innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix n.
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Innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix

Innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix

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Innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix

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  1. Innovative thrills for your adrenaline fix

  2. Speed junkies need their fix, it goes without saying. But where do we get it from? What is the safest yet zaniest way to touch that level of amazing speed that your adrenaline starts pumping at 100mph as your pulse goes through the roof? Thankfully, there are solutions. Speed lovers unite

  3. A Sky Karting game opened at a new entertainment centre at the Mall Of America delivers cutting edge racing technology to all. The experience is completely safe and yet the speed is incredibly real. With custom made tracks, world class racing karts and superior gear, this is one experience you do now want to miss out on. Sky Karting – the ultimate racing experience

  4. Completely safe • Extremely responsive karts • Racing with friends • Racing at high speeds • State-of-the-art tracks Benefits of Sky Karting

  5. Nothing can compare with the thrill of a roller coaster, the classic rush of speed as your car reaches the crest and comes crashing down. If only every street corner has a roller coaster, we would be rushing off for our daily speed fix with all our friends and family members. Roller Coasters – the classic speed rush

  6. While roller coasters may be far away from the city, residents of Minnesota have something else to look forward to- a new coaster game that uses virtual reality to re-create the very same classic thrill. What’s more, you can also design your coaster yourself to ensure you have the best possible experience. Finger Coaster – the new roller coaster