by collins caldwell n.
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  1. By Collins Caldwell THE YO-YO

  2. History > The yo-yo is an ancient toy dating back to Grecian times when they were made from terra cotta clay and skins. They were used as toys but often held a significant religious purpouse. The 16th century Phillipine hunters would hide in trees with rocks wrapped in string and throw them down on animals passing by.

  3. STYLES There are many different styles of yo-yo but the three most prominent are the Butterfly, Modified, and Imperial. Modified yo-yos are rounded like disks to give it a longer spin time. This is good for looping tricks. Butterfly is more for string tricks as the wide spacing makes landing it on the string simpler. The Imperial design is the oldest and most recognized design, simple and fun.

  4. STYLES OF YO-YOING There are technically only a small handful of styles, the possibilities are endless. The four main styles are Freehand, Off-String, Looping, and the most common, Sleeping. (Asian man performing Off-String)

  5. OFF-STRING Off-String is a style that uses a modified yo-yo usually softer and shaped like the butterfly to assist landing it on the string.The softness of the yo-yo is to help absorb shock if dropped, but rubber pads can be placed on the rims as well.

  6. LOOPING Looping is usually the most visually entertaining style, often involving acrobatic tricks or intricate body motion. In yo-yos used for looping techniques the weight is centered to counteract the gyroscopic effect.

  7. FREEHAND Freehand yo-yoing involves a normal yo-yo that is attached to a counterweight rather than the users string. This allows the user to do tricks like suicides and such, without the trouble of the yo-yo having a fixed point of attachment to the body of the user.

  8. SLEEPING Sleeping is the most common style of yo-yoing and involves manipulating the string more so than the yo-yo to do intricate tricks. Some common ones are “rock the baby” or “trapeze”.