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  1. TENDERING PROCEDUREIT- 3927/EN Revamping and replacement of obsolete Electrical Overhead Travelling (EOT) cranes and supply of new EOT cranes Floris Bonthond

  2. CONTACT FOR INFORMATION Floris Bonthond Tel: +41 22 767 31 43 Fax: +41 22 766 80 05 E-mail: Floris Bonthond

  3. DOCUMENTATION Tender Form Technical Specification and its annexes Selection and Adjudication Criteria for Supply Contracts General Conditions for Invitations to Tender CERN/FC/5312-I General Conditions of CERN Contracts CERN/FC/5312-II Working on the CERN Site (Please refer to email received for more info and URL). Floris Bonthond

  4. TENDERING PROCEDURE Bids to be uploaded (1) on the CERN e-tendering application at the following URL: later than: 08 May 2013 – 4:00 pm(expressed in Europe/Zurich time zone). Please take into account the uploading time. Bid evaluation Contract negotiation and notification Start of contract (1) Unless explicitly stated otherwise by CERN, bids shall, in no event, be sent by post, e-mail or fax. CERN will only accept bids that have been submitted via its e-tendering application. Floris Bonthond

  5. BASIS OF AWARD Adjudication basis: The contract shall be awarded on a « lowest technically compliant » basis to the bidder whose bid complies with all the technical, financial and delivery requirements and is the lowest*. * Subject to the Rules aiming at achieving a well balanced industrial return coefficient for Member States (MS). Floris Bonthond

  6. Selection and adjudication criteria Improve the distribution of our purchases among CERN Member States Country of origin: In accordance with standards defined by EU i.e. the country(ies) where the supplies (including their components and sub-assemblies) are manufactured or undergo the last major transformation by the contractor or his sub-contractors. The return coefficient of a Member State is defined as the ratio between that Member State's percentage share of the value of all Supply Contracts and that Member State's percentage contribution to the CERN Budget over the same period. Well balanced Member States for 2013: CH – CZ – FR –PT. The tender shall be treated as that from a poorly balanced (PB) MS provided that the value of the supplies originating in one or more PB MS is not less than 51% of the total amount of the contract. Floris Bonthond

  7. Contract The alignmentrule (1) • Lowest Bid from a PB MS  contract Case 1 Case 2 Case 2a Case 2b Case 2c Floris Bonthond

  8. Contract The alignmentrule (2) • Lowest Bid from a WB MSnegotiations if difference < 20% Case 1 Case 2 Case 2a Case 2b Case 2c Floris Bonthond

  9. Contract The alignmentrule (3) • Case 2a: 1st bidder from PB MS aligns  contract Case 1 Case 2 Case 2a Case 2b Case 2c Floris Bonthond

  10. Contract The alignmentrule (4) • Case 2b, if not  2nd lowest bidder from PB MS aligns  contract Case 1 Case 2 Case 2a Case 2b Case 2c Floris Bonthond

  11. Contract The alignmentrule (5) • Case 2c, if not alignment  contract placed with the lowest bidder from WB MS Case 1 Case 2 Case 2a Case 2b Case 2c Floris Bonthond

  12. PRICE BASIS All prices shall be quoted either in CHF or the national currency of the bidder or the currency in which the bidder has major expenses (to be indicated in the Tender Form), not subject to revision until 31 October 2016. They shall take into account CERN’s exoneration from VAT and import duties. The adjudication shall be based on the Free Carrier (FCA) Incoterms 2010 conditions. Floris Bonthond

  13. TENDER FORM Please fill in all the positions of the table in Art. 3 of the Tender Form and make sure that all that is requested is included in the given prices. Please make sure that all the documents that are requested in section 17 of the Tender Form (Documents to be attached to the bid) are included. CERN reserves the right to disqualify any bidder who does not supply all the requested documents. Floris Bonthond

  14. VAT VAT shall be subject to the rules and invoicing instructions as defined under the following links: OR Floris Bonthond

  15. PAYMENT CONDITIONS • The payment of any invoice shall be subject to the provision by the contractor of a bank guarantee issued by a bank approved by CERN (rating of BBB+ at least) at the start of the contract: • 10% of total estimated amount of contract and valid until expiry of warranty period, i.e, two years after acceptance of last batch of supply delivered under the contract; • See template in annex 1 of our General Conditions. • Payments: • 10% of the total amount of the release order after acknowledgement; • 20% of the total amount of the release order following approval of the Detailed design by CERN; • 30% of the total amount of the release order following successful factory acceptance tests and supply of the test report; • 40% of the total amount of the release order following successful acceptance tests of the supply and completion of training. Floris Bonthond

  16. DESIGN STUDY Within 6 weeks after notification of the release order for the project concerned, the contractor shall submit to CERN the Detailed design documents for approval. CERN shall carry out a detailed verification of the proposed design and give its approval or refusal in writing within two weeks. In case the study is refused by CERN, the contractor shall forthwith and at his own expense take such remedial measures as may be required to submit a satisfactory study within two weeks of CERN’s request. If the contractor fails to take the requested remedial actions according to CERN’s request, CERN may terminate the contract in whole or in part with immediate effect in accordance with Articles 28 and 30 of the General Conditions of CERN Contracts. In any case, component ordering and equipment manufacture shall not start without CERN’s written prior approval of the design study. Factory acceptance test and Final acceptance also subject to the same constraints. Floris Bonthond

  17. SPECIFIC COMMERCIAL ISSUES • DELIVERY SCHEDULE: Art. 6 of Technical Specification and Art. 8 of Tender Form. • PENALTIES: Art. 11 – Tender Form: • 1% of the amount of the release order concerned (cumulative total penalty limited to 5 %) for each complete week of delay of the contractual delivery date stipulated for each milestone. • Corrective maintenance: 2000 CHF for each hour of delay of the contractual intervention date stipulated in Art. 10 of the Tender Form. • WARRANTY: two years (Art. 25 of General Conditions of CERN Contracts). • COMBINATION OF FIRMS: combined competence and experience shall cover all the specified technical domains of this Invitation to Tender. • SUBCONTRACTING is permitted but limited to 30% of the amount of the bid. • ALTERNATIVE PROPOSALS: (Art. 14 of General Conditions for IT): alternatives can be proposed but they shall always be in addition to the conforming bid. Floris Bonthond

  18. CLARIFICATION PROCESS All requests for clarification shall exclusively be addressed by email to Floris Bonthond. CERN will answer all the requests for clarification received earlier than 7 calendar days prior to the deadline for the submission of the bids (08.05.2013). CERN’s answers will be sent to all bidders, including the requests for clarification but without identifying the sources. Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of the Q&A document and acknowledge in its bid cover letter each individual CERN clarification correspondence received. Floris Bonthond