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  1. HSE LEARNING • INCIDENT: • On 16th July Kauther Gas Plant tripped on ESD initiated by fire & gas detection at the condensate holding area. Loss of containment was caused by shearing of a pressure gauge instrument tubing on the discharge line of the running pump. The system pressure at this point is 88 barg, causing a jet of liquid/ vapour to hit the roof of the holding pit 15m overhead – most of the liquid fell back into the pit, but some of it contaminated the surrounding area. Estimated loss of liquid containment is ca 10m3 (estimated 25% and 75% water). The incident occurred at night, with the facility unmanned. After 2 hrs local gas detectors picked up the leak, registering gas above 100% LFL. • POTENTIAL – C3A/P • No ignition source was encountered (all Ex-rated equipment). A pool or jet fire could have resulted in the loss of the condensate pumping facility in the pit, with replacement costs of up to 1 MMUSD, but would not affect KGP production. • Potential injury to operator due to fire, or slips/trips. • ROOT CAUSES: • Pump vibration led to ‘fretting’ of the instrument tubing at the compression fitting, with eventual stress failure leading to full-bore flow to the surrounding environment via the ½” instrument fitting. The most likely cause of high vibration is blockage within the suction strainer of the duty pump. • LEARNINGS: • Vibration: • Suction/ discharge dampers on positive displacement pumps to be checked at least 6-monthly • Suction strainers should have dP indication installed, set to alarm when pump NPSH requirements are not met • Always remove commissioning filters from pump suctions • Consider low flow alarm for pumps • Detection: • Gas detectors in pits should be located at low elevation to aid early detection • Consider installing level switches (float switch) in pits/sumps for rapid indication of leaks • Leak path reduction: • Consider Pressure Transmitters with local indication instead of pressure gauges Key Learning: Design and Maintenance of (positive displacement) pumps must ensure adequate safeguards for avoiding blockage and early detection of vibration. Process Safety Incident Use this Alert: Discuss in Tool Box Talks and HSE Meetings  Distribute to contractors  Post on HSE Notice Boards  Include in site HSE Induction Contact: MSE511 for further information or visit the HSE Website Alert No 71 August, 2011

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