windows Hoster Largest manager of Windows based technology on the planet -- 3M desktops and 100K Windows Servers HPS employees have written more books on Microsoft technologies than Microsoft services employees 3/10/2014 Confidential to Microsoft & HP -- DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 19


  21. Combined with HP desktops, notebook and workstations, Windows 7 Professional helps you: • Work the way you want • Get more done • Safeguard your work THE TIME IS NOW Time to refresh to new HP PCs

  22. Father Time is moving faster than your 5-year-old PC with an 8-year-old OS. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 HP Mini 2010

  23. Remember when MPG didn’t matter and Green was a only a color? 2004 - 5 Year Old Desktop w/ XPP 2009 HP Desktop w/ Windows 7 Energy Efficiency A new HP desktop with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor & Windows 7 Professional will run nearly 3 times faster than your old PC while using half theelectricity.3 HP Confidential

  24. Does that five-year-old PC seem to boot slower every year? 2004 - 5 Year Old Desktop w/ XPP 2009 HP Desktop w/ Windows 7 Stop Waiting A new HP desktop with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and Windows 7 Professional will boot up to 55% faster and shutdown up to 31% faster than your old PC.4 HP Confidential

  25. Work smarter, not harder. 2004 - 5 Year Old Notebooks w/ XPP 2009 HP Notebook w/ Windows 7 Increase Productivity Compared to an older laptop with Windows XP a new HP business laptop with Windows 7 can deliver up to 68% increase in performance power.5 New HP Business laptops with Windows 7 can start up to 41% faster and have shut-down times that are up to 30% faster than an older laptop.7 HP Confidential

  26. Get more done , get mobile. • Stop Waiting, Start Working • HP QuickLook 3 – Look it up and mark it up without having to bootup!2 • View calendar, email, contact and task captured data from Outlook. • HP QuickWeb – Fast, easy web access! • Get quick, convenient and more secure access to the web. • HP QuickSync • New user interface for quick data transfer

  27. Perform with Confidence Safer data, safer business HP ProtectTools combined with Windows 7 Defender, encrypted file system, and advanced back-up provide an extremely robust computing security. HP Confidential

  28. In addition to outstanding computing solutions, HP is committed to: • Service • SSPA Certification • Stevie Award for Best Customer Service • Environmental initiatives • #1 in Newsweek’s Green Ranking of America's 500 Largest Corporations (2009) • #1 in US Environment, Social Impact Rating, The Economist (2009) • Innovation • Laptop Editors’ Choice Award: HP ProBook 5310m Notebook PC • CNET Editors’ Choice: HP TouchSmart 600xt Desktop PC • Technology leadership • #1 in desktops & notebooks • #1 in servers BUT WHY HP?

  29. MAKE THE TRANSITION EASY © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice

  30. Time to trade in your clunkers. 2004 - 5 Year Old PC w/XPP 2009 HP Desktop w/ Win7 Stop Depreciating…Start Saving Step 1 - Get A Quote on your old PCs Step 2 – Purchase any new HP PCs Step 3 – HP Prepays you to Ship your products to HP; recycling included Step 4 – Receive your Check Step 5 – Cash your check HP Confidential

  31. TRADING IN OLD PCs Your cost to dispose + HP Trade-In Program Packaging = $25 - $50 S&H = $6 - $35 Recycle Fees = $.20 – $.50 / lbs. Packaging = Same effort S&H = Help coordinating logistics and pass along savings Recycling fees = Nothing or greatly reduced as they only apply to broken product • Trade-in value credit • After applying the HP Trade-In team expertise and resources to the equation… • Your costs are greatly reduced • Disposal costs are eliminated • And receive a credit • Plus, you need to: • Coordinate the logistics • Schedule for products to be packaged and picked up • Follow through to ensure disposed of properly The money from equipment with trade-in value can be used to cover the cost for disposing of the remaining equipment.



  34. PC Helpdesk Service (Remote U.S. based Software Support) PC HELPDESK CARE PACK SERVICE • OVERVIEW • Standalone fixed Care Pack Services that can be used by anyone and on any PC within your business regardless of warranty or brand. • Designed specifically for small businesses • FEATURES • Assistance on installation, migration, backup and software & hardware configuration including helping moving to Windows 7 • Advise on networking, wireless network devices, and related printing issues • Updating PC operating system software, firmware bios, security and software

  35. HP RECOMMENDS NORTON ONLINE BACKUP • WHAT IS NORTON ONLINE BACKUP? • Provides automatic protection for your valuable files • Delivers secure, easy to use online backup that secures your files against loss, damage, and other disasters • Protects data on up to five computers. • IS IT SAFE TO BACKUP DATA ONLINE? • Yes, in fact Norton Online Backup • Compresses the data on your PC before transmission • Encrypts the data using 256-bit data encryption during transmission and at rest on servers

  36. TWO AFFORDABLE & EASY SOLUTIONS TO TRANSFER BUSINESS DATA Win 7 Tip: As part of the Windows 7 migration customer data backup is critical, and is a requirement if migrating from XP. 1 TB HP SimpleSave External USB Hard drive HP Data Migration Cable • Just plug the USB cord into your computer • Backup software automatically begins backing up your data • After your first backup, HP SimpleSave checks for file changes so your backup is always up to date! • Designed specifically for Windows Easy Transfer utility from Microsoft. • Helps move your important business files such as User Accounts, Windows settings, Files and Folders, Program settings & data files, E-mail messages, contacts, etc. to another computer

  37. WINDOWS 7 ONSITE UPGRADE SERVICE Windows 7 Onsite Upgrade Service • OVERVIEW • Service for HP and non-HP computers • Provides installation and training on Win 7, drivers, and XP virtual mode • Volume pricing available for same site installs • FEATURES • Upgrade from Vista or XP to Win 7 • Installation of Win 7 drivers and Windows XP virtual mode • Training on Win 7, XP virtual mode, and instructions on installation of SW, drivers, patches, and other necessary updates • Note: This service limits the size of data files to be migrated to 4 GB per PC and includes backup of files in my Documents, Desktop, and User Profiles.

  38. Special Offers 0% Lease 36 month lease with Fair Market Value purchase option Customer expenses payments and generally refreshed technology after 36 months Acquire now, Pay Later 90 day deferral (no interest, no payments for 1st 90 days) Economic Recovery lease 36 month lease with10% fixed purchase option If customer plans to exercise purchase option offered, generally depreciates solution Terms and conditions $1,500 min ($5,000 min CAN)/$150K max US and Canada • HP FINANCING


  40. THANK YOU © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice

  41. LEGAL FOOTNOTES • Windows® XP mode planned to be available January 2010 • HP QuickLook 3 is accessible when the notebook is off in Windows XP or Windows 7 based systems. Timing may vary depending on the system configuration. Not available on HP ProBook s-series with DDR2 or HP Minis. Internet access is required and not included. • PC Mark 05 scores and the following tested configurations. System config for D530: Genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2, 80G PATA HDD, 3x512MB DDR1-400MHz PC3200, CPU Pentium 4 2.8GHz / Pentium 2.8G, CD ROM. System config for 8000 Elite: Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32 bit, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 2x1 GB RAM DDR3, 160 GB HDD, integrated graphics, Lightscribe DVD/RW. Dual core CPUs were tested - Intel based systems used E8400, AMD based systems used B55. Power testing was done with EPA and non-EPA power supplies.  EPA Power testing results used. All new products were tested with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32. Power & performance profiles: PCMark05 and power measurements were done with the "as shipped" defaults. Power measurements for idle, off, & sleep/standby was conducted per Energy Star 4.0/5.0 guidelines.  Actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. The PCMark05 power measurements are from a single run of the PCMark05 full suite. • Bootup and shutdown times were calculated on the following configurations: D530 – Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz, 3x512MB DDR1-400MHz PC3200, 80G PATA HDD, on-board graphic. 8000 –Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU, 2x1G, 160G 7200 rpm, on-board graphic. • Actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on software installed . PC Mark05 benchmark comparison of HP nc6400 Notebook , Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel T2400 (1.83 GHz) to HP EliteBook 6930p, Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel Core™2 Duo T9600. Actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. • Requires separately purchased Ultra Capacity Battery and customer download of the latest Intel graphics driver and HP BIOS. Notebook must be configured with optional Intel 80GB SSD drive and HP Illumi-Lite LED Display and requires XP operating system. Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and usage. • Test results compare HP 5310 systems with identical configurations with one system running Genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running Genuine Windows® 7 Professional.  Actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without notice