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Yo - Yo Ma - the best cellist PowerPoint Presentation
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Yo - Yo Ma - the best cellist

Yo - Yo Ma - the best cellist

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Yo - Yo Ma - the best cellist

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  1. Yo - Yo Ma - the best cellist • About Yo-Yo Ma • What is a cello? • Yo-Yo Ma’s music • Yo-Yo Ma’s life and Family 一義25游筱玄Joyce

  2. About Yo-Yo Ma • Ma was born in Paris, France on October 7, 1955. Ma’s father started teaching him to play the cello when he was four. At age five, Ma gave his first cello recital. When he was nine, he moved with his parents to New York City, where he studied at the Juilliard School in the Pre-College division. Lots of people first noticed Ma in 1970, when Leonard Bernstein featured him in a fund-raising event for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

  3. Yo-Yo Ma studied humanities at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. In the summers he performed at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont. After he graduated, he became a full-time cellist. In 1978, he won the Avery Fisher Prize, a very special $50,000 prize given to only a few of the world’s best musicians. Even though Ma didn’t study music at Harvard, in 1991 the school gave him an honorary Doctorate of Music, their highest degree.Today Ma tours all over the world playing solo recitals, chamber music with a few other players, and concertos (a type of solo) with orchestras. He also makes recordings of both classical and non-classical music. Ma has made two country-style albums, one called Appalachia Waltz and the other called Appalachian Journey, with fiddle player Mark O’Connor and bassist Edgar Meyer. He is also featured on a children’s album, Lulie the Iceberg, which is a musical tale about the environment.

  4. Key words • Division部門 • Fund-raising募款 • Humanities人類學 • Honorary榮譽的 • Recital獨奏會 • Concertos協奏曲 back

  5. What is a cello? • Cello or Violoncello, large, low-pitched musical instrument of the violin family, held between the performer's knees. It is really a bass violin played in an upright position. It has four strings tuned C G d a (C = two C's below middle C; a = the A below middle C). Its range extends over more than four octaves. It is mostly used in string-quartets and orchestras.

  6. Key Words • Cello (violoncello)大提琴: a large stringed musical instrument. • String-quartet 四重奏 • Orchestra交響樂團 • back

  7. Yo-Yo Ma’s music (2000) • 2000 • Inspired by Bach, Volume 2 (DVD) Inspired by Bach, Volume 3 (DVD) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Inspired by Bach, Volume 1 (DVD) Corigliano: Phantasmagoria (The Fantasy Album) Simple Baroque II Appalachian Journey Live in Concert (VHS and DVD) Dvorak: Piano Quartet No. 2 Sonatina in G, Romantic Pieces Appalachian Journey

  8. 1999 SOLO (US/Canada Version) BRAMHS: Concerto No.2, Cello Sonata Op. 78 STOCK: Lulie The Iceberg NPR Milestones of the Millenium: Songs and Dances - Nationalism in Music NPR Milestones of the Millenium - Franz Joseph Haydn -Suprise and Farewell Simply Baroque 1998 TAVENER: The Protecting Veil & Wake Up...and Die KORNGOLD: Suite, Op. 23 & Schmidt: Quintet in G Major BACH: Complete Cello Suites 'Inspired By Bach' Yo-Yo Ma’s music(1998and1999)

  9. 1997SCHUBERT: String Quintet, D. 956 BOCCHERINI: String Quintet, Op. 13 No. 5 Isaac Stern, Cho-Liang Lin, Michael Tree, Jaime Laredo, Sharon Robinson SK 53983 LIEBERSON: King Gesar Omar Ebrahim, Emanuel Ax, Peter Serkin, Andras Dorjan, Deborah Marshall, William Purvis, William Taylor, Stefan Höge, Peter Lieberson SK 57971 From Ordinary Things PREVIN: Four Songs, Two Remembrances, Cello Sonata André Previn, Piano and Sylvia McNair, Soprano SK 62004 MOZART: Piano Quartets K.478 and K.493 Emanuel Ax, Isaac Stern, Jaime Laredo SK 66841 TAN DUN: Symphony 1997 (Heaven Earth Mankind) Imperial Bells Ensemble of China, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Yip's Children's Choir, Tan Dun (Conductor) SK 63368 Yo-Yo Ma’s music(1997&1996)

  10. The Tango Lesson - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack SK 63226 Inspired by Bach: The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello S2K 63203 Seven Years in Tibet - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Composed and Conducted by JOHN WILLIAMS SK 60271 Soul of the Tango - Music of Astor Piazzolla SK 63122 LIBERTY! - PBS TV Series Soundtrack Mark O'Connor, Wynton Marsalis SK / ST 63216 Available in mid to late January: INSPIRED BY BACH - Videos: The Music Garden (video) - Bach Suite No. 1 SHV 60196 The Sound of the Carceri (video) - Bach Suite No. 2 SHV 60197 Falling Down Stairs (video) - Bach Suite No. 3 SHV 60198 Sarabande (video) - Bach Suite No. 4 SHV 62852 Struggle for Hope (video) - Bach Suite No. 5 SHV 62724 Six Gestures (video) - Bach Suite No. 6 SHV 62808 1996 in Telerama, November 1996 Yo-Yo Ma’s music(1997&1996)

  11. Yo-Yo Ma’s life and family • Yo-Yo Ma’s wife is a woman called Jill, who is two years older than him. They have two children, Nicolas and Emily. He loves trying many different life styles and also has lots of friends(He said that he could learn more things besides music by getting together with his friends) . But he never forget to spend time eating dinner and chatting with his wife and children. • Yo-Yo Ma also said that he really want a peaceful and normal. He think it’s the best for his family and himself.

  12. Thanks for your attention THE END