5 important facts about leather lounges n.
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5 Important Facts About Leather Lounges PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Important Facts About Leather Lounges

5 Important Facts About Leather Lounges

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5 Important Facts About Leather Lounges

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  1. 5 Important Facts About Leather Lounges A Guide by Jim IOANNOU

  2. Essential Tips About Leather Lounges

  3.  When you step into the exciting world of leather lounge, the choices are limitless. Due to the superior features, they satisfy the breadth of customer tastes.  Here are five important facts about leather lounges that one should remember while choosing.

  4. #1 Types of leather  All leathers are incredible. However, they differ in comfort, longevity, and aesthetics. Here are the plus points and limitations of it. A) Full-grain  It is the best quality of leather. It comes from the outermost layer of the hide. Hence, it is the most durable. As it is used, it absorbs oil and gets stains that add to its beauty. B) Top-grain  It is also made from the outer layer of the hide, but the outer surface is removed. It is high- quality, pliable and soft.

  5. C) Split-grain  It doesn’t have the signature natural grain of the leather. Its tissue structure is weak. Still, people prefer it because it is affordable. D) Bonded Leather  It is made from the leftover scrap. It is ground into a pulp and it is laced with synthetic binders to create the imitation.  It looks like natural leather and the feel is also similar.

  6. #2 Types of dyes a) Full aniline  It gives a robust, pleasing color. The leather retains its characteristics, grains, and markings. The leather looks flexible and plush. It creates a smooth, high-quality dye that soaks through the leather thoroughly. b) Semi-aniline  It is a high-quality dying protected from spills and stains. The feel is like full aniline leather. C) Pigmented  It is a budget option for those who can’t afford expensive leather. The surface is treated with a mixture of dye and protective sealant.

  7. #3 Durability  An animal hide has immense strength and durability. With a little maintenance, it retains the shine and luster for many years. The type of leather determines its longevity, though.

  8. #4 Style  A leather lounge adds value to your living room. It brings a sense of luxury to the surroundings. Whether you buy an affordable lounge made by bonded leather or real leather, it always looks bright and brilliant.  It is worth spending on it.

  9. #5 Maintenance The leather is durable, but it can be made further durable by regular maintenance. Wiping with a slightly damp cloth periodically and running a vacuum between cushions keep it clean. It is essential to keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and discoloring. Remember these points before you spend on an expensive leather lounge.

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