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Special Thanks to:

Special Thanks to:

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Special Thanks to:

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  1. Welcome to AIChE’s 1st General Meeting Special Thanks to:

  2. Check us out on: Become a Member: Fill out a form Pay $5 AIChE Members Receive Access to: Corporate Networking Opportunities Community Service Events Social Events Intramural Sports ChE Car Competitions Shirt Discounts Facebook American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)- *must be in UT network AIChE 101 On Our Website Linkedin Twitter

  3. AIChe WEBSITE • Google “UT AIChE” Click here • New features: • Student internship data base • Would you like to be featured on the website this month? Come talk to me after the meeting and let’s have a quick chat!

  4. Committee Chairs! • Want to get further involved in AIChE? • Looking for credentials to run for next year’s office? • Apply for a one semester Committee Chair position today! X + Not this kind of chair

  5. Public Relations • As a Public Relations chairman you will be able to help create the fliers you see all around the CPE advertising AIChE and it’s company sponsors! • Be a key component in getting people to the meetings and Lunch’n’Learns! • Help organize philanthropy and volunteer events for AIChE • Participate in our chemistry shows such as Introduce a Girl to Eng. Day and Explore UT! Community Outreach

  6. Historian • Photograph the AIChE events and create an album at the end of the year. • Decorate the AIChE cases in the CPE • Must provide own digital camera. Media • Assist the Publicist in writing articles for and distributing The Venturi newspaper! • Freedom to write what you wish!


  8. Omega Chi Epsilon Epsilon Chapter The University of Texas at Austin Friday, January 31 Meeting #1 w/ BP Friday, February 28 Meeting #2 w/ URS Friday, March 28 Meeting #3 w/ Sage Environmental Friday, April 4 Meeting #4 w/ The Boston Consulting Group Friday, April 18 Meeting #5 w/ BHP Billiton Late April Lake Travis Boat Retreat Friday, May 2 Induction and Banquet Recognition Investigation Service Comradeship Professionalism

  9. Engineers in Industry: Production Engineering Teresa Wu

  10. What is Production Engineering? Responsible for getting oil/gas out of the ground Optimize oil/gas production and troubleshoot issues with the well

  11. My Summer Project • Reduce bottom hole pressure (BHP) • Result in significant uplift • Model gathering systems on F.A.S.T. Piper • Create various scenarios and calculated predicted uplift

  12. ChE Classes Used • Unit Operations I • Compressors • Pressure Loss Correlations • ChE Economics & Business Analysis • Run economics on scenarios to determine the optimum case in regards to cost and uplift

  13. Are you ready for SPRING EXPO?January 31, 2014

  14. Chili Cook-Off • Who?: You! • What?: Come eat chili and mingle with recruiters of companies here for Expo • When?: day before expo - January 30th! • Where?: Location still up in the air because of construction • Plaza between ETC and CPE • Why?: Get to know recruiters before the expo 


  16. Scheduled Socials! • Broomball with OXE • ASCE and SWE have expressed interest to cohost something! • SPE Social at Zilker • Date/Time TBA • Float the River! • Dead Days

  17. SCHOOL SAFETY Beware of RLM Do not linger in the middle of hallways Determine destination before leaving the building Calmly walk around those wandering to class

  18. Citrate Gold Nanoclusters for Bioimaging Applications 1) 2) 3) 4) Lysine PLA(2K)-PEG(10K)-PLA(2K)

  19. Intramurals!! • Men’s Basketball • Sundays at 4 – White Division • Coed Basketball • Sundays at 2 • Coed Softball • Coed Indoor Soccer • Ultimate Frisbee Tournament – Coed/Men’s Start January 26th Start in March E-mail London at if you’re interested!

  20. Cheme Car • Two cars • One has an alkaline battery as the fuel cell and a magnesium strip in acid as a stopping mechanism • Other has a hydrogen fuel cell and a pressure reaction stopping mechanism • Meeting in CPE 2.222 right after this meeting (or when everyone is done eating)! • Feel free to come and check out the org, we are looking for a few more people so stop by if your interested!

  21. AIChE Welcomes

  22. Communicate information from AIChE officers to freshman class • Generate excitement about AIChE • Build your resume early • Learn the AIChE ropes • Link between freshman class and the organization • Opportunity to attend American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Conference Freshman Representative

  23. 30 Sec Elections:Senior Rep! Duties: Same as Freshmen Rep, but older wiser! Schedule Semesters-end trip Attend Office Meetings Represent the interests of the most elite!