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UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice. BSocSc Social Policy and Sociology CAO Code: DN 750. About the BSocSc at UCD.

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UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

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  1. UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice BSocSc Social Policy and Sociology CAO Code: DN 750

  2. About the BSocSc at UCD • Offers students the opportunity to explore and understand the society in which they live and explore how best to respond to individual and social needs and in particular the requirements of the marginalized in society. • Offers excellent pathways towards postgraduate study or employment. • Offers opportunity for study abroad in partner universities both within the EU and beyond.

  3. BSocSc Social Policy and Sociology Programme Structure • In Year 1, engage with the principles of Social Policy and Sociology through core modules in both subjects as well as a variety of option modules. • In Years 2 and 3 you select a pathway from: Social Work and Social Professions; Society and Public Service; and Work, Organisations and People, as well as taking core modules in both subjects. • Following on from the degree there are integrated pathways to Masters study in areas like Social Work, Equality Studies, Gender Studies and Public Policy as well as excellent career opportunities informed by your pathway.

  4. What is Social Policy and why should I study it at UCD? • Social Policy informs understanding of key social problems such as poverty, homelessness and discrimination. • Social Policy Analysts are interested in the design and funding of social services, welfare and housing policies and their impact on different demographics. • UCD is in the QS top 100 Universities in the world for Social Policy. • Social Policy is key for careers involving an understanding of people and how they interact with society. • Integrated pathways to Masters study in Social Work, Equality Studies, Gender Studies and Public Policy. • Social Policy answers questions like what policy solutions are there to homelessness.

  5. Social Policy in Action This is a Direct Provision centre. Social Policy asks questions like “is this really the best solution to the asylum question?”

  6. What is Sociology and why should I study it at UCD? • Sociology provides you with the mindset and tools to observe the social world, make connections, understand differences, norms, cultures or inequalities. • Sociology answers questions like “Why are there such vast differences in the imprisonment rates for different social groups”. • Sociology gives an excellent foundation for many diverse careers in areas such as journalism, community development, youth work and business. • Further Study opportunities include a general MSocSc in Sociology as well as specialised courses in areas like: Health, Wellbeing and Society; Crime, Violence and Society and Race and Decolonial Studies.

  7. Sociology in Action Sociology tries to answer questions like “why does Vatican City have the world’s highest crime rate?”

  8. What is the Social Work and Social Professions Pathway? • The Social Work and Social Professions pathway prepares students for graduate professional training in social work. • Students are given an introduction to social work theory and practice, as well as skills workshops focussing on introductory interviewing and counselling skills. • Areas covered include: child welfare and protection, mental health, probation, vulnerable older people and end-of-life/bereavement. • Students achieving specified grades will be offered early interviews for the highly competitive MSocSc Social Work at UCD creating a seamless transition between Bachelors and Masters. • Other careers that value the pathway skillset include Counselling, Community Work and the Probation Service.

  9. What is the Society and Public Service Pathway? • Prepares students for careers in which they are involved with shaping the nature and structure of the societies we live in. • Develops an understanding of the complex interactions between individuals, society, public service provision, policy formation and achieving societal change. • Offers students the opportunity to complete either a minor thesis or capstone project on a subject of their choice in year 3 that serves as ideal preparation for employment or postgraduate study • Career opportunities include: national and international civil and public service, NGOs, Media (including new media and social research) • Integrated Pathway to a number of Masters programmes including Sociology, Equality Studies and Gender Studies.

  10. What is the Work, Organisations and People Pathway? • The pathway provides students with an understanding of key issues involved in management and industrial relations in the context of the sociological and policy issues that can impact the workplace. • Unique opportunity to take modules in business administration and human resource management, as well as study areas like organisational psychology and the economic and social issues that impact individuals in the workplace. • Career options include industrial relations, human resource management and corporate responsibility and governance. • Pathway to Masters study in the internationally respected Michael Smurfitt School of Business as well as professional training in human resource management or industrial relations.

  11. Why is the BSocSc in Sociology and Social Policy for me? • Premier honours degree of its kind in Ireland and standard qualification for those working in policy making and social services for the past 50 years. • Students belong to a small cohort of around 150 with a strong programme identity. • An academic staff of experts in their fields who advise policy makers and social service providers in Ireland and internationally. • Learn through a mixture of lectures, small group work and innovative online teaching. • BSocSc has a proven track record of graduate employability.

  12. Where can I obtain more information? • For more information please contact: BSocSc Programme Manager, UCD Arts, Humanities and Social Science Programme Office, Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4 • Website: www.ucd.ie/ahss • Telephone +353 1 7168223

  13. Important information for applicants • School leavers should fill out your CAO form with DN750 as your first choice. • Two supplementary routes for school leavers: DARE (disability access route) and HEAR (scheme for students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds) • Mature student applicants welcome. Visit www.ucd.ie/registry/admissions/myapply.html. • For FETAC applications see www.ucd.ie/registry/admissions/FETAC.html. • Information for International applicants is available at www.ucd.ie/international.

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