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Service Guide for SmartCMS2.0 PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Guide for SmartCMS2.0

Service Guide for SmartCMS2.0

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Service Guide for SmartCMS2.0

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  1. Service Guidefor SmartCMS2.0 Date : 2009.05.27 JooYoung Jung

  2. Contents • Introduction • Basic Information • Using scenario • Feature of Samsung Easy Color Manager • Install/Uninstall • Execution • Start • Algorithm • Color Adjustment • Special Effect • Open profile • Save profile • Print the preview image • About dialog • Printer driver • Troubleshooting

  3. Basic Information • Samsung Easy Color Manager • Generating user defined color profile • Applying ‘Color adjust’ • Applying ‘Special Effect’ • Save and Open ‘user defined color profile’ • Save profile to driver  Open profile from driver • Save profile to printer • Save profile to folder  Open profile from folder • System Requirements • Samsung CLP-770 Series after FW v2.01.03.34 • ‘Save profile to printer’ option is only enabled for CLP 770 • Samsung CLX-8385 Series • Supports all features • 1024x768 or higher resolution and 16 bits or higher color quality screen is required for Samsung Easy Color Manager. • Supported Languages (15 languages) • English, Canadian French, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish

  4. Using Scenario (1) • Scenario for printing document with user defined color profile • Open documents to be printed out • Run Samsung Easy Color Manager • Select printer Ready to generate color profile • Move ‘Preview Window’ to the document region. • Adjust color • Adjust color balance • Adjust brightness, Contrast, Saturation • Apply Special Effect Open profile Adjust color (from driver, from folder) Print the preview Save profile (to driver, to printer, to folder) Print document • Print document with user defined color profile after ‘save profile to driver’. • Print document with standard color after ‘save profile to printer’.

  5. Using Scenario (2) Printing Data Host PC Send ‘prn’ file in order to print preview Save profile to folder Open profile from folder Save profile to printer Reset profile to printer F/W System UCS File Send profile to print to update standard color UCS File SmartCMS2.0 Save profile to driver Open profile from driver Hard Disk UCS File Color Printing Device + Printing Data Shared Folder UCS File Send ‘PRN’ file including ucs file. Generates the list of user defined color profile Printer Driver

  6. Install/Uninstall • Install • Visit following web site ( • Download latest version. • Execute setup file •  Next  End-use license agreement  Install  Finish • Check installed icon • StartProgramsSamsung PrintersSamsung Easy Color ManagerSamsung Easy Color Manager • Uninstall • Execute uninstall • Start ProgramsSamsung PrintersSamsung Easy Color Manager Remove Samsung Easy Color Manager • Control PanelAdd or Remove Programs Samsung Easy Color Manager [Remove] • Uninstall option • Do you want to remove all the user defined color profiles saved as color options in printer drivers by Samsung Easy Color Manager? [Click yes to delete all profiles saved to driver]

  7. Execution • Execution • StartProgramsSamsung PrintersSamsung Easy Color ManagerSamsung Easy Color Manager • Update valid printer list • Check installed printer driver • Check printing port of the installed printer driver (USB/Network Port are available) • Check Device ID and Capability • Compare printer driver name and device ID  If any printer is matched all condition, the printer is added to supporting printer list. • USB and TCP/IP port is only supported. • The own driver should be installed for the printer. • Connecting Samsung printer and using HP printer driver (Invalid case) • Connecting Canon printer and using Samsung printer driver (Invalid case) • Samsung have a plan to support all color printer and MFP after CLX-8385. • CLP-770 is just available for saving profile to printer. • Power should be ON in order to use Samsung Easy Color Manager. • If there is no valid printer in the list, Samsung Easy Color Manager is terminated showing message box.

  8. Start Main Window Help Save profile Reset Open Profile Print preview About dialog • Color balance Window: Displays color balance adjustments in a full screen window. Preview Window Color Balance Window Same Image • Capture background to use sample image

  9. Color Adjustment Brightness Color Balance Contrast Saturation

  10. Special Effect (1) • Two Color • Appointed Color • Under Color Removal • Color Replace • Color Erase • Color Shift • Color Effect • Fine Density

  11. Special Effect (2) Two Color Under Color Removal Appointed Color Color Replace

  12. Special Effect (3) Color Shift Color Erase Color Effect Fine Density

  13. Open profile • Open profile saved in specified printer driver. • Gray-out radio button, if there is no profile in the driver • Open profile from any folder. • Profile have ‘*.ucs’ extension

  14. Save profile • Save profile to driver. • Saved profile is selected in the printer driver UI. • 31bytes length is allowed for profile name. • If there is no change (just click ‘Reset’), Radio button is grayed-out. • Save profile to printer. • The profile is updated for Standard color table. • The Standard color is shared with the printer user. • Save profile in Reset state (no change), standard color is restored to initial color. • Radio button is grayed-out for SPL driver. • New profile is applied to all standard color document of PCL/PS driver. • Save profile to any folder. • User can share the profile using e-mail or memory. • The saved profile is able to be opened in Samsung Easy Color Manager. • If there is no change (just click ‘Reset’), Radio button is grayed-out.

  15. Print the preview image Print preview for Adjustment TAB Print preview for Special Effect TAB

  16. About

  17. Printer Driver (SPL/PCL) • Default (standard) – Using standard table to print document • Color Balance(Blue) – New profile generated in Samsung Easy Color Manager

  18. Printer Driver (PS) • Default (standard) – Using standard table to print document • Color Replace(Blue2Red) – New profile generated in Samsung Easy Color Manager

  19. Troubleshooting • SW is just terminated after starting. • Check model name. • CLP-770, CLX-8385 is supported to Samsung Easy Color Manager. • Check followings if user has printer that is supported to . • Is valid printer driver installed? • Is Printer port connected using USB or Network. • Is power of the printer on? • New color profile is not apply to the printer. • Not saved to the printer. • Check power on. Check connection with USB or Network. • Check printer state. If printer has another job, the profile is not able to be saved to the printer. • Printer will reboot in order to apply new profile. After rebooting, new profile is applied to the printing job. • Some document are printied out without applying new color. • Because the saved profile replace standard color, other options(vivid or device) are not applied from new profile. • Check the case that another user update new profile to the same printer. • Check Printer mode • SPL printer driver cannot use new profile in the printer. • The new profile saved in printer is avalial for PCL and PS driver.