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Main Street Reconstruction

Main Street Reconstruction. City Council Meeting Lisa A. Kuss City Administrator May 8, 2012. What are the two Main Street Projects?. 2015 Main Street Bridge and Main Street North of the Bridge to 13 th Street

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Main Street Reconstruction

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  1. Main Street Reconstruction

    City Council MeetingLisa A. Kuss City AdministratorMay 8, 2012
  2. What are the two Main Street Projects? 2015 Main Street Bridge and Main Street North of the Bridge to 13th Street 2017 Main Street from 13th Street to South side of Highway 156 intersection (intersection not included)
  3. Is One Option Before the Council a Four Lane Highway ? NO There is nothing in the proposal that makes this a four lane highway. The decision before the Council is to have two lanes with Parking or two lanes without Parking on the north end.
  4. Minimum Financial Impact to the City $1.5 million water and sewer replacement including engineering $210,000 City Share of Road and Bridge Engineering $100,000 City Share of Road Costs of Enhancements over the amount of $126,000TOTAL MINIMUM COST $1,810,000 plus extras for enhancements Real Estate Purchases Paid Upfront by the City but reimbursed 100% by the DOT
  5. What is the Finance Committee and Staff Recommendation for Parking? Parking would not be allowed on the bridge and North of 13th Street to Hwy 156 Parking would be allowed from North of the bridge in front of NAPA Auto Parts to 13th Street
  6. What is the Cost of Parking if Allowed From 13th Street to Hwy 156? The City has to pay for 100% of the cost of parking lanes. Total Estimate is an additional $513,000 for the northern section of parking, bringing City total to over $2.3 million
  7. If Parking Is Allowed, What Are the Impacts Besides the Financial One? Each land owner would have to give up 5 feet of their front yard and be reimbursed a dollar amount determined by an appraisal of land at the time. One can assume that many more trees will be lost due to a wider Right of Way, roadway and sidewalk location.
  8. Why Do Utilities Need to Be Replaced? From the Bridge to 19th Street the water and sewer mains were installed in 1918. From 19th Street north to the Highway the water and sewer mains were installed in 1951.
  9. What Utility Costs Will There Be To the Property Owners? All property owners will be assessed the cost of a new sanitary sewer lateral from the sewer main to the right of way edge. The estimate at this time would be approximately $2,000 per property. The City does have a program to spread the assessment payments over 5 years. Each property owner can decide if he/she wants to replace any lateral from the right of way to their home or business structure.
  10. What Will Happen To The Main Street Trees? There is much more work to be determined by the DOT about trees that will be removed. Final trees removal decisions are made by the DOT. We will know more in Fall 2012 about the tree evaluations done by the DOT. Trees in the terrace will likely be lost whether parking is allowed or not due to a 3 foot widening of the roadway.
  11. What Will Happen To The Main Street Trees? Continued… Trees in the yards will be less impacted if no parking is permitted. If Parking is allowed and the Right of Way is widened by 5 feet on each side, the likelihood of losing trees just inside the current property line is great. The DOT will work with the City to formulate a program to replace some trees outside of the Right of Way after construction.
  12. Driveway Widths The DOT and City will work with property owners that desire to have a wider driveway approach if requested to assist with ingress and egress.
  13. What Will The New Road Look Like With or Without Parking Compared To The Existing Road?
  14. Public Hearing Each member of public wishing to speak with have 3 minutes to make comments. Once the public comments are done the public hearing will be closed. After all public comments are complete the Council will deliberate the decision. At this time there will no longer be direct input from the public. The Council is being asked by the DOT to make a final decision on the parking versus no parking decision so that the DOT can proceed appropriately with engineering.
  15. Questions? Any Questions?
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