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Water Conservation Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Conservation Resources

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Water Conservation Resources
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Water Conservation Resources

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  1. Water Conservation Resources 2002 Georgia Water Conservation Workshops Joe Krewer - Georgia Department of Community Affairs Photo Courtesy DITT

  2. Display Table • Example copies of conservation books and manuals • Information on water efficiency devices • Other valuable information and resources

  3. Resources To Take Home • Water Conservation Starter Kit • Water Conservation Workshop CD • Tools for Protecting Georgia’s Water Resources • Water Resources Toolkit for Local Governments CD • Watersheds of Georgia CDs • Water Conservation Guidance Materials

  4. Water Conservation Starter Kit • Starter Kit contains: • Faucet aerators • Toilet tank bag and dye tablets • Showerhead • Rain gauge • Outdoor spray nozzle

  5. Water Conservation Workshop CD • What’s on the CD? • Workshop PowerPoint presentations • Selected Reference Materials • Bibliography: • Recommended Water Conservation Books and Manuals • Recommended Water Conservation Web sites in Georgia, other states and nationwide

  6. Just one of the recommended books in the bibliography...

  7. Check out the recommended Web sites. Some examples... Use them to find useful resources and helpful organizations

  8. This is a very useful Web site, with an on-line Conference page for water efficiency discussions...

  9. Georgia Water Wise Council The GWWC provides water conservation and water quality programming in Georgia, through government education, business and citizenry. They can provide hard copies of Xeriscape - A Guide to Developing a Water-Wise Landscape Call Maeneen Klein at 706-613-3729 for more information on GWWC activities and services

  10. Where to go for assistance with your water conservation efforts • Department of Community Affairs • Department of Natural Resources • Environmental Protection Division • Georgia Rural Water Association • Georgia Water & Pollution Control Association • Pollution Prevention Assistance Division • Southface Energy Institute • University of Georgia • Others on the Web site list & contact sheet!

  11. Tools for Protecting Georgia’s Water Resources • Water Resources Toolkit for Local Governments CD Current regulatory, educational and decision support information on numerous water topics, including water conservation and drought management. Contains hundreds of items, including summary sheets, reference lists, guidance documents, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, videos, Web sites, maps, and much more…

  12. A convenient User’s Menu will open when you insert the CD

  13. Each topic tab on the left contains numerous resources

  14. This Excel spreadsheet calculates estimated savings from various water conservation devices and programs

  15. Tools for Protecting Georgia’s Water Resources ArcExplorer Watersheds of Georgia CDs This set of two CDs contains Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping data for all of Georgia’s 52 Large Watersheds, with 18 useful data layers, instructions on loading and using the GIS data viewer, and more...

  16. A Community Based Water Initiative Georgia Department of Community Affairs

  17. What is the WaterFirst Community Program? • a partnership between local governments, state agencies and other organizations led by the Department of Community Affairs, working together to increase the quality of life in communities through the wise management and protection of water resources; • pursuing environmental excellence beyond what is required by law in the management and protection of water resources; • a proactive approach to water resources that makes the connection between land use and water quality and quantity;

  18. What is the WaterFirst Community Program? • thinking beyond political boundaries, recognizing the inextricable links created by shared water resources, and considering the watershed as a whole; and • an important step that a community can take to protect its valuable water resources for both environmental and economic benefits today and tomorrow. • a precursor to developing a local water management plan

  19. Components of WaterFirst 1. Watershed Assessment 2. Stormwater Master Planning 3. Water Supply Planning 4. Water Supply Protection 5. Water Conservation 6. Wastewater Master Planning 7. Residual Biosolids Recycling 8. Water Reclamation and Reuse

  20. Benefits offered through the WaterFirst Program • Resources and tools to help meet community goals in the component areas • Assistance to help link land use and water protection strategies • Assistance in prioritizing community water related needs and seeking other finances to support those needs • Other benefits to be developed in partnership with various agencies and organizations • Statewide recognition as a WaterFirst Community • Contact Leigh Askew at 404-679-4998 for information

  21. Every Drop Really Does Count!