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Passive Voice

Passive Voice

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Passive Voice

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  1. Passive Voice by Eva Viñas Casals

  2. Simple Present BE (present) + PAST PARTICIPLE am, is,are TheyteachJapanese in this language school. Subj. V Od (CD) Japanese is taught in this language school (by them)

  3. Simple Past BE (past) + PAST PARTICIPLE was,were The policearrestedthe criminals yesterday. Subj. V Od (CD) The criminals were arrested yesterday by the police.

  4. Future (will) WILL + BE + PAST PARTICIPLE Hewill organisea party for them. S V Od (CD) A party will be organised for them (by him).

  5. Future (be going to) BE GOING TO + BE + PAST PARTICIPLE Theyare going to opena shopping centre. S V Od (CD) A shopping centre is going to be opened (by them).

  6. Modal Verbs (can,must,should) MODAL VERB + BE + PAST PARTICIPLE Peopleshould bringthe food. Subj. V Od (CD) The food should be brought by people.

  7. Present Perfect HAVE / HAS + BEEN + PAST PARTICIPLE Wehave discoveredthe truth. S V Od (CD) (by us). The truth has been discovered

  8. Exercises Simple Present 1. They cook delicious food at this restaurant. Delicious food is cooked at this restaurant (by them). 2. Famous people spend a lot of money on clothes. A lot of money is spent on clothes by famous people. 3. He closes the door of the school at eight every day. The door of the school is closed at eight every day (by him).

  9. Exercises Simple Past 1. They finished the exam before the time. The exam was finished before the time (by them). 2. The shop assistant didn’t open the shop yesterday. The shop wasn’t opened yesterday by the shop assistant. 3. She switched off all the computers of the room. All the computers of the room were switched off (by her).

  10. Exercises Future (will) 1. He will change the password. The password will be changed (by him). 2. They will give a medal and a cheque to the winner. A medal and a cheque will be given to the winner (by them). 3. They will sing the songs of the new album. The songs of the new album will be sung (by them).

  11. Exercises Future (be going to) 1. They are going to organise a concert. A concert is going to be organised (by them). 2. The government is going to spend money on facilities. Money is going to be spent on facilities (by the government). 3. The teachers are going to correct the exams quickly. The exams are going to be corrected (by the teachers).

  12. Exercises Modal Verbs (can, should, must, ...) 1. We must finish the project this week. The project must be finished this week (by us). 2. They can’t bring cans. Cans can’t be brought (by them). 3. You should tidy the classroom today. The classroom should be tidied today (by you).

  13. Exercises Present Perfect 1. They have seen him with another girl. He has been seen with another girl (by them). 2. I have turned on the lights. The lights have been turned on (by me). 3. She has lost the car keys. The car keys have been lost (by her).