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GT Independence’s Mission: PowerPoint Presentation
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GT Independence’s Mission:

GT Independence’s Mission:

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GT Independence’s Mission:

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  1. GT Independence’s Mission: To help people live a life of their choosing regardless of age or disability.

  2. Some thingsthatwehavelearned… BePassionateAboutPartnership- Asyouragentweunderstandthatweneedto constantlyworktomeetyourparticularneeds.Collaborationisoneofourcorevalues andtousthatmeansthatwhetherwe’retalkingaboututilizationmanagement,intake processesorsimplytheneedsofoneofyourpeoplewewanttoworktogethertoachieve acommongoal.Webelievethatcollaborationisthefoundationofsuccess. Don’tMailitIn- Wehavelearnedthatself-directedservicearrangementsthriveorfail basedonhowwelltheyaresetup.ProvidinganexperiencedGTfieldservicepersonto helpmovethroughtheregistrationprocessiscrucial.Thebestwaytosetupaself-directedarrangementistohaveanagentoftheF/EAtheretocollectpaperwork,explain thepayrollprocessandmostimportantly,identifythepotentialsnagsthatcanoccur. MakeLifeEasierforyourFront-LineWorkers- Ourmissionistoexpandself-determinationtoasmanypeopleaspossible.Weknowthatoneoftheknocksonself-determinationistheamountofextraworkittakes.WebelievethatSDshouldnotbeanymoredifficulttoimplementthananyotherdeliverymodel.Ourfieldservicepeoplework constantlytoremovepaperworkburdens,complicatedbudgetingissuesandgeneral bureaucracyfromtheprocess.

  3. Some thingsthatwehavelearned… BeFlexible- BudgetsChange.Governmentregulationschange.Institutionalpriorities change.People’sneedschange.It’salwaysamovingtarget.Wewanttoworktogether withyoutoadapttothethingscomingdowntheroadandseizeopportunitiestoimprove people’slives.

  4. Operating Structure – GT Independence

  5. The Enrollment Process

  6. What happens at an enrollment? Participant, Employee, Care Advisor and Field Service Representative Attend Participant completes necessary documents to become an employer Employee completes necessary documents Field Service Representative explains payroll process Field service Representative answers questions, leaves contact information and written instructions

  7. The Payroll Cycle

  8. Fiction/Fact…… Myth: There is no need for consumer direction because traditional agency based services can fully meet the needs of persons requiring personal assistance services. Reality: Consumer-directed services can sometimes meet needs that the traditional service delivery systems are unable to meet….shortages of workers in agencies, inability to get agency service at the time wanted, waiting lists for traditional service.

  9. Fiction/Fact Myth: Because of their vulnerability, older adults are at greater risk than younger adults if they choose Consumer–Direction. Reality: In studies that have been conducted over the years, there has been no evidence that would support the model of consumer direction as being inherently more risky than professionally managed services. Clients have consistently reported their overall sense of well-being, security, and safety when participating in consumer-directed programs.

  10. Fiction/Fact Myth: Self-directing consumers will “misuse funds” or be “exploited.” Reality: People who self-direct show a strong sense of responsibility when they control and direct the funds available to them. Fiscal Intermediaries minimize misuse concerns and yet assist the consumer in not having to shoulder all administrative responsibilities for the disbursement of the funds.

  11. Myth: Younger persons wish to direct their services….older adults are not interested in this Reality: Many older people, just like younger adults, have preferences about their personal care, other services, and those folks they would prefer having assist them. A report issued by the US DHHS in the late 1990’s showed that satisfaction with CDS surpassed agency care in three areas…satisfaction with services, empowerment, and quality of life. Significant differences not found in client safety and unmet needs. More recent studies continue to support these findings. Fiction/Fact

  12. Fiction/Fact Myth: Direct support workers hired within consumer-directed models are not able to provide quality services to the participant. Reality: The direct support workers hired within consumer-directed models can provide high quality services because their training is tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual….the participants show them how, what, and when they want the service provided.

  13. Fiction/Fact Myth: Consumer-directed services are going to replace other options for service delivery. Reality: No. The long term care service system needs an array of services to support individuals according to their choices and needs, including institutional and residential services, provider-directed in-home services and consumer-directed services.