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PERSI STATUS: PAST, PRESENT, AND OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE. September 21, 2011 Division of Human Resources. THE PERSI FOUNDATION. Statute 59-1301. Public Employee Retirement System: Purpose.

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  1. PERSI STATUS: PAST, PRESENT, AND OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE September 21, 2011 Division of Human Resources


  3. Statute 59-1301. Public Employee Retirement System: Purpose • To provide an orderly means whereby Idaho public employees who become superannuated or otherwise incapacitated as the result of age or disability, may retire from active service without prejudice and without inflicting a hardship upon the employees retired. • To enable such employees to accumulate pension credits to provide for old-age, disability, death and termination of employment, thus effecting economy and efficiency in the administration of the state, county and local government. The legislature, therefore, declares that, in its considered judgment, the public good, and the general welfare of the citizens of this state required the enactment of this measure, under the police powers of the state.

  4. What makes PERSI different from other pension systems?No Smoothing U.S. Pension Systems Smoothing: A process where unusually high or low returns in a given year are spread over a multi-year period to lower the volatility of the gains and losses from pension fund investment returns. PERSI one of only two pension systems that does not smooth Advantage of Not Smoothing: Clear picture of returns Data & chart from NASRA

  5. What makes PERSI different from other pension systems? Daily Valuation Valuation: The value of PERSI investments are calculated and published each day. Daily valuation reflects financial events almost as they occur. This practice provides a clear representation of the plan status in a fluctuating economy. Advantage of Daily Valuation: Clear picture of fund value

  6. Other factors that set PERSI apart = Benefits, Rules & Contributions • No healthcare insurance provided for retirees • Modest benefits (11th lowest nationwide) • Reserves required by statute • No benefit changes in “good times” • Gain Sharing used to distribute excess funding • Employees contribute to their retirement


  8. Economic downturn decreased PERSI funding rate and increased amortization period.

  9. By end of fiscal year June 30,2011, PERSI experienced its greatest growth in 25 years.

  10. What caused the August “flash crash” of the market? • Political jockeying ended, debt ceiling raised (August 2) • Latest news about the Eurozone debt crisis triggers fears in U.S. about a double-dip recession (August 4) • Standard & Poor’s downgrades the credit rating on U.S. bond for first time in history (August 5)

  11. The value of sticking with a sound investment policy = Able to Bounce Back Following Declines Funded Ratio • 1992: 69.7% • 1995: 75% [higher contributions - 17.61%] • 1997: 97% • 1998: 110% • 2000: 116% [gain sharing, lower contributions - 15.66%] • 2003: 84% • 2007: 106% • 2009: 74% • 2010: 79% • Today: 90% [current contributions - 16.89%] Contribution rates lower today than in 1996

  12. State Law 59-1322(5) Funding & Action • According to this section of Idaho Code, the Board must act if the amortization period for the Fund’s unfunded actuarial liability (UAL) exceeds 25 years. Board Postponed 2011 Rate Increase Due to Strong Recovery

  13. UAAL – June 30, 2011

  14. Many benefits derived from meeting with lawmakers and employers. • Greater understanding of employer concerns • Budget challenges are paramount • Offering PERSI is key factor in employee retention • Opportunity to educate lawmakers • Why PERSI is different from other systems • Able to discuss legislators’ concerns • Is the fund sustainable? • How can risks be controlled?

  15. PERSI educational video is available online. PERSI website: http://www.persi.idaho.gov/media/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRFKj4uWPaE

  16. Questions? www.persi.idaho.gov

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