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Emergency Murder PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Murder

Emergency Murder

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Emergency Murder

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    1. Emergency Murder ????????? ??????

    2. Contents 1.The structure of the story 2.Words for recognition 3.Summary & extends the writing

    3. The structure of the story

    4. The structure of the story

    5. Words for recognition 1.Lean 2.Shave 3.Autopsy 4.Surgery

    6. Lean Lean [Vi + adv/prep] to rest or bend against something so that your weight is supported ?? [(+on/upon/against)] ----from emergence murder p.48 Ex: She lean on the back of the chair ??????? *More information: Lean can also mean: 1.[Vi] to slope or bend from an upright position to move or bend your body in a particular direction (+forward/back/over)??;?? Ex: 1. They came to Pisa and saw the leaning tower. ?????????????? 2. She leaned down to hear the child. ??????????? 3. He lean over the table. ????????

    7. Lean 2.[Vt+o+adv/prep] to place something so that its weight is supported on or against something else ?(??)??? Ex: Lean your head on my shoulder. ???????????? 3.[Vi] (opinion,etc.) inclined to (+to/towards) (???)??(?) Ex: He leans politically towards conservation. ????????????? 4. [Adj] without much fat ??(??) thin but strong and healthy ?????(??) producing little of value ???? a lean harvest ??

    8. Lean *idiom: lean on ?? Ex: He always leans on others for help. ??????????? *Synonym: bend rest slope slant incline tip *Antonym: fat stout plump rich fertile *words replacement: lean on=depend on=relay on =count on=rest on=confide *words connection: The picture in my mind is Michael Jackson who can lean forward defying the gravity and wont fall down. Just take a look!

    9. Michael Jackson lean forward against the gravity

    10. Shave Shave [n] an act or result of shaving ??,???,??,??----From emergence murder p.58 Ex: He had a quick shave. ???????? *More information: Shave can also mean: 1.[Vt;Vi] to cut hair from your face or another part of your body ???;??? Ex: 1. I have shaved off my beard. 2.Do you shave your legs?

    11. Shave 2.[Vt]to cut off very thin pieces of surface ?;? Ex: The carpenter shaved off a small amount from the bottom of the door to make it close properly. ?????????????????? 3.[Vt:N] moving very fast ?? Ex: 1.The airplane shaved the top of a tree. ????????? 2. The bus passed me by a shave. ??????????? 4. [Vi] nearly failed ???? Ex: He shaved through the math exam. ??????????

    12. Shave *idiom: close shave Fortunately escape from danger ????? Ex: His life is no longer in danger, but it was a close shave. ?????????,????????? *Synonym: shear trim *words connection: You all remember the latest movie Sweeney Todd (?????)Everyone who goes there for a shave will all die under his razors. Heres a poster of it.

    13. Sweeney Todd :the shaver

    14. Autopsy Etymology: Middle French collegue, from Latin collega, from com- + legare to depute --- more at legate --- Emergency Murder p.4 Ex: 1. Lily's colleagues are also doctors or nurses because she is working in a hospital. 2. I am not only your colleague but your friend forever.

    15. Autopsy

    16. Surgery Surgery [n] a branch of medicine concerd with diseases and conditions requiring or amenable to operative or manual procedures????----From emergence murder p.07 Ex:1.Doing surgery is a challenge for an intern. 2.The hurt soldier needs surgery. *Synonym: operation

    17. Surgery *words connection:

    18. Summary & extends the writing 1.The Summery of the novel 2.The view on this story 3.The impression of this story 4.Rewrite the final result of the story

    19. The Summery of the novel The story was happened in the midnight at Mercy Hospital Emergency Room. Dr. Maxine Cassidy and Shirley, the emergency room nurse, were still at work. Suddenly, Shirley saw a woman entered the ER. She is Nanette Myer who is Dr. Hank Myer's wife.

    20. The Summery of the novel She is very sick than she dead. Maxine told Hank about Nanette's dead. Nanette's husband said that she is healthy and she couldnt dead because of heart fail. So,they guess it was a murder. They decided to order an autopsy and called Grabowski, a detective for help. But there wasn't any wrong could cause Nanette's dead.

    21. The Summery of the novel Maxine still thought it was a murder. Then they made a blood test on Nanette. Aaron found that there was a poison called tetrodotoxin which came from a kind of fish. Maxine tried to find out who killed Nanette. Maxine asked everyone who knew about the poison and Nanette. But somebody tried to stopped her. Maxine was attacked twice time. Finally they found that Virginia was the killer.

    22. The view on this story The bioengineering is booming nowadays. A lot of experiments about the reform of genome are going around the world. Some of them are illegal while others are contradictory to the natural rules debating by moralist. Its dangerous if some unexpected, uncontrollable side effects did happened or occurred years later. Its going to be a tragedy or disaster. Thus, the education of ethics is important to all students involving the fields of bioengineering.

    23. The view on this story Doctor Virginia who is a world famous researcher working hardly to find a new method of curing leprosy had a brilliant career originally, but she made a serious mistake to poison her friend to cover her illegal test of a new drug for leprosy. We all can make a mistake for all kinds of reasons but to take other peoples life is an unforgivable, irreparable crime. Why did the brilliant Professor Virginia commit such a crime? I thought thats due to she worked on an unallowable experiment first, and then she was out of her mind to make another crazy and stupid crime trying to mask the previous one.

    24. The view on this story We learned from this story that to obey the law is a basic requirement and dont make a second misconduct to cover the first one if some damage, unhappy results did happened. We should face ourselves honestly and try to control the situation quickly and efficiently without harming anyone.

    25. The impression of this story Before I opened this novel ,I think it was just a boring book that my English teacher chose to be a winter vacation work. But next second ,I was frightened by the story because there is a lady who died so quickly in the beginning of this story, Emergency Murder. This makes me want to read more and more. At first ,I think that the character whose name was Hank in the story was the murderer. How- ever he was not. Thats why I like this novel much more than other English novels. You can not know the end of this story,before you have read it already.

    26. The impression of this story The leading lady, Dr. Maxine Cassidy, is a brave woman whom I have never seen before. She try her best to find out the truth in it. She will do the thing which she though no matter what the others said to her. But it is harm to herself that she did not take the advices from all her friends. Just like her another colleague, Dr. Virginia Gaust . Dr. Virginia tested the pills which was made by Virginia with healthy people. If she was listened to Charlie, the murder won't happened.

    27. The impression of this story In the end, Maxine went out with Grabowski on a date. But Hank will be with only himself. I think that Charlie may be his friend because they are study in the same subject. So,if Charlie had any problems he can just ask Hank for help,and Hank won't be lonely.

    28. Rewrite the final result of the story "You're lying," Hank said. Hank raised his hand. He was holding a gun. Charlie looked at Virginia. "Virginia,help me! "Virginia said nothing. Maxine pushed the door open. "No!" she shouted. As she entered Charlie pushed Hank hardly. Hank fell down, He hit his head on the table and lay on the floor without moving. The gun also lay on the floor. Charlie reached for the gun, but Virginia picked it up. She pointed it at Charlie. "Won't you love me anymore? she asked. Charlie said nothing. Maxine ran in front of Charlie, and screamed " Don't hurt my honey "Your honey? What a stupid joke! Virginia shouted. Virginia ran to Charlie. My prince! Don't leave me!"Hank woke up and stood up angrily.

    29. Rewrite the final result of the story What do you mean, Virginia? Don't you love me anymore? "He suddenly cried loudly. Grabowski walked in the room quietly. "So you killed your wife, right?" he asked. "Really? But for what?" Maxine asked. "For his amorous affair." Grabowski answered. "Now you are under arrest for the murder of Nanette Myer. You have the right to remain silent...""So Charlie, tell me. Who do you like best?" Maxine and Virginia asked together. Charlie smiled and said, "Grabowski is my true lover. He's handsome, smart and strong. "Maxine and Virginia were crying and running away. Grabowski was scared and shouted "leave me away. My honey is Maxine.Wait for me ,honey......"

    30. ???? ???:03 ??:Lean,shave:03 surgery:04 autopsy:15(22.5) ??:1~05 2~03 3~15 4~04 ppt.?:03

    31. The End