curtis adams live long live well n.
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Curtis Adams Live long. Live well. PowerPoint Presentation
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Curtis Adams Live long. Live well.

Curtis Adams Live long. Live well.

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Curtis Adams Live long. Live well.

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  1. Curtis AdamsLive long. Live well. Media Kit

  2. Curtis Adams, founder of Vitality, continues to motivate active adults across the world to reach beyond their comfort zones, to push through their limits, and achieve their true potential. To some, true potential may be competing in a marathon at age 65; to others, it may mean walking up a flight of stairs or having the energy to chase after their grandchildren. Curtis and his team of fitness experts have over 17 years of experience educating, empowering, and encouraging active adults. . Educating, empowering, encouraging

  3. DVDs & Exercise Shows Click to view video clip Curtis knows first hand what exercises work best for seniors, what motivates them, and what they are physically lacking. . He incorporates cardio, strength training, conditioning, core strength exercises, and balance.

  4. Magazine Contributions Magazine Contributions

  5. Television Appearances Regularly featured on ABC News, WBAL News, and Fox

  6. TestimonialsLook What the Active Adults are Saying "Two weeks ago, my doctor asked me what I had been doing different. My blood work has improved. My only change was Curtis's class."- Judy Macintyre "This is the best program I ever experienced. Love it!"- Eleanor Richardson "Curtis helped me with my balance after my knee replacement." - Carol Helinski "Curtis is great. He has a way of making you like exercise."- Lorena McQuaid "Thanks for bringing my energy back." - Ginny Ortel

  7. Publications Click for printable version Click for printable version

  8. Coming Soon Sponsorship opportunities are now available for Vitality’s new active adult exercise show, A New Way 2 Move, airing November 2012. Over a 1,000,000 viewers from the Hallandale area to north of Vero Beach including all Broward and Palm Beach Counties will be tuning in every Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00am. • Commercial space available • Retirement community sponsorships and onsite filming opportunities available

  9. Vitality Enterprises Contact Information 954-228-7608Phone Email

  10. Click to view video clip Live Long. Live well. Live long. Live well.