butterfly hairclip n.
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Butterfly hairclip

Butterfly hairclip

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Butterfly hairclip

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  1. Butterfly hairclip

  2. Description • Solid • Gold frame and white pearly beads • Metal frame, plastic beads some attached by being threaded onto antenna others glued onto frame • Size of a clenched fist • Metal crocodile clip attached to pack so can fasten onto objects

  3. Uses of object • Keeps hair back • Can be used to make a hairstyle more intriguing • Could be fashioned into a broach by attaching to clothing instead of hair • If you really wanted you could attach to a necklace

  4. Owner • A little girl • 6 years old • Mother dies when she was 4 • She is an only child lives with father

  5. Backround story • It is owned by a little girl who has nothing nice of her own except for this clip which her mother gave her before she died when the little girl was 4. The little girl is now 6 and lives with her lazy, passive aggressive father. The little girl is not allowed to wear the clip as it reminds her dad of her mothers death which makes him angry, so she keeps the clip hidden under the floor boards under her bed. • One day, the girl was looking into a cracked mirror she found in her mums old make up bag and put the clip in her hair so she felt close to her mother. Her father then yelled at her that is was time to walk to school and in haste she threw everything under her bed and ran for the door before her father saw what she was doing. But in her haste she didn’t realise that the hair clip had landed just next to her bed, on show to anybody who was in view of her room.

  6. My treatment • Blurb- “See how a hair clip can change the relationship between a father and his young daughter forever.” • Character biographies- Little Girl: Young, sweet, has been forced to fend for herself but tries to keep a positive outlook. Dad- Used to be a joyful person but the death of his wife ruined him and caused a state of depression which 2 years later is still in effect. • Statement of intent-