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  1. Revision

  2. 【课前小测】 1. Our project ______ in two days. A. must hand B. must hand in C. must be handed D. must be handed in 2. Cormorants swim _____ to catch fish. A. faster enough B. fast enough C. enough faster D. enough fast 3. The rest of work _______ by Tony next Monday. A. will finish B. will be finish C. will be finished D. is finished 介词 by

  3. 4. The box___ keep all my books for many years. A. used to B. is used to C. is used for D. has been used to 5. He ______ as our monitor because of his kindness and success. A. is choosing B. is chosen C. is chose D. chooses 6. ----I tried to make Kate ______ her mind, but I found it hard. ----Well, I saw you _____ that when I went past. A. change, do B. change, doing C. to change, do D., changes, doing be chosen as 被选为…. see sb. doing

  4. 7. You must be more ______, Jin. Look, you didn’t write ______. A. carefully, careful B. careful, carefully C. careful, careful D. carefully, carefully 8. He thinks ______ about himself but much about ______. A. few…the others B. little…the others C. a little…the other D. little…others much  (反义词) little others 别人

  5. 9. The cultures and customs in this village is ______ children to appreciate. A. enough rich for B. rich enough for C. rich enough to D. enough rich to 10. The meeting ______ until next week. A. will be put up B. will be put on C. is put off D. will be put off enough for sb. to do put up sth. put on sth. put sth. off 举起…;挂起… 穿上…;上演…. ….延期

  6. Unit 7 Environment

  7. 学习目标: 1.学生阅读一篇关于环境保护的书评, 了解环境方面存在的种种问题及解决方案。 2.学生在阅读中教会学生通过书评的首段, 段落标题来推理并判断篇章的主旨大意。 3. 掌握所要求的词汇。

  8. What is outside our Earth? There is the atmosphere. Where is the astronaut? He is on the moon. The moon is lifeless.

  9. The level of water was high. It caused floods. And water drowned the cities.

  10. What is this? It is soil. What will soil do if it rains. It will absorb water.

  11. These bags are environmentally friendly things.

  12. 1. atmosphere 大气 2. lifeless 无生命的 3. cause 引起 4. level 水平 5. flood 水灾 6. imagine 猜想 7. drown 淹没 8. soil 土壤 9. absorb 吸收 10. environmentally friendly 不损害环保的 11. consumer 消费者 12. reach 达到, 实现

  13. Our world is ______________. in danger Reading A The world needs our help!

  14. Which book can tell us “The world is in danger”? What kind of book does it blong to? A book review 书评 The Young Green Consumer Guide 《青年环保消费者手册》

  15. Choose the main idea of the book. A. The green house effect is getting worse. We should do something about it. B. We should become a green consumer to save Earth. C. We create too much rubbish. Our bad habits are polluting Earth. D. Rainforests are important to all of us.

  16. Look at the headlines How many topics does the review cover? Four.

  17. Look at the headlines How many environmental problems

  18. 环绕地球的大气层类 似玻璃的作用 / `ætməsfə / 大气层 二氧化碳 1. The greenhouse effect /i`fekt/ 温室效应

  19. 2. The act of destroying rainforests 摧毁热带雨林的行为

  20. 3. Bad habits / kri`eit / 创造;制造

  21. What kind of environmental problem does the picture show? The greenhouse effect /i`fekt/ 温室效应

  22. / kC:z / 引起 What causes the greenhouse effect? / `ætməsfə / 大气 The atmosphere is polluted by chemicals. 大气层被化学物质污染了。

  23. What is the result of the greenhouse effect? 大海的水位 This will cause ______________ to_____ and _____ cities and even whole countries. the level of seas rise drown 淹没

  24. What kind of environmental problem does the picture show? The act of destroying rainforests 摧毁热带雨林的行为

  25. What makes the greenhouse effect worse? The ______ and ________ of trees. burning cutting down

  26. Why are trees important to people? take in Trees _________ harmful gases. 吸收 水土的保持 hold together Trees can help ____ soil _____ and soil _______ water when it rains. 吸收 / ə`bs:b / absorbs

  27. What kind of environmental problem does the picture show? Bad habits People use things ____ and then ______ them ______. once throw away 把…扔掉

  28. What is the result of the bad habits? 大量 mountains of This creates___________ rubbish and it pollutes our____ and ______ seas land

  29. What should we do to protect our environment? 绿色消费者 green consumers To become__________________, only buy and use __________________________things. “environmentally friendly” 不损害环境的 环保的

  30. Revision

  31. 消费者 温室效应 设想, 猜测 大气, 大气层 充当, 起作用 无生命的 造成, 引起 高度, 水平 洪水,水灾 土壤, 土地 吸收, 吸进 达到, 实现 环保的, 不损害环境的 consumer greenhouse effect imagine atmosphere act lifeless cause level flood soil absorb reach environmentally friendly [kEn5sju:mE] [ 5^ri:nhaus][[i5fekt] [I5mAdVIn] [5AtmEsfIE] [Akt] [5laIflIs ] [kC:z ] [5lev(E)l ] [flQd ] [sCIl ] [Eb5sC:b ] [ri:tF] [In7vaIErEn5mentl] [5frendlI ]

  32. 默写 1. 消费者 2. 充当, 起作用 3. 造成, 引起 4. 设想, 猜测 5. 高度, 水平 6. 土壤, 土地 7. 无生命的 8. 吸收, 吸进 9. 达到, 实现 10. 洪水,水灾 11. greenhouse effect 12. atmosphere 13. environmentally friendly

  33. The greenhouseffect polluting rise chemicals drown too much heat

  34. burn The act of destroying rainforests cut down floods

  35. bad habits once throw rubbish away land and seas

  36. Post-reading Go ! Interview Work in pairs. As a middle school student, what can we do to be a green consumer? Student I think… Journalist

  37. 【短语识记】 1处于危险中 2一种,某种 3让…进入 4使…置于…外;使…不能做某事; 阻止..做.. 5以…的形式(呈现) 【短语识记】 1处于危险中 be in danger 2一种,某种 a kind of 3让…进入 let sth. in 4使…置于…外;使…不能做某事; 阻止…做… keep sth. from doing…. = stop sth. from doing 5以…的形式(呈现) in the form of Useful phrases

  38. 6保留 keep in 7导致(引起,造成)…做某事 cause sth. to do… 8把…扔掉 throw sth. away 9大量的… mountainsof …. 10吸收 take in… 11为了…,目的是 in order to do 12 那就是说 that is 13. act like 类似….作用 6保留 7导致(引起,造成)…做某事 8把…扔掉 9大量的… 10吸收 11为了…,目的是

  39. 处于险境 某种 类似…的作用 让…进入 阻止…做某事 以…的形式 保留 引起(造成)….做… 扔掉 大量的 为了 吸收 be in danger a kind of … act like… let sth. in keep sth. from doing in the form of… keep in cause sth. to (do sth.) throw away mountains of in order to do take in Useful phrases Edition 20 P2 短语

  40. Edition 20 P2 短语 • like • from • in • in • away

  41. 【短语训练】 1. 这是一种水果。 This is _____ _____ _____ fruit. 2. 让那男孩进来 ________ the boy ____. 3. 我们必须防止他们知道我们的计划. We must __________ them _____ _____ our plan. a kind of Let in keep / stop from knowing

  42. 【短语训练】 4.天气寒冷冻死了植物。 The cold weather _______ the plants__ ___. 5.妈妈让汤姆去倒垃圾 Mum asked Tom ____ ____ ______ the rubbish. 6.我有大量的工作要做。 I have ________ ____ work ___ ____. 7.为了赶上早班车, 他很早起床。 ___ ____ _____ ___ the bus, he got up early. caused to die to throw away mountains of to do In order to catch

  43. Language points

  44. 1. 阻止(防止)….做…. keep / stop sth. / sb. from doing eg. 1) 我们必须设法防止屋顶塌下来. We must do something ____ ______ the roof _____ _____ in. to keep / stop from falling Edition 20 P2 句型点击 • D • keep / stop me from changing

  45. 2. 致使(引起)…做… cause sth. to do 这些鱼死于什么原因? What _______ the fish___ ____? cause sth to sb 给某人引来… 你给我们惹麻烦了 You’ve _______ trouble_____ ____. caused to die to us caused

  46. 3.为了…… in order to do 为了找到儿子,他坚持在 废墟中挖了十几个小时。 _______________ his son, he kept digging in the ash for more than ten hours. In order to find To find Edition 20 P2 句型点击 3. In order to have 4. In order to make

  47. Summary doing keep sth. / sb. from _____ stop sb. from _____ cause sth. ______ in order _______ the habit of ______ 做…的习惯 doing to do to do doing

  48. 要点训练