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Instructional Technology @ PPS

Instructional Technology @ PPS. Instructional Technology @ PPS. Vision and goals for instructional technology CTS overview Needs assessment Challenges Milestones. Technology Vision.

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Instructional Technology @ PPS

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  1. Instructional Technology @ PPS

  2. Instructional Technology @ PPS • Vision and goals for instructional technology • CTS overview • Needs assessment • Challenges • Milestones

  3. Technology Vision • Authentic and challenging student learning experiences that use a variety of communication and electronic tools. • Student assessment that is based on products, progress and effort. • New roles for students and teachers as partners in the learning process.

  4. Technology Vision • … • Evolution of a culture that connects learning beyond the school walls to community and global resources. • Preparation of learners for a world immersed in technology.

  5. Technology Learning Goals 1. Students will use technology to create original works and activities. 2. Students will use technology to work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support their learning and to help others learn. 3. Students will use digital tools to find, evaluate, and use new information.

  6. Technology Learning Goals 4. Students will use critical thinking and technical knowledge to discern the usefulness, accuracy, and intent of material they find on-line. 5. Students will practice legal and ethical behavior, and demonstrate ways to keep safe while using the Internet and new media.

  7. Technology Learning Goals • These goals are achievable • Resource Challenges • Instructional support • Applications development • Cabling replacements & wireless • K-5 equitable access to learning technology • Three years

  8. CTS Department Overview • Strategic partner with Academic Office, • new programs • evaluate tools and systems to deliver curriculum, instruction, assessment • support school reform efforts: • RTI, Teacher web pages, Parent Portal, OnLine Learning, Internet Safety, Global Education, Videoconferencing, Media Literacy

  9. CTS Department Overview • Staff Development • Plan, offer and conduct training sessions system-wide • Provide on-site instructional support for technology integration • Staff Development is the strongest correlative of success with Educational Technology. • One excellent teacher leader (6 would be a reasonable minimum.)

  10. CTS Department Overview • Building technology coordinators • Provide vital leadership at the building level • Stipend only (full time teachers) • Duties encompass leadership, instruction support and technical support • CTS technical staff assist BTCs to focus on their core mission: instructional leadership

  11. Evaluation, Staff Survey

  12. Evaluation [When I report a problem using instructional technology, I usually get help on the same day] 3% Improvement

  13. Evaluation [In Portland Public Schools, technology is moving in the right direction] 8% Increase in positive responses

  14. Evaluation In which types of professional growth opportunities do you prefer to participate?

  15. Evaluation I feel I need… [Access to more student computers] 13% reduction in negative responses

  16. Major Projects

  17. Online Classrooms(Powered by Moodle)‏ • Dynamic Digital Online Classrooms • Digital Submission and Completely Online • Saves on Printing Costs • Instant Teacher Feedback to Students • Online Student Access to Teacher-Provided Resources • Documents, Rubrics, Websites, Pictures, Video

  18. Online Classrooms(Powered by Moodle)‏ Number of “hits”by day May and June, 2010

  19. Staff Websites • Staff Websites (WordPress “blogs”)‏ • Public Access to Classroom Activity • Used by teachers, Students, Administrators, C.O. • Broad range of uses • Students practice • Internet Safety skills • online collaboration 1,885 sites and 1,808 users signed on since inception

  20. New District Website (FY ‘11 is Baseline year…)

  21. In-House Google Apps • Portland Schools version of Google Apps • Allows For Web-based Collaboration on Documents • Facilitates Communication for Projects • Tools for Creative Expression • Uses District Security Protocols • Advertisement Free (Pilot project… baseline data only for FY 2011)

  22. Major Projects • CTS averages over 10 major projects per year (!)

  23. Operations/Network Services • Maintain 7,000 network devices

  24. Operations/Network Services • 7000 devices – 4 technicians. (!) • Wide area network (INET) shared with the city: • Fiber backbone • Best-in-class system, required for security, reliability on city side (substantial equipment and maintenance fees, financed w’ city.) • Outstanding network administrators.

  25. Operations/Network Services • 40+ servers • Mission critical applications and services • Data backup/co-location • Electronic File storage for 1200 staff and 7000 students • Data center operations • Help Desk (electronic and phone line) • Emergency response

  26. Operations/Network Services • High-speed fiber backbone is excellent, but the buildings needed re-cabling and wireless. • 6 schools recently completed: Reiche, West, East End, King, Presumpscot, Riverton ($600K through federal E-rate program.) FY 11: Lyseth, Longfellow, and Hall ($100K local,) Portland High ($360K Federal E-rate applied for,) Deering ($170K CIP.) • This one-time work is proceeding quickly

  27. Business Systems/Telecom. • Mission critical applications: • Pentamation (financial/HR, etc.) • Cisco Voice over IP (New IP telephones.*) • Laserfiche (electronic file scanning conversion, archiving.) • GroupWise Email system • Infinite Campus Parent Portal, Student information, grading system • Versa Trans (bus routing) • Syner-Voice (alert messaging system) • Network admins give full attention to these services.

  28. Applications Development • This category is most needed to support instruction. • Customization • Data warehouse/custom reports • Programming • WordPress (classroom web pages) • Web tools • On-line course management system • Demand is great (example: city has 4 staff members for this.) • Open source model is programming intensive (full-time)

  29. Greatest Operational Challenge • Escalating demands for I.T. • Teachers and students need reliable, current technology • Every PPS department needs a new or better system yesterday • Systems have become more critical to district operations • Upgrades, maintenance fees increase yearly • This growth can be managed with new methods, processes: • Server virtualization • Outsourcing • Open source • Cloud Computing • New, lower cost devices

  30. Needs, next three years… • Strengthen Partnership with City • (Example: INet, V.O.I.P., Facilities, Data Centers) • Staffing levels, particularly instructional support, including programming, classroom integration. • Establish a replacement schedule for computer hardware

  31. Hardware Acquisition • CIP, Lease, Operating $ • Donations • Replacement schedule • Equity K-5

  32. Hardware Acquisition • Computer obsolescence data:

  33. Technology Services @ PPS Thank you!

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