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Rock & Roll: A Brief History PowerPoint Presentation
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Rock & Roll: A Brief History

Rock & Roll: A Brief History

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Rock & Roll: A Brief History

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  1. Rock & Roll: A Brief History Origins to the late 70’s

  2. Beginnings Mixing of jazz, blues, gospel, country, and folk music Migrant African Americans took cultural music with them north Settled in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and New York With the ending of World War 2 rock and roll began to take stage and emerge as popular music

  3. The Early Years No one artist “invented” rock & roll “melting pot” of many different genres Acts like Jackie Brenson and Bill Haley are contenders for first rock albums (1951 & 54) Many early artist were African American Music way of retaining their unique cultural identities

  4. Rockabilly As rock became more mainstream, white artists began to dominate Acts like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis emerged from the South Grew out of these singers country music roots Buddy Holly was a major influence on future artists from “across the pond”

  5. The Electric Guitar • Gibson Les Paul • 1952 • Fender Stratocaster • 1954

  6. Across the Pond American Rockabilly became quite popular in England Early acts like Tom Steele and The Quarrymen tried to imitate the style Cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and London became centers for British Rock The Quarrymen would evolve into one of the most popular and well recognized bands in history

  7. The Beatles Formed in 1962 in Liverpool Brought rock to a new level of popularity “Pop Rock” Sold more records than anyone in history Shifted rock from popular “rockabilly” to deeper more drug infused subjects

  8. The Rolling Stones Formed in 1962 in London Took more of a “bluesy” approach to rock and roll Hugely influenced by African American music in the south Response to the “pop” image of The Beatles

  9. Americas Response The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan Represented the growing wave of social change and reform Cultural reactions to the Vietnam War Woodstock 69’

  10. From Rock to Hard Rock The Who Led Zeppelin Formed in London in 1968 Also captures this angst, but more focused on teenage love and sex Connection to mystical figures and legends • Formed in London in 1964 • Captures the feelings of teenage angst • Anger and rebellion towards parents and authority figures

  11. The End of Legends • Excessive drug and alcohol use led to the demise of rock’s greats • Keith Moon • John Bonham • Jimi Hendrix • Brian Jones • some suffered death at the hand of others • John Lennon • With the deaths, many of these bands like… • Led Zeppelin • The Who • Decided not to carry on without their band members • Others replaced members and decided to carry on like… • The Rolling Stones