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  1. Breakfast

  2. Today we will… * Understand the importance of eating breakfast *Learn that a healthy breakfast includes 3 to 5 food groups *How to practice planning a healthy breakfast *Creating breakfast on the go!

  3. Raise your hand if… You ate breakfast today You eat breakfast everyday You rarely eat breakfast You never eat breakfast If you never eat breakfast…can you tell us why?!

  4. What is Breakfast?? What do you think the word breakfast means? Breakfast means “breaking the fast”. Your body has been “fasting” throughout the night. Glucose, the main source of energy for the brain, needs to be replenished in the morning. Food provides that needed glucose for your brain in order to successfully begin your day!

  5. The Most Important Meal of the Day Skipping breakfast will NOT help your body to lose weight Adults who eat breakfast are less likely to be obese and also less likely to overeat the rest of the day Breakfast is a wake-up call for your body! It is an essential key to good performance because it determines how you start your day!

  6. More Benefits of Eating Breakfast People who eat breakfast then to have more strength and endurance as well as better concentration and problem solving abilities Kids and teens who eat breakfast perform better in the classroom because they have kick started their brain energy with the glucose it needs from foods eaten for breakfast! People who skip breakfast often find themselves feeling more tired, restless and irritable in the morning

  7. So…What Do I Need For a Healthy Breakfast!? • There are 2 main components when it comes to creating a healthy breakfast: • Carbohydrates: • Whole Grains and Fruits • Protein: • Lean meats, peanut butter, low fat dairy products You want to do your best to minimize cholesterol and trans fats in your breakfast foods!

  8. Make Time for Breakfast! Plan ahead! Set aside or prepare what you want for breakfast the night before! Pick “portable” breakfast foods to eat on-the-go! Stock up on convenient breakfast foods at the grocery store so you are sure to have enough for your week!

  9. Time Saver Breakfast Food Ideas Fruit and Nut Oatmeal Add dried cranberries and almonds to instant oatmeal and microwave for 60 seconds Banana Dogs Spread peanut butter in a whole grain hotdog bun; place a banana inside and sprinkle with raisins Shake it up! Whip skim or 1% milk, frozen strawberries and a banana in a blender for 30 seconds. Breakfast Taco Sprinkle grated cheese over a corn tortilla, fold in half and microwave for 20 seconds, then top with salsa

  10. Planning a Healthy Breakfast Many people have trouble making healthy food choices when it comes to breakfast foods A healthy breakfast does not necessarily have to be labeled ‘breakfast food’ or even considered a traditional morning meal in order to be a healthy choice! There are many healthy foods in the Food Guide that are good for breakfast and easy to make The KEY to planning your healthy breakfast is to pick from 3 of the 5 food groups; that way, you will have a variety of foods and nutrients

  11. The Incredible Edible Egg!

  12. The Purpose of the EGG In recipes, eggs are used to: • Bind ingredients together. • Thicken. • Add lightness. What types of foods can you think of that eggs play an important role in?

  13. Egg Color • Shell–The color comes from pigments in the outer layer of the shell and may range in various breeds from white to deep brown. • The breed of the hen determines the color of the shell.

  14. White Egg albumen in raw eggs is clear and does not appear white until beaten or cooked.

  15. Yolk Color depends on the diet of the hen. Gold or Lemon colored yolks are preferred by most buyers. But, depending on the hen’s diet yolks can be medium yellow, yellow-orange or colorless.

  16. Why do some Hard Cooked eggs have a greenish ring around the yolk?

  17. It is a result of sulfur and iron in the egg reacting to the surface of the yolk. It occurs when eggs are overcooked or there is iron in the cooking water.

  18. Eggs and Freshness

  19. Factors: When the egg was laid Temperature stored Handling The ideal conditions are temperatures that don’t go above 40F, and a relative humidity of 70-80%.

  20. Grading Classification determined by interior and exterior quality and designated by letters --- AA, A, and B. In many packing plants, the USDA provides a grading service for shell eggs. Its official grade, certifies the eggs have been graded under federal supervision. There is no difference in nutritive value between the different grades.

  21. Size Factors • Major factor: • The age of the hen. (as the hen ages, her eggs increase in size.) • The breed of hen. • Environmental factors. Sizes: Small, Medium, X-Large, JUMBO