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Kindergarten Parent Night 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Kindergarten Parent Night 2019

Kindergarten Parent Night 2019

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Kindergarten Parent Night 2019

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  1. Kindergarten Parent Night 2019

  2. Mrs. Bullock Mrs. Carmody Mrs. Holmes Miss Scott

  3. Agenda - daily • Email – daily • Monday folder - weekly • Newsletter - weekly • Remind 101/ClassDojo- pleasejoin • Conference – as needed • TeacherWebpage –

  4. Websites/Apps READING – free site RazKids – teachers will send home login ABCmouse – teachers will send home login WRITING Draw with Stars – free app Trace Letters and Red Words – free app MATH – teachers will send home login Zearn – free site Trace Numbers – free app In the Monday folder you will find a technology contract for you to please read & return to your child’s teacher.

  5. Homework is at the discretion of the individual teacher and classroom. If a student needs more practice on a skill then work will be sent home in the Monday folder. Math book is for you to keep at home and practice math skills as needed. In the Monday folder you will find information on reading tips, letter & number formation. Please practice as needed. Return Monday folders every Friday.

  6. MAC Behavior Expectations (p. 4 in agenda) Follow Instructions Take responsibility for own actions;demonstrates self-control Completes and submits quality classwork Listens respectfully and acknowledges the thinking of others Displays best effort Uses technology in accordance with school policies

  7. MAC Money System (pennies/nickels) each student begins the day with 3 coins. • Reward Positive Behavior – referrals, stickers, praise, treasure box, celebrations. • Teachers may have an extended behavior plan in place for their classroom. You can find information in the green folder.

  8. Our teacher webpages will have our field trip information. We collect funds for the first semester in August and second semester in January. Semester dues are $25 which pays for the students t-shirt, field trips & classroom activities. We also have parent shirts for $15. Please go to our McKeel Academy Central website to pay first semester dues online between August 26th–September 4th. Fundraiser – we are selling coupons for Krispy Kreme donuts between September 17th – 27th. Downtown permission slip was in your child’s orientation packet. When we take a trip downtown we will notify you.

  9. You will find the chaperone guidelines on our teacher webpages for you to read, print, sign and return to your child’s teacher before each trip. Chaperones must be an approved volunteer and our deadline is September 13th. You may complete the application online for each member of your family that will attend a trip or help in the classroom.

  10. Schedules can be found on our webpage • Recess daily • PE is four times a week and Music, Art, Media is once a week • Technology – integrated with lessons in the classroom and instructed by Mrs. Edmonds and the teacher. • Snack – monthly calendars are posted on our webpage. Please provide a healthy snack and drink for 18 students on your child’s assigned day. If this is a hardship for you please let us know. Teachers will have your child bring snack on their birthday or close to the date if it falls on a holiday or weekend. • Birthday Snack (p.2 in the agenda) – please read over the rules pertaining to snack items & invitations. Teachers have provided a birthday email list for the class.

  11. Lunch: Please work with your child at home to use good table manners, practice opening their own drinks, food containersand to clean up their own trash. • As of September 3rd you may have lunch with your child in the cafeteria. We ask that you only have your child sit with you in the designated area. Please do not bring any outside food for your child. Please have your ID to check in. • Lunch Times for Kindergarten • Bullock: 12:06-12:31 • Carmody: 12:09-12:34 • Holmes: 12:12-12:37 • Scott: 12:15-12:40

  12. Please have your child to school on time each day. Our school day begins at 8:15am. MAC time will be daily 8:35-9:05am. This is a school wide program. Our first day will be September 3rd. This time is used for additional differentiated Reading instruction. Students will switch classes during this time.

  13. Our school day is 8:15am – 3:00pm. If you need to schedule appointments please try to do this outside of school hours. We ask that you keep your child’s medical notes rather than turn them into the office or teacher. If a student accumulates more than 10 days of absences, tardies or early checkouts, the parent will be asked to submit medical notes. If your child does not attend 50% of a school day, he/she will be marked absent. No checkouts after 2:30pm. You may find this information in your child’s agenda on p.2.

  14. Standard Based Grading is the program we use for grading our standards. You will receive the following grades in your child’s portfolio and on their report card at the end of each 9 weeks. 4 – Proficient –Student demonstrates the skill or understands concepts at the level expected for the reporting period. 3 – Developing Progress – Student is moving toward being able to demonstrate the skill or understand concepts and meets most expectations for the reporting period. 2 – Beginning Progress – Student is only beginning to develop the skill or understand concepts and needs to improve in order to meet expectations for the reporting period. 1 – Of Concern – Student demonstrates limited evidence of understanding even with help for the reporting period. These numbers are NOT equivalent to a letter grade. We will grade your child’s papers with a 4,3,2,1. We have a 9 week academic celebration which is attained by your child meeting their Kindergarten goals set by the teachers & shared with the students and parents.

  15. All assessments are standard based assessments with the grading system of a 4, 3, 2, or 1. Parents are able to view assessments, assignments & behavioronline through our McKeelcentral website. Your child will bring home their portfolio with graded assessments for you to view. You may keep the assessment and return the portfolio to your child’s teacher. We have provided a front cover sheet for the portfolio’s in your child’s Monday green folder. Please complete with your child this week and return on Friday. We will need an email for each parent that will view your child’s report card. Each teacher has a half sheet of paper with your child’s name, your name and email address on file. Please verify if this information is correct & leave it with your child’s teacher tonight.