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Yo-yo Ma

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Yo-yo Ma

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  1. Yo-yo Ma By一義 陳奕圜Michelle 20號

  2. Was born in Paris in 1955. • Gave his first public concert at the age of five. • Played at Carnegie Hall at the age of nine. • Has recorded over 45 albums. • Has won 12 Grammy Awards. • Starred in a PBS series "Inspired by Bach". • Owns two cellos, both over 200 years old. star:以....為主角

  3. Biography (傳記) Yo-Yo Ma was born in 1955 to Chinese parents living in Paris. He began to study the cello with his father at age 4 and soon came with his family to New York, where he spent most of his formative(塑造的) years. Later, his principal teacher was Leonard Rose at the Juilliard School. He sought(尋求) out a traditional liberal arts education to expand upon his conservatory(音樂學校) training, graduating from Harvard University in 1976. Mr. Ma and his wife have two children. He plays two instruments, a 1733 Montagnana cello from Venice and the 1712 Davidoff Stradivarius.

  4. About his music YO-YO MA Cellist The many-faceted career of cellist Yo-Yo Ma is testament(信條) to his continual search for new ways to communicate with audiences, and to his personal desire for artistic growth and renewal(更新). Whether performing a new concerto(協奏曲), revisiting a familiar work from the cello repertoire(演奏曲目), coming together with colleagues(同事) for chamber music(室內樂) or exploring cultures and musical forms outside of the Western classical tradition, Mr. Ma strives(努力) to find connections that stimulate(刺激) the imagination.

  5. Yo-Yo Ma maintains(維持) a balance between his engagements(諾言) as soloist(讀奏者) with orchestras(管弦樂樂器) throughout the world and his recital(演奏會) and chamber music activities. He draws inspiration from a wide circle of collaborators(合作者), each fueled(支持) by the artists’ interactions(相互影響). One of Mr. Ma’s goals is the exploration of music as a means of communication, and as a vehicle (傳達思想感情的工具)for the migrations of ideas, across a range of cultures throughout the world.

  6. DISCOGRAPHY 2000 • Ins pired by Bach, Volume 2 (DVD) Inspired by Bach, Volume 3 (DVD) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Inspired by Bach, Volume 1 (DVD) Corigliano: Phantasmagoria (The Fantasy Album) Dvorak: Piano Quartet No. 2 Sonatina in G, Romantic Pieces Appalachian Journey Appalachian Journey Live in Concert (VHS and DVD)

  7. 1986 Grammy Award for Cello Concertos by Elgar and Walton  1990 Grammy Award for Cello Concertos by Barber and Britten Gramophone Magazine Award for Brahms:  Piano Quartets  1991 Grammy Award for Brahms: Piano Quartets 1992  "Top Classical Crossover Album" in Billboard Magazine for Hush (with Bobby McFerrin)  1993 Grammy Award for Brahms: Cello Sonatas Grammy Award for concerted works by Tchaikovsky andProkofiev Diapason "5" Award for "Made in America" (Music by Bernstein, Kirchner, Gershwin &  Ives) 1994 Grammy Award for Bach: Suites for Unaccompanied Cello 1995 Grammy Award and Diapason "5" Award for "The New York Album" (Music by Stephen Albert,  Bartok and Bloch) Grammy Award for Trios by Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms (with Richard Stoltzman  and Emanuel Ax ) 1996 Diapason D'Or Award for Schubert: Trout Quintet & Arpeggione Sonata His award

  8. The achievement of Yo-yo Ma isn’t a coincidence.He has been practiced playing the cello since he was a child.You could see how hard he practiced by his coarse hands.Indeed,there are many things I should learn from him.The most important thing is the spirit .I should be as tough as he did,and never give up something easily. The End