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Improving Conversion Rates: The Role of SEO

Search engine optimization is known for its ability to increase traffic flow to websites. However, SEO is concerned with more than just traffic flow. Instead, it also works to improve a business' conversion rates.

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Improving Conversion Rates: The Role of SEO

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  1. Improving Conversion Rates: The Role of SEO Search engine optimization is known for its ability to increase traffic flow to websites. However, SEO is concerned with more than just traffic flow. Instead, it also works to improve a business' conversion rates. From improving the quality of website traffic to improving the content, usability, and simplicity of a site, SEO serves to make websites not just popular but also profitable. An Austin SEO service will improve the quality of the visitors who come to a website. Increased traffic to a website tends to increase the number of conversions for a business, simply because the number of people viewing the business' products and services increases. Search engine optimization services, however, do more than just increase the number of customers for a business. They also increase the percentage of visitors who become customers. In other words, these services do not just send more people your way. Instead, they send more people your way who need your products and services and who are ready to purchase from your business. SEO does so, in part, by focusing content on keywords that will attract the attention of people looking for your products and services. For instance, say you own a gourmet pizza shop in Annandale, VA. If you optimize your content for the search term “gourmet pizza Annandale,” you are likely to bring in customers from the Annandale area who are looking for gourmet pizza. These customers are far more likely to order from your shop than visitors (who may not even be from Annandale) who found your website through less specific search terms.

  2. An Austin SEO service will improve site usability. The ease with which visitors can use your site once they find it is a factor in whether or not they become paying customers. For instance, if someone enters your site after searching for “gourmet pizza Annandale,” but cannot quickly locate the menu, they may leave your site to find another business that is easier to contact. Other site features that may deter visitors from staying include slow page loads, confusing navigation, and disorganized content. Fortunately, a skillfully SEO optimized website will prevent or resolve many of the usability issues that cause visitors to leave your site. This is because some of the same strategies that improve SEO performance lend themselves to a more usable website. In order to improve your site's usability, the best SEO services take the entirety of your website into consideration. For instance, clearly organized content is easier for Google to crawl and index, making a logical site hierarchy a necessity. You may find that in order to provide you with the support your site needs to thrive in Google search engines and in front of visitors, SEO companies will sometimes provide web development services to improve the overall functionality of your site. An Austin SEO service will create excellent content. When a website is full of relevant, engaging content, it conveys authority and trustworthiness to site visitors, who will respond by purchasing the company's products and services. SEO services in and around Austin are invested in creating this kind of content, because content is vital to successful SEO. For instance, content can be optimized for keywords in order to improve a web page's rankings and to draw in more visitors who want the company's products and services. Additionally, great content can be shared across social media, building brand awareness and links that also improve traffic flow and Google rankings.

  3. Quality visitors, brand awareness, and social sharing, also contribute to increased conversion rates, as visitors seek out a business because they enjoy its content or have heard about its services through a friend. As a result, SEO, by providing excellent content, also provides you with a ready-made way to enjoy greater conversion rates and increased profitability for your business. An Austin SEO service will simplify websites. Simplicity is often key, not just in web design, but also in other elements of a site. The reason is that site visitors are generally focused on one thing: To quickly determine if your business offers them what they are looking for. This is why a detailed history of your company should never appear on the homepage of your website, content should be short and sweet, and too many choices on a single page will send visitors fleeing.

  4. Fortunately, SEO services in Austin are interested in creating simplicity in your web design, because simplicity improves both traffic and conversions. For instance, a logical hierarchy will be easier for Google to crawl, improving your site's chances of ranking favorably in the search results. In addition, high bounce rates negatively affect search rankings, meaning that a simple website design that keeps visitors' interest is essential. Similarly, an SEO company's services tend to eliminate the “clutter” on a web page in order to make it more focused on the topic it is intended to discuss. By simplifying the web pages, these services make them easier to find in the search engines and easier to interact with for site visitors. When visitors enjoy a website, they tend to stay longer, explore more, and purchase more frequently. Search engine optimization cannot succeed unless it works not only to increase traffic but also to increase conversion rates. As a result, your SEO efforts can help you to both maximize quality traffic to your site and maximize the rate at which that traffic turns into paying customers.

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