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Language points

Language points

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Language points

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  1. 牛津版 高一Module 1 Unit3 Reading Language points

  2. Unit 3 Looking good feeling good There is no royal road to learning. 书山有路勤为径,学海无崖苦作舟 。 Dec 10, 2008

  3. Lead--In (一) Review the main points of the three e-mails. (二) Decide TRUE or FALSE and correct the mistakes: • In Amy’s first e-mail to Zhou Ling she is going on a diet to lose weight. 2. In the last two months Amy has lost 10kg. 3. In Amy’s second e-mail, she regrets taking those weight-loss pills. taking weight-loss pills 7kg

  4. 4. Li Dong is a man from Canada, and he donated his liver to save Amy’s life. 5. Zhou Ling didn’t answer Amy’s e-mail in time Because she has no computer. 6. In China, there are not people who take weight-loss pills. China her computer was broken many

  5. Words review n. 健身房;体育馆 vi. 保持 adj. 苗条的,纤细的 n. 体形,身材 n. 体重;重量;杠铃片 adj. 惭愧的,羞愧的 conj. 因为;既然 adj. 减肥的,瘦身的 vi. 锻炼,运动 vi. 起作用,起效果,奏效 • gym • stay • slim • figure • weight • ashamed • since • weight-loss • exercise • work

  6. Now, lets come to Language points Language points

  7. (口语) 很想做,渴望做 dying to do sth. 她渴望见到你。 曾经一时许多年轻人渴望出国。 She is dying to see you. There was a time when many young people were dying to go abroad. 类似短语: They are dying for a slim figure. People there are thirsty for freedom. He is eager for success. 渴望获得……

  8. 知识拓展 • 1. dying to do sth. /dying for sth. 非常渴望某物: • die (1) vi. 消逝;结束 (2) vt. 死 • 相关的短语: • die away逐渐停止,逐渐消失 • die down逐渐减弱,逐渐模糊 • die off相继死去 (die one by one) • die out逐渐消失;灭绝 • die of因[患]…而死 • die from由于…而死,因…致死

  9. die of与die from • (1) 若死因存在于人体之上或之内(主要指疾病、衰老等自身的原因),一般用介词 of。如:die of illness (heart trouble, cancer, a fever, etc) 死于疾病 (心脏病,癌症,发烧等) • (2) 若死因不是存在人体之内或之上,而是由环境造成的(主要指事故等方面的外部原因),一般用介词 from。如:die from an earthquake (a traffic accident, a lightning, a stroke, etc) 死于地震(交通事故,雷击等) • (3) 若死因是环境影响到体内,即两方面共有的原因,则可用of, from 均可。如:die of [from] a drink ( a wound, overwork, starvation, hunger and cold, etc) 死于饮酒(受伤,劳累过度,饥饿,饥寒等) • 但是在实际运用中,两者混用的情况较多。

  10. 2.make+O+O.C ◆ ◆ (n/adj/done/do sth.) make + O + do sth.=be made to do) • The King married her and_______________ • Eating too much __________ • The pain made him cry out. • He ___________________________ • You’d better speak louder to make yourself ________(hear) made her his queen. made him ill was made to waitfor over an hour. heard

  11. 3.used to 当是孩子的时候,我常去那条河边钓鱼。 过去在山顶有一座寺庙吗? 你父亲曾经喝很多酒,是不是? I used to go fishing in the river when I was a child. Used there to /Did there use to be a temple on top of the hill? Your father used to drink a lot, didn’t / usedn’t he? be used to doing sth./sth. 习惯于 get/become used to doing sth./sth. 逐渐习惯于 be used to do sth. 被用于做

  12. 高考链接 1. In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than ____. (2007安徽) A. that used to be B. it is used to C. it was used to D. it used to be

  13. out (口语) “练习,锻炼”,不及物动词短语。 Whatever the weather is like, my sister works out in the gym every day. 不论天气如何,我妹妹每天去体育馆锻炼。 Guess their meanings Can you work out how much money it will cost? He worked out all the details of the plan. 你能计算出将花费多少钱吗? 他详细拟定了那项计划。

  14. I hope the new project will work out well. How did his suggestions work out? 我希望新项目能顺利完成。 他的提议结果怎样? • 计算出,解决(问题); • 2. 详细拟定(计划,方案等); • 3. 被努力完成,巧妙地处理; • 4. (口语)(结果)成为 392

  15. 高考链接 We had wanted to finish our task by noon, but it didn’t quite _______.(2007陕西) A. find out B. give out C. hand out D. work out

  16. 高考链接 We didn’t plan our art exhibition like that, but it _____ very well.(2001全国) A. worked out B. tried out C. went on D. carried out work out 此处的意思是“(结果)怎样,呈现出……样子”,是不及物动词词组。解答本题的关键信息词是plan。 try out: 试验; go on: 继续(经营,进展)。 391

  17. 5.not any more=no more not any longer=no longer (次数上不再持续) (时间上不再持续) I can’t put up with the noise any more. =I can no more put up with the noise. 我再也不能忍受这噪音了。 People can’t close their eyes to the fact any longer. =People can no longer close their eyes to the fact. 人们再也不能对事实视而不见了。

  18. 高考链接 ---Will you give this message to Mr. White, please? ---Sorry, I can’t. He ______. (1990MET) A. doesn’t any more work here B. doesn’t any longer here work C. doesn’t work any longer here D. doesn’t work here any longer

  19. 6.stay: “保持,继续,维持……状态”,作连系动词,后接形容词做表语。 He stayed single all his life. Please stay seated! I stayed awake throughout the night. 他终身单身。 请坐在原位别动! 我整夜没有合眼。 这几天天气都一直很冷。 The weather has stayed very cold these days.

  20. vi. 停留, link. v. 持续不变;保持 • 辨析:remain / stay / leave • 都指“继续停留”或“继续保持某种状态、关系或行动。” • remain 常可与 stay 互换, 但它强调“继续停留于一处或保持原状态、情 况性质而不改变”, • 如: This place remains cool all summer. • 这个地方整个夏天都凉爽。 • stay强调“某人[物]继续留在原地而不离开”, • 如: He stayed to see the end of the game. • 他一直呆到比赛结束。 • leave 主要指把某物留在某处或留给某人

  21. 高考链接 Emergency line operators must always _____ calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help. (2007湖北) A. row B. appear C. become D. stay

  22. 高考链接 Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will _____ fresh for several days.(2003全国) A. be stayed B. stay C. be staying D. have stayed (此处不表示“完成”,故不用D)

  23. 7.weight: n. 重量, 体重; 砝码; 负担; 重要性 lose weight 减肥,消瘦 gain weight= put on weight 增加体重,发福,发胖 be overweight 肥胖,过重 weight-loss pills 减肥药

  24. n. 羞愧, 耻辱 It is a shame to do sth.v. 使羞愧,玷辱 8.shame • be ashamed of以为...是耻辱 • feel ashamed for sb.替某人感到羞愧 • be ashamed to do sth.以干...为耻 ashamed 惭愧的,羞愧 shameful adj. 可耻的、下流的 It is shameful of sb. to do sth.

  25. be ashamed of对…感到羞愧,因…而难为情 他对自己的失败感到惭愧。 He is ashamed of his failure. =He is ashamed of having failed. =He is ashamed that he had failed. be ashamed that be ashamed to do 他很惭愧他撒了谎。 我不好意思告诉他我考试不及格。 He is ashamed that he has lied. I am too ashamed to tell him that I have failed the exam.

  26. popular among/with (=be well liked by) 意为“在…之间流行,受…欢迎”,做主语 的一般是音乐,畅销书等Chinese food is becoming more and more popular among / with Americans.

  27. The song___ ______ ______ _____young people.Harry Potter ___ ______ ______ the young people.popular为形容词,意为“受欢迎的,有名望的” is very popular with is popular among

  28. He is a ________ writer.The government of our country wins _______support. 我国政府深得人心。Middle school students like to read _______science readings.中学生喜欢读科普。 popular popular popular

  29. The pills really work! (减肥) 药片还真的管用! work vi, “(想法、计划等) 起作用、行得通、奏效…” Eg. Your idea ______ ______in practice. 你的想法是行不通的 Does this light ______? 这个灯还亮吗 The medicine ________ and then the doctor operated on the patient. 药物产生作用后医生对病人实施了手术. won’t work work worked

  30. 2) vt. 使(机器)运转 Stand there and work the machine. 站在那 儿,操作机器。 Can I help you, sir? Yes, I bought this radio here yesterday, but it _______ ______.(坏了) doesn’t work

  31. work +adv. 表示事物的某一性质特性。 e.g. The present arrangement is working reasonably well. 目前的安排很奏效。 It’s a good idea, but it just won’t work. 它是个好主意,但行不通。

  32. 类似用法的动词还有: sell, wash, write,last … e.g. These storybooks sell well. 这些故事书很畅销。 This kind of cloth washes easily.这种布洗起来很容易。 His new pen writes well. 他的新钢笔很好用。

  33. work 的相关词组: work at 致力于, 在……上下工夫; work as 充当, 担任……工作; work on 从事 (工作)

  34. Practice 1). He worked __ a taxi driver in the north three years ago. 2). For two weeks she worked hard __ her new novel. 3). I want to work __ perfecting my style before trying anything new. 4). It’s a very strange situation and I can’t work it ___. as at on out

  35. 11.agree She says health is priceless, and I agree, but then I look so slim at the moment. 1) agree on 对…取得一致意见,后面加具体协议的文件,计划,行动等 2) agree to + n. 同意…, 赞同某人的计划,建议,决定等 3) agree with a.同意…,赞扬…+人或表示意见看法的词 b.与…一致,(气味,食物等)适合

  36. 4) agree with sb. on sth. 在某事上同意某人的意见 Finally he _________ a plan of work. We _________ the question. I don’t _________ either of you ___many things. The verb must _________ the subject in person and number. agreed to agreed on agree with on agree with

  37. His words do not _________ his action. Climate doesn’t _________ me. He has ________ our plan for the holiday. We all _________ her. I quite ____________ what you say. agree with agree with agreed to agree with agree with

  38. vt & vi 恢复(健康) 挽回,弥补(损失等) 12. recover 手术后,他恢复了视力。 经理从那次打击中恢复过来了吗? We soon rearranged our plan and recovered our losses. He recovered his sight after the operation. Has the manager recovered from the shock yet? 我们不久就重新制定了计划并挽回了损失。 After the journey he soon recovered his health. 长途旅行之后,他很快恢复了健康。

  39. recover sth. from… • recover one’s senses/ consciousness /health/strength vt. • recover from sth. vi. He was fired last month and he’s still recovering ____ his shock. A. / B. of C. from D. with

  40. 词语辨析: recover / uncover / discover recover意为“(从疾病中)复原,重获得”; discover意为“发现(新的东西)”; uncover意为“打开,揭开(盖子)” recovery n 恢复,痊愈

  41. Practice 1)._______ the fish before you put it in the oven(烤箱, 炉). 2). She soon _________ herself and stopped crying. 3). Do you ever ________ who sent you the flowers? 4). He stood a moment to ______ breath. Uncover recovered discover recover

  42. Practice 1213 I. 单词拼写:根据句意及汉语提示或首字母,写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式。 1. Doctors say smoking h_____ our health. 2. He did very well, but he f_____ to break the record. 3. It’s a s _____ that little children should have to beg in the street. arms ailed hame

  43. 4. The lift is o______ by electricity. • 5. The train arrived at e_____ 9 o’ clock, neither earlier nor later. • We can make our bodies strong by ________ (体操的) exercise. • 7. The students are busy working in the ________ (化学) lab. perated xactly gymnastic chemistry

  44. 8. In his letter he gave me a lot of _____ (建议) on how to learn English. 9. This place of interest ______ ( 吸引) many tourists every year. 10. A classroom is not the ______ (合适的) place for a football match.  advice attracts proper

  45. 13. contain vt. 1) 包含、容纳( 侧重包含的成分 , 内容 ) They contain a harmful chemical that caused my liver to fail. Eg. ◆Sea water ________salt. 海水含有盐分。 The atlas ________forty maps, _________ three of Great Britain. 这本地图册有40幅地图,包括三幅英国地图. contains contains including ◆ This box _________six bicycles. 这只箱子装有六辆自行车 contains ◆

  46. 翻译: 那个盒子里装着旧信。 这些食物里脂肪含量都太高了。 ◆ That box contains old letters. ◆ The food contains too much fat. Some more examples: The box contains the child’s toys. ( 包含…在内) 无进行时 This book contains a lot of illustrations. (插图) The auditorium (礼堂) will contain 300 people. He tried his best to contain his anger.

  47. 2) 抑制,限制:有限制地控制或持有;抑制 He couldn’t ________himself for joy. 他高兴得不能自制。 Has his grandfather’s illness _____________? 他祖父得疾病得到控制了吗? He couldn’t _________his wine. 他喝醉了。 contain been contained contain

  48. include和contain的区别 contain和include都是及物动词,有 “包含.包括”的意思 contain的宾语指的是包含的全部内容或容量. This box contains soap. A foot contains 12 inches. 如果指的是里面所含的成分时, 也用contain. Sea water contains salt. Beer contains alcohol.

  49. include的宾语指的是指整体中的部分内容或容量, include的宾语指的是指整体中的部分内容或容量, including是介词, 用including+sb/sth结构 included 则是过去分词形容词化,意为”包括在内”的, 用sb/sth + included 结构 ◆This plan included some of your suggestions. ◆Ten people, including two children, visited the Great Wall. Ten people , two children included , visited the Great Wall. ◆You had to pay ten dollars, postage included. You had to pay ten dollars, including postage.

  50. To keep fit, we should always avoid food ________too much fat. The price _______ the postage charges. Is service __________in the bill? He found a wallet __________ $ 1,000. Food __ fat, sugar, salt , fiber and water. A. includes B. forms C. makes up D. contains Practice containing 含 includes 包括 included containing