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End-of-the-Year Committee Reports PowerPoint Presentation
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End-of-the-Year Committee Reports

End-of-the-Year Committee Reports

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End-of-the-Year Committee Reports

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  1. End-of-the-Year Committee Reports School Year 2018-2019

  2. BSW Program Committee 2018-2019 a • Two new certificates Child Welfare and Social Work Service for Older Adults • Reviewed Social Work Minor requirements, curricula, and ways to strengthen student connectedness to school • Reviewed Social Work Minor Requirements and Curriculum and decided no changes are needed at this time. Recommended new ways to inform them of School events: creating master list of minor names and contact info, add minors to BSW student listserv, and send BSW enewsletters. • Thanks to Flavia Andrade, Valerie Cintron, Carol Mauck and Lissette Piedra, for transforming their courses from face-to-face to blended: 402 Practice II, 451 HBSE I, 417 Dementia Care for Older Adults

  3. BSW Program Committee 2018-2019 b • Reviewed 2017-2018 BSW Program Assessment Data and BSW Posttest. Conducted item analysis, clarified wording of several items, deleted 2 questions and added 2 new ones. • Reaffirmed by CSWE for 7 years • New sub-committee established to be a second level of review for Gen Ed Course Proposals • Proposed bylaws change to align School policies with campus policies • Academic Integrity Committee: Undergrad student will serve on cases for graduate students. A grad student will serve on cases for undergraduate students. • New Academic Standards Committee to reviews appeals for UGs due to poor academic performance. Members are BSW faculty and no students shall serve on this committee. • Two new courses • Dr. Wade Queer Visibility • Dr. Lough Doing Good through the Nonprofit Sector

  4. MSW CommitteeSummary 2018/2019

  5. Our committee represented different concentrations. This year Judy Havlicek, Sandie Kopels, Janet Liechty, Carol Mauck, Mary Maurer, Rachael Dietkus (ex-officio), Cheryl Street (ex-officio), Matthew Carter, Geddy Grove, Terry Ostler, and Sandy Bruce were the committee members.

  6. The MSW Curriculum and the MSW Program Administration Committees used to meet separately. This year, instead of acting alone, we …

  7. decided to combine the committees on a trial basis. This unified our ability to have a broader and more unified vision and to act and move forward more efficiently and constructively.

  8. Priorities/achievements:1. Student centered program

  9. 2. We undertook three surveys with the MSW and iMSW to identify areas of strength … Creating time to be together and share were what students recommended, so we RELAXED, spread out our wings, and celebrated

  10. Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Kevin let down his hair. Jacob Goffnett led a new Social Justice Book Club. We met with author Dashka Slater and talked about the 57 Bus. In conjunction with the Diversity Committee, the Social Justice Film Club showed and discussed “The Hate U Give”. Over 50 people attended the film discussion which was led by Jan Carter-Black.

  11. 3. Funding: A group of MSW students were given funding to attend and/or present at Social Work conferences.

  12. 4. We approved a resequencing and updating of research classes.MANY THANKS TO: Kevin Tan, Rachel Garthe, Hyunil Kim, Hong Li and Min Zhan.SOCW 553, a fabulous new course, was also approved.

  13. 5. Instead of advising students, we developed, and, as faculty, voted to approve mentoring/student-faculty engagement as part of our by-laws.

  14. 6. Don’t even THINK of getting a D!

  15. 7. Developments in iMSW program.Interactive online space on compass with discussion board, online onboarding

  16. 8. Committee members travelled to far-away places – Peoria and Springfield – to visit sites conducting simulations with aim of learning new ways to train clinical skills. Our larger aim is to introduce intense clinical components/skills training/assessments to our clinical tracks.

  17. 9. Priority areas we have our eye on:- simulations- 2-unit modules – skills lab, interpersonal violence. Also 2-unit modules for LSC track and iMSW program- emphasizing professional behavior- making MSW and iMSW programs more equitable in quality and delivery – resources, funding, access to information, increasing their sense of community.

  18. Thank You

  19. PhD Committee Annual Report

  20. PhD Committee Recommendations & Future Directions Enhance curriculum development and ongoing program assessment Address time to degree and reduce years to completion Set clear expectations of excellence for our doctoral students Improve mentoring and quality of advising Strengthen mentorship and increase collaboration Invest in professional development of doctoral students Structured series of PhD brownbags and workshops Enhance recruitment and develop strategic diversity plan Improve student funding and support Collect ongoing feedback and conduct PhD survey

  21. Curriculum Committee(AY 2018-2019) • Made recommendations for course offering, scheduling, and teaching assignment • Reviewed course revisions, new course development, new certificates, and hybrid & online course delivery • Facilitated assessment of student learning outcomes • Provost office “Learning Outcomes Assessment Report” • Assessment outcomes (AY2018-19) • BSW: • MSW: • MSW Grad survey: • Facilitated the complete CSWE accreditation progress report

  22. Curriculum Committee(AY 2018-2019) • Adjunct Faculty Search • Application reviews: 70+ • Applicant interviews: 30+ • Adjunct Faculty Training and Annual Review • Annual workshop (8/10/2019) • Online training resources • Adjunct supervision and annual review • More to come!

  23. Field Education Committee2018-2019 This year much of the focus of the committee was on the career development needs of BSW/MSW students Consulted with DRES Career Services to gain a better understanding of how to best support the career development needs of students with disabilities Collaborated with Student Affairs Office and offered a morning of Career Development workshops for students, paired with a Networking event with Field Instructors BSW Field will be piloting a new learning plan format that better aligns with the work world. MSW Field is continuing explore ways of reaching out to the iMSW cohorts to better meet their needs. Several webinars were offered this year in an effort to engage with the cohorts earlier and provide easier access for them. BSW Field is exploring and developing internship opportunities for students outside of Champaign County to increase options and flexibility for students

  24. Future Directions • Continue collaborations with the Student Affairs Office to offer increased career development programming • Survey Field Instructors/internship sites to capture what they see as workforce development needs for our students • Explore ways for offering a virtual Field Education Day

  25. International Committee Year End Progress Highlights NTU biennial international conference May 29-31, 2019 Student interns from Taiwan International MSW internships in Cape Town, South Africa SOCW 330/561: International Perspectives in Social Work: Global service learning and refugee crisis Collaborations at university level in the U.S. and internationally Faculty and doctoral students conducting research internationally

  26. South Africa Internship Experience

  27. School of Social Work Diversity Committee Report AY 2018-2019 Janet Carter-Black, Committee Chair May 10th, 2019

  28. Goals and Objectives Addressed • To create awareness of a broadened definition of diversity that includes all perspectives and identities • To promote the complementary integration of the explicit and implicit curricular as it relates to diversity • Encourage and support student, faculty, and staff participation in School sponsored and campus-wide activities that foster a climate of inclusion and publicize the value and benefits of a diverse learning community

  29. School, Campus, and Community Engagement • Continued the development of the Critical Group Dialogue Forum Experimental Lab from a Social Work Perspective project • Successfully implemented the first Unite Through Understanding: An Open Conversation structured group dialogue • The SSW Film Club and Diversity Committee’s Group Dialogue Forum inaugural collaboration was held on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. A moderated debriefing and discussion followed the showing of the film The Hate U Give • Organized the Annual Diversity Celebration held on Friday, April 26th 2019 • Supported the 2nd Annual School of Social Work HEALS Student-Focused Conference Young Adult Health Across the Lifespan: Policy and Practice Conference. Student Diversity Committee members hosted speed learning tables and attended the conference • Presented The Paradox of Cultural Similarities Embedded in Differences, a mandatory training for Developmental Services Center staff aimed at fostering a greater understanding of our commonality, while acknowledging and embracing our diverse cultural experiences • Presented at the Annual Career Women’s Institute offering strategies for women to claim and maintain their authentic self in the professional workplace arena

  30. Acknowledgments Diversity Committee Members and Honorary Members Faculty Judy Havlicek,Kevin Tan, Ryan Wade, Liliane Windsor Students Robyn Bannon, Kelly Clary, Scarlett Davalos, Mirabelle Rebeiz, Diamond Ruffin, Allison Salisbury, Jianna Santello Honorary Members Dr. Joycelyn Landrum-Brown, Dr. Emily Lux *Student Diversity Leadership Award Recipients* Scarlett Davalos, Allison Salisbury, Emily Lux

  31. Recruitment & Admissions Committee • Reviewed 500+ applications for the BSW and MSW programs for the 2019 – 2020 cohorts. As of 5/1/19, here are the numbers: • MSW: 115 new campus students (a 5% decrease from last year), 87 new iMSW students (a 57% increase from last year) • BSW: 53 new freshmen, 29 new transfers, and 15 new ICTs = 97 new students • Expanded digital marketing and off-campus marketing efforts and recruitment events throughout Illinois and year-round. • For BSW, we participated in over 40 recruitment and yield events and had 75+ individual meetings with prospective undergraduate students. • For MSW, we participated in over 40 recruitment events and had nearly 300 individual meetings with prospective graduate students. • The addition of an Undergraduate Affairs Coordinator dramatically impacted our ability to do more outreach and recruitment at the undergraduate level.

  32. Recruitment & Admissions Committee – Future Goals • Continue expanding and strengthening the marketing and outreach for our BSW, MSW, iMSW, and PhD programs • The primary focus will be on iMSW, with particular attention to statewide, Chicago area, and Leadership & Social Change. Assess metrics from digital marketing investment from this cycle and refine strategy for the coming year. • Ensure application review process is consistent across all our programs • BSW and PhD programs have a committee review process, whereas the MSW applications have been reviewed by a single reviewer. This model is considered a poor practice amongst peer institutions. In the coming months, we will be assessing the current process for efficiency and sustainability. • Restructuring within the student and academic affairs teams is vital for future growth, especially in the MSW Program • This includes commitment to and investment in critical resources to address student, academic, curriculum, technology, and field support and structures.

  33. NURSERY RHYME ALPHABET E is for Executive Executive: administrative, decision-making.

  34. Pach-y-derm, NOUNPachyderms (plural noun)A very large mammal with thick skin, especially an elephant, rhinoceros, or hippopotamus.Form strong social bonds

  35. Can hear with their feet. They are specialists in seismic communication, relying upon sound waves that travel within the surface of the ground instead of through the air. Communicate well They show empathy and altruism Show grief, humor, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, tool use, playfulness, and excellent learning abilities. Have extraordinary memories

  36. Demonstrate concern for members of their families and take care of weak or injured members of the herd If you say there is an elephant in the room, you mean that there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about. Difficult situations and unpleasant experiences are a heavy cross to bear idiom.

  37. Members:Sherrie Faulkner, Hellen McDonald, Kevin Tan, Kate Wegmann, Lili Windsor, Chi-Fang Wu, and Terry OstlerAlso present: Steve Anderson and Debbie Richardson Personnel Committee Members: Chi-Fang Wu, Lili Windsor, Terry Ostler Conducted 23 annual reviews Thank you!

  38. Adhoc SSW Faculty/Staff Awards Committee Report Spring 2019 Members: Wendy Harris (chair) Flavia Andrade Maggie Helms Tara Larrison Debbie Richardson As assigned, the committee developed eligibility criteria and submission requirements for five new faculty and staff awards in the School of Social Work, basing them on campus-level awards. On February 22, 2019, the faculty approved the following: Dean’s Prize for Innovation and Collaboration Excellence in Mentoring and/or Advising Excellence in Public Engagement Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogical Practices Outstanding Staff Award

  39. On February 22, 2019, the faculty approved the following committee: One year term: Jacob Goffnett Wendy Harris Tara Powell Carol Mauck Two year term: Scott Hays Hellen McDonald Min Zhan On March 29, 2019, the faculty agreed to add the Awards for Excellence Committee as a Standing Committee in the School of Social Work Bylaws. The materials for these were then posted on the SSW website and the nomination period closed April 22. Nominations were received for 4 of the 5 awards; the awards committee is currently reviewing and scoring the documentation, with plans to make award announcements before May 16.

  40. Selected SSW Overview Highlights : AY 18-19 May 10, 2019

  41. Selected SSW Highlights from Academic Year 2018-19

  42. Congratulations on Promotions and Successful Reviews • Karen Tabb promoted to Associate Professor • Kevin Tan successful completion of third-year review

  43. Welcome of New Faculty Members and Program Leaders • 5 new faculty members beginning August 2018 • Flavia Andrade, Rachel Garthe, Hyunil Kim, • Will Schneider, and Ryan Wade • New MSW Director Terry Ostler

  44. Continued Research & External Funding Growth • New SSW faculty-led projects from strong funding sources (NIH, Robert Woods Johnson, Spencer Foundation, PCORI, & others) • HRSA, DCFS, and DHFS work workforce development implementation • CPRD efforts to identify new funding opportunities and integrate faculty members

  45. Educational Program Development • Creation of new iMSW program cohort model in Chicago • Expansion of BSW field placements beyond CU • First digital marketing and Illinois Commitment Program fueled applications growth

  46. SSW Conferences & Series • Heals Young Adult Health Across the Lifespan: Policy & Practice • Harnessing Technology Series • National Perinatal Depression Research Engagement Symposium • 7th Annual LGBTQ Research Symposium • Child Welfare Predictive Analytics Forum

  47. External Reviews of SSW • Successful completion of: • BSW and MSW reaccreditation finalized (8 years) • Most University Program Review work (8 years) • Self-study, external review, and external review report completed • Final stage of response to reviewers in December 2019

  48. Planning & Administration Highlights • Implementation of new University budget model • Progress on strategic plan theme identification, with goal of completion in 2019 • New space in the Trade Center for workforce development projects

  49. Development & Fundraising • Implementation of new University budget model • Progress on strategic plan theme identification, with goal of completion in 2019 • New space in the Trade Center for workforce development projects

  50. Thank You! • Executive Committee, program committees, and many task forces for work on: • usual operational issues • larger developmental issues