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Ancient Religions

Ancient Religions. By: Taisha and Kira . Judaism. Judaism was started when Abraham in Ur heard a voice telling him to take his family and flocks and follow where the voice would lead

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Ancient Religions

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  1. Ancient Religions By: Taisha and Kira

  2. Judaism • Judaism was started when Abraham in Ur heard a voice telling him to take his family and flocks and follow where the voice would lead • Abraham was the founding father, Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, and Moses freed the slaves from Egypt • Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with a code of behavior, and they worship only one god, and their holy book is the Torah • One is usually born into Judaism, but some convert. The Jews were dispersed many times during history so they can be found all over the world.

  3. Christianity • Christians believe that God sent Jesus as their savior • The founding leader of Christianity was Jesus • Christians worship only one god, and follow the ten commandments, and their holy book is the Holy Bible • People are welcome to convert, but most are born into it. And it was, and still is, a very popular religion, so it spread very quickly throughout the world

  4. Islam • Islam was founded when the angel, Gabriel, came to Muhammad and told him that there is only one god, who was the creator of the creator of the world, and he world one day judge man kind • Muhammad was the founding leader of Islam • They worship only one god, Allah, and Muhammad was his prophet, the Islam holy book is the Qur’an, and they worship the 5 pillars of Islam

  5. Buddhism • When Siddhartha saw suffering for the first time he decided to do something about it, so he started Buddhism, began in India • Siddhartha Gautana, or “the Buddha” was the founding leader of Buddhism • Buddhist people believe and follow the four truths: 1.Everyone suffers at one point in their lives 2.People suffer because they want so many things 3.If you don’t want so many things, you won’t suffer 4.You free yourself from wants and suffering, by following the eight-fold path • Buddhism mainly stayed in China

  6. Hinduism • Unlike many other religions, Hinduism doesn't have a founder • Hinduism originated in China • Hinduism is a religion of many gods, and many beliefs. There are 8 truths that guide their every-day life, peaceful living, freedom of thought, respect for nature, being one with Brahman, and that good and bad decisions will one day effect you • The Hinduism holy book is called the Rig Veda • Hindu people believe in reincarnation, Karma and Dharma, and also the caste system • Hinduism spread quickly, and is now the main religion of India

  7. Confucianism • Confucius was born into a world of conflict and war, and he wanted to change it, and he thought that if everyone was orderly, everything would be better, so he started Confucianism • Confucius was the founding leader of Confucianism • Confucianism is more of a guide to mortality and government, than a religion because you don’t worship any gods at all, and Confucianism doesn’t have a clergy • When the rulers of China heard about Confucianism, they liked it because it would help control their people, so they encouraged it, but it never really left China

  8. Taoism • Taoism originated in China • The founding leader of Taoism was Laozi • Taoists believe in finding the way of the universe, and that people should live in harmony with nature, not away from it • Taoism was, and still is, a popular religion, but it did not become very popular in any other country except for China

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