what happened to made in america n.
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What Happened to Made in America? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Happened to Made in America?

What Happened to Made in America?

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What Happened to Made in America?

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  1. What Happened to Made in America? Nick LaBroad, Weston S, Alex, Solo

  2. What is a Sweatshop • The U.S. Government Accountability office defines a sweatshop as an employer that violates more than one federal or state labor law governing minimum wage and overtime, child labor, industrial homework, occupational safety and health, worker’s compensation or industry regulation.

  3. History • The First Sweatshops came about the 1830-1850. They were shops that had sweating systems and workers made sweaters and other clothing, getting the name Sweatshop. • Mostly around the London and New York City area. • These sweatshops were crowded, they had rats and bad ventilation, and was not fire safe.

  4. Nike/ Jim Heady • Jim Heady was a soccer coach at St. Johns University. • He is the creator of Behind the Swoosh. • He was asked to were Nike or step down. • Deciceded to step down.

  5. Living Conditions for Workers • Made only 23 cents a day • Multiple families had to share the outhouse and water supply to clean up. • They all lived in some sort of slum. • Workers could only afford one thing a day at most. • The workers worked long and sometimes unpaid hours.

  6. Other Companies • Nike is not the only company following this terrible way of labor. • The majority of companies and brand names that you think are awesome do the same thing.

  7. Imports • A import is a good that is brought into the country • Examples would be food, water, oil, cars etc • Why the united states is falling down the ladder of goods

  8. United States and China • The U.S and china is the top traders between import/export • China’s rise on industry • Why the U.S lags behind • The car industry problem

  9. Oil, oil, and more oil • The reason behind the afghanistan/iraq war • Oil is united states most expensive resource • Economy and oil connection in theory • Effects on the job market

  10. A universal comparison • Compared with the world, the united states has 25% imports of bananas. The rest are 46.1% • The modern imperialist approach • The fall behind the economy • In conclusion….

  11. Top Ten countries that we export to and how much money we spend on them. • China: $334 billion • Canada: $252 billion • Mexico: $210

  12. Some main produce that we export • Two things America exports to china computer components and electronic assembly industry. • Canada are crude oil, and by finished automobiles.

  13. What would happen without export • With out export our economy would not be stable. • Their would be economy failure and depression. • People would lose their job which would cause Unemployment

  14. This would without imports and exports • America would not be America as we know it now. • The way the world would be run would be different. • Their would be corroded people everywhere in the world.

  15. The Crisis Our system requires that we balance our imports and exports to prevent us from creating a deficit. One example given by the National Manufacturing Strategy: “In 2010, we ran a deficit in goods of $646 billion, while our surplus in services was only $149 billion” which relates directly to the state of our economy.

  16. The Affects This has caused many businesses to be forced into bankruptcy, ultimately resulting in massive job losses. It has also caused our standard of living to decrease.

  17. Overall it has forced families to move, breaking apart communities and splitting families. We need a drastic change in the structure of our trade in order to truly fix the problem.

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