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CTPP Crash Course PowerPoint Presentation
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CTPP Crash Course

CTPP Crash Course

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CTPP Crash Course

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  1. CTPP Crash Course Census Transportation Planning Products program Penelope Z. Weinberger CTPP Program Manager AASHTO 10/16/2013 GIS in Transit Conference

  2. What is the CTPP? An AASHTO sponsored data program funded by member state transportation agencies Operates with support from FHWA, RITA, FTA, Census Bureau, MPOs and TRB The program includes: Data products Training and technical assistance Research Designed for the transportation community

  3. Guided by an AASHTO Oversight Board MPOs Shimon Israel, MTC Brian Lasagna, BCAG Mell Henderson, MARC Arash Mirzaei, NCTCOG Guy Rousseau, ARC Clara Reschovsky, MWCOG Tom Faella, LAPC MaryAnn Waldinger, COMPASS Chair: Tracy Larkin-Thomason, NV(Region IV)Vice Chair: Susan Gorski , MI (Region III) AASHTO Liaison:Penelope Weinberger 17 voting members: 9 states and 8 MPOs Ex Officio Members Ken Cervenka, FTA Ed Christopher, FHWA Rich Denbow, AMPO Alison Fields, Census Bureau Matt Hardy, AASHTO Jonette Kreideweis, Consultant Li Leung, BTS Brian McKenzie, Census Bureau Elaine Murakami, FHWA Janet Oakley, AASHTO Alan Pisarski, Consultant Steven Polzin, USF. CUTR Melanie Rapino, Census Nanda Srinivasan, TRB Transportation Director, NARC Liang Long, Technical Adjunct States Laine Heltebridle, PA (Region I) Greg Slater, MD(Region I) Regina Colson, FL (Region II) Juyin Chen, VA (Region II) Phillip Mescher, IA (Region III) Cory Pope, UT (Region IV) Erik Sabina, CO (Region IV)

  4. CTPP Data Products • CTPP data products use data from the US Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) • The ACS replaced the decennial census “long form” and requires accumulation of data over multiple years for small area tabulation • 1 Year of data for places with 65,000+ people • 3 Years of data for places with 20,000 + people • 5 Years of data for smaller geographic areas, e.g. Tracts and Block Groups

  5. Applications of CTPP Data Products • Performance measurement • Modal share analysis • Environmental justice • FTA New Starts/Small Starts • Travel Demand Modeling • Livability analysis • Corridor planning • Air quality modeling • Trend analysis • Descriptive statistics • Travel forecasting

  6. Some Key Data Items Include • Data on Households • Size, income, vehicles per household • Data on Workers • Age and gender, occupations, earnings • Data on Journey to Work • Usual mode to work, commuting time, work departure time • Data on Workplaces • Work locations, times of arrival at work

  7. CTPP Data Concepts Summarized data by Place of Residence Place of Work Flows from Home to Work Custom Geography (Local TAZs) Unique Universes (e.g. workers in HHs)

  8. Product Summary

  9. Disclosure Rules Addressed NCHRP 08-79 ($550K) Web Report 180 Producing Transportation Data Products from the ACS that Comply With Disclosure Rules Tables Using Disclosure Proofed Data Set Means of transportation crosstabs Aggregate Vehicles Used Aggregate Travel TimeMean HH Income Aggregate HH Income Aggregate Carpools Almost all Flow Tables

  10. 5-year Geography and Flows • Asymmetrical Flows (in red) • Small Areas defined by MPOs in MPO areas and States Elsewhere • Tracts are Defaults for Small Areas • Default TADs defined by AASHTO • UZA tables for Part 1 ONLY • MCD Only States

  11. Special Staff and Contacts Penelope Weinberger CTPP Program Manager, AASHTO 444 North Capitol Street NE Suite 249 Washington, DC 20001 202-624-3556 Brian McKenzie CTPP Program Manager Census Bureau 301-763-2454 Liang Long CTPP Technical Support FHWA 202-366-6971

  12. How Can Transit Systems Use CTPP? • Residence based or workplace based counts by Means of Transportation (MOT) • Tract level flow analysis of MOT • MOT includes • Bus or trolley bus • Streetcar or trolley car • Subway or elevated • Railroad • Ferryboat • Taxicab

  13. CTPP List Serve

  14. “Status Report” newsletter New York City Transit's Environmental Justice Strategies: Using CTPP Journey-to-Work Data to Perform Service Change Impact Analysis by Demographics Ted Wang, MTA New York City Transit, Ted.Wang@nyct.comAlex Lu, MTA Metro-North Railroad, Lu@mnr.orgAlla Reddy MTA New York City Transit, Census Data Application for Title VI Service Equity Analysis Nazrul Islam, Federal Transit Administration,

  15. FHWA website

  16. AASHTO website

  17. Training Materials AASHTO CTPP Website E-Learning Recorded Webinars

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