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Chapter 15 Section 1

Chapter 15 Section 1

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Chapter 15 Section 1

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  1. Chapter 15 Section 1 I. Civil Works Programs created to give unemployed people jobs - 1932 – FDR beats Hoover handily and Democrats gain majority in House and Senate as well. - Roosevelt and his brain trust come up with the “New Deal” to deal with the problems of the depression - New Deal 1) Aide for the needy 2) Economic Recovery 3) Financial Reform - Fed. Gov. role was expanded in Economy

  2. Chapter 5 Section 1 • - Closed all banks Government inspected, banks in good shape could open. Banks not in good shape had to stay closed • - This restored Americans faith in banking system. • - FDR talks on radio about New Deal and made Americans feel as if FDR was talking directly to them. • - FDR explained that banks will invest your money and only keep what is needed in currency • - He explained that when too many people want savings in cash banks will fail and that this is not a weakness of the banks, just how it works. • - Many people put their money back in banks.

  3. Chapter 15 Section • - Glass Steagall Act of 1933- Established FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.) • - FDIC- Gave banks federal insurance for individual bank accounts up to $5000 • - Federal Securities Act – Made businesses give truthful information so investors could make good decisions • - Prevented people from rigging stock market for their own profit • - Passed 21st Amendment by end of 1933 repealing prohibition • - Government would tax alcohol

  4. Chapter 15 Section 1 • - Agricultural Adjustment Act- Government payed farmers to leave some land unseeded • - Less crops would raise prices of the crops helping farmers • - People protested the destruction of food when there were so many Americans going hungry

  5. Chapter 15 Section 1 • New Deal-Started works projects-gave people jobs • - Civilian Conservation Corp. (CCC) put 18 to 25 year old men to work building roads, developing parks etc… • - Did not pay well, but gave free food, uniforms and lodging in work camps • - $30 month, $25 sent home to family • - Public Works Administration (PWA)-Put people to work building schools and other community buildings • - Civil Works Administration (Est. 1933) provided 4 million jobs between 1933 and 1934 • - Built 40,000 schools and paid salaries of 50,000 school teachers in rural areas • - Built half a million miles of roads

  6. Chapter 15 Section 1 • - Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) – Gov. gave people loans to help them pay for their house. • - 1934 National Housing Act – Further aide for people and their homes. • - Deficit Spending – Spending more than you bring in. • - FDR knew Government was going to have to do this

  7. 1.) What was created to give unemployed people jobs? a.) The New Deal b.) The Great Compromise c.) Social Security 2.) Who beat Hoover in the 1932 Presidential Election? a.) Franklin D. Roosevelt b.) Theodore Roosevelt c.) John F. Kennedy 3.) Name one thing the New Deal was going to do? a.) Give aide for the rich b.) Give aide for the needy c.) Increased taxes on exports to help American businesses 4.) Name one thing the New Deal was going to do? a.) Help with economic recovery b.) Prevent World War II c.) End World War 1 5.) Name one thing the New Deal was going to do? a.) Aide with Indian Removal Give land to anyone moving west c.) Financial Reform 6.) What did FDR do to the banks? a.) He re-opened all of them to restore faith of American public b.) He closed all banks and only allowed good banks to re open c.) He abolished the concept of banks and told people to keep their own money 7.) What do banks do with your money when you deposit it? a.) They invest it b.) They spend it to keep the economy strong c.) They keep all of it in a safe at the back of the bank 8.) How much money or currency do banks keep? a.) Enough to meet normal demands b.) All money that has been deposited c.) Usually none in the main office in case they get robbed 9.) What would happen if everybody tried to withdraw their money from banks? a.) The banks would flourish b.) The banks would be able to invest your money easier c.) The banks would fail 10.) What act created the FDIC? a.) Bank Security Act b.) Bank Deposit Act c.) Glass Steagall Act Chapter 15 Section 1 Quiz

  8. 11.) What did the FDIC do? a.) It insured individual bank accounts through the Federal Government b.) It insured individual bank accounts by allowing the rich to loan the poor money. c.) It insured your investments in the stock market 12.) What amendment ended the prohibition of alcohol? a.) 18st b.) 21st c.) 19th 13.) What did government give incentives to farmers for? a.) Planting more crops b.) Planting less crops c.) Continuing the same production of crops 14.) What kind of incentives did the government give farmers? a.) The Fed. Gov. gave farmers money for leaving parts of their land unseeded. b.) The Fed. Gov. gave farmers money for growing crops on all of their land c.) The Fed. Gov. fined farmers for not growing crops on all of their land 15.) Why did the public not like the idea of farmers not growing as much? a.) People going hungry and they thought it did not make sense to destroy food when there were people that were starving. b.) Most people lived in big cities and did not feel as if farming was important. c.) They wanted to make sure farmers had plenty of food 16.) Name the government program that gave people jobs building civic projects? a.) New Projects Plan b.) Square Deal c.) New Deal 17.) Which program put 18 to 25 year olds to work building roads? a.) Civilian Conservation Corp. b.) Road project plan c.) Square Deal 18.) How did the New Deal projects pay? a.) Good b.) Bad c.) It paid with good and services and not money 19.) How much did each person make? a.) 30 dollars a month b.) 30 dollars a year c.) 3 dollars a month 20.) Which program built schools and community buildings? a.) Public Works Administration b.) School Building Association c.) Social Security Administration Chapter 15 Section 1 Quiz con’t.

  9. Chapter 15 Section 1 Con’t. • 21.) What administration provided 4 million jobs between 1933 and 1934? • a.) Hoover administration • b.) Civil Works Administration • c.) Social Security Administration • 22.) How many salaries of school teachers were paid due to the Civil Works Administration? • a.) about 50,000 • b.) about 5000 • c.) None • 23.) How many miles of road were built due to the Civil Works Administration? • a.) ½ a million • b.) 2 million • c.) Roads were not part of the project • 24.) What corporation gave people loans to help with their mortgages? • a.) Home Owners Loan Corporation • b.) Mortgage Lending Corporation • c.) Chase Lending Corporation • 25.) What is it called when you spend more than you bring in? • a.) Deficit spending • b.) Cautionary spending • c.) Budget Spending