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Yo-yo-yo this your boy Reverend Parris PowerPoint Presentation
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Yo-yo-yo this your boy Reverend Parris

Yo-yo-yo this your boy Reverend Parris

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Yo-yo-yo this your boy Reverend Parris

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  1. Yo-yo-yo this your boy Reverend Parris About me son: 40 years of age, am a man not gay or anything else but a straight person who l like to find a sexy woman very handsome very-very intelligent I don’t want kids never that I LOVE money 24\7 everyday ABM also am a reverend have one kid but am a widower big time. I'm rich your not you see me hi hater bye hater!!!!! $ ABM$ all day so stop Hating on me John Proctor your not on my level Son. My favorite Film- what love got to do, the Passion, and Left Behind Last login in 10-1-08

  2. Interests- you know what I like to do is get money get some more money and have some money on the side also I like to preach if you have a problem with that come see me son what’z good in your farm be. Hey I am about you John Proctor. • Film: Money Talks, Mad Money, and Set It Off • Music: I Get Money-50 Cent, Put your Money-Ludacris, We taken over- Dj-Khaled • Television: CNN, Money Matters, Business • Books: absolute Power, Where the money was, Small steps • Heroes: Mugabe, Bush, Two- Face Marital Status- no Hometown- Salem Ethnicity- White Education- Harvard universe Occupation-

  3. My Top Haters that wont to be like your boy AKA Reverend Parris Friends Betty-Betty Abigail player John-John View all my haters fiends 9999

  4. My haters comments Abigail player Hey rev. look at this sexy picture Money is not all that son

  5. My Blog I really love money and power. Hate and war with John Proctor I reverend Parris is having a big conflict with John Proctor. The reason why am having a problem with John is because he thinks am a bad person but am not. To be specific he all upset that I have more land than him and that I need more land in this world because I do a lot for Salem and people need to respect me more because I am a good man. Also he think he's better than me just because he has a lot of land. Furthermore I think that people should gave me things because I do a lot and because am a reverend. I do not like my daughter at all not one bit.