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  1. POINT OF EXPERIENCE SURVEY Presented by Francis Williams

  2. What is experience survey • Would your fork out $5,000.00 for a pair of shoes without first trying them on? Plunge into a hot tub without dipping a toe in first? Of course not – but people in business do the equivalent everyday. • Many a company have found out only too late that the product that they developed and launched that they anticipated would take over the market was just something that they alone liked. Nobody wants to buy it.

  3. Are you really aware of the problem you are facing? • If your business interfaces directly with consumers, measuring feedback is critical to improving your operation. • By understanding what customers think and feel about your products and services, you’ll have actionable data that can be used to make improvements – instantly.

  4. You owe it to your business • You are in the business of providing solutions to problems that people have whether you believe it or not. • The lady who goes to a massage parlor is ultimately not going for a massage, to strip naked, lie on a piece of board covered by a sheet to be handled by some stranger! No she is going for the relaxation the massage produces. • You therefore owe it to your business to truly understand the reasons why your customer patronize your business so that you can serve them better.

  5. You only have to ask • Your customers are more that willing to provide feedback to you on the reasons they utilized your products and services. • You simply have to asking using an easy and unobtrusive way to provide feedback. • Who wouldn’t want to read their customers mind.

  6. How to get started • In Answering the Ultimate Question, Richard Owen and Laura Brooks, co-developers of Net Promoter Score posits that every company's customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. • They believe that by asking one simple question — How likely is it that you would recommend [Company X] to a friend or colleague? — you can track these groups and get a clear measure of your company's performance through its customers' eyes. • Why don’t you give it a try for starter.