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Land and Water biomes PowerPoint Presentation
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Land and Water biomes

Land and Water biomes

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Land and Water biomes

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  1. Land and Water biomes By: Allison Johnson

  2. Crab Anomies plant Algae Shark Coral Reef • Home of many organisms. • Grow in the ocean. • Sharks, crabs , algae, and anomies plant live in them. Location: Florida Australia

  3. Toucan Cheetah Red Wood trees monkey Rain forests • Rain forests are humid and shady. • Rain forests have dirt, trees, and leaves. • Rain forests are warm all year. Locations: Near the equator Brazil

  4. Alligator Deer Fish snake Wetlands • Wetlands are flooded at least part of the year. • Alligators, fish, deer, and snakes live in the wetlands. • Some important wetlands are parts of estuaries. Locations: Florida South Carolina

  5. Snake Frog Salamander Deciduous Forest • Deciduous forests might grow in a cooler place that don’t have much rain. • Deciduous forests cover large parts of the eastern United States. • Deciduous forests have trees such as oaks, elms, and maples. Locations: Europe Eastern United States of America Bears

  6. Crayfish Pike Rivers • Pikes, bullheads, bass, crayfish, otters, ducks, turtles, and insects live in the rivers. • Some animals live in rivers that only flow slowly. • Very few animals live in rivers that are badly polluted. Turtle Duck Locations: United States of America Asia

  7. Antelope Wolf Grasslands Locations: Mexico Canada • Grasslands are covered with many kinds of grass. • Trees don’t grow well in grasslands. • Bison, antelopes, and prairie dogs eat grass in these areas. Prairie dog Bison

  8. Giant Squid Crab Deep Sea • The deep sea has high water pressure. • The sunlight can not reach the deep depths so no plants can grow down there. • Clams, crabs, and tubeworms live next to the vents. Tube Worms Clam Locations: Galapagos islands Pacific basin

  9. Locations: Canada Russia Taiga • Trees in the taiga have needles. • Taiga is a clod biome. • The needles of the trees have a wax coating. Wolves Elk Bear Moose

  10. Deserts • Some deserts are very rocky. • Deserts get very cool at night. • Deserts can be covered by a flat layer of salt. Locations: Asia Australia Snake Duck Beetle Cactus

  11. Tundra Locations: Top of the world North pole • The tundra is a a very cold biome. • Tundra is usually in the most northern areas of the world. • Rodents, rabbits, caribou, weasel, owls, polar bears and foxes live in the tundra. Fox Rabbit Polar bears Owl