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  1. heLL Pari,Maizatulshima,Nor Shafina,Davi,Jeffry, Kanaga,Deiva

  2. understanding Evolution & LEARNING TOOL Evolution ofLearning

  3. Behavior disorders Intelectual differences There are many areas to consider Physical disabilities Special Needs Theories of Learning Handicaps Developmental disabilities giftedness Learning Styles

  4. i nstructional Tech ntuk U H A D esign D U i- Wareness & A euristics H

  5. i U D A H Log on to the KFC website… hehe… objectives

  6. ? objectives The selection/ potential to be used with IT mediation. 1 2 3

  7. 1 i- U D A H objectives To be Awareof opportunities and to encourageHeuristics (Learning through discovery – self directed using ICT media)

  8. 2 i- U D A H objectives To learn to Maximize & Utilize basic visual communication IT techniques – suit for learner disabilities,special education,living skill,IT in edutainment,IT in early chilhood,Distance Learning, etc)

  9. 3 i- U D A H Objectives To introduce basic Tools to Design learning process using Instructional Technology

  10. Prof. Dr. Michael Bach (2004) Impressum | Masthead Fun Things. Retrieved on 250705 The Law of Figure-Ground Discrimination The Law of Closure The Law of Proximity The Law of Similarity & many more… see it to believe it GestaltPsychology

  11. Instructional Technology make learning easy Target: (learner disabilities,special education,living skill,IT in edutainment,IT in early chilhood,Distance Learning,Mobile Learning etc) EDUTAINMENT EDUTOURISME LEARNER DISABILITIES LIVING SKILLS • wEEKLY interactive audio teleconference session • on specific topic • TRAINING OF SUPERVISORS using ICT - Orientation Programme -INTERACTIVE MEDIA -ICT TOOL -H/WARE & PERIPHERALS ICT SUPPORT ON CAMPUS SHORT- COURSE LEARNING & MATERIAL REFERENCES DISTANCE LEARNING EARLY CHILDHOOD • Fish Bone / Ishikawa Diagram

  12. Tradisional Learning Method different speed no interest / does not understand no reproduction/ target needs (ROI) ? Telecommunication,motion video,computing,publishing technicality of subject computer sharing unenjoyable learning environment poor time management • technical problems • unskillful teacher

  13. 1)LEARNER DISABILITIESImplementation: Physical Media KEYBOARD withbig buttons Emboss Remote that talk Buttons and switches in Braille Products with Braille or embossed markings

  14. They are special ! Cont’: • Specific skills – reading and typing in Braille, use of magnifiers • Computer skills – keyboards, wordprocessors, using software to assist in use of technologies • For low vision, using adaptive technologies to read from text

  15. LEARNER DISABILITIES(cont’)(Implementation: Audio Visual Media Radio is a powerful tool for teaching. Sounds are use to explain situations (storm), anticipate situations (sound of footsteps receding). Movies for the blind come with descriptive audio to explain the visuals(cd courseware. Graphics in Braille MANUAL into come with an explanation of the graphic - Montage

  16. 2) It IN Edutainment Game scores can MEASURE learning level FUN element makes game EXCITING ADVANTAGESof game-based learning Make complex learning more APPROACHABLE Competition & reward creates MOTIVATION

  17. 3) IT IN LIVING SKILLS LEARNINGInfrastructure-Living Skills Lab, displays, information or reference ? Who? Responsible? Students ? Teachers ? Administrators ?

  18. IT IN LIVING SKILLS LEARNING Solutions for IT use CD-ROM provided by Technology Division of Ministry of Education

  19. ? 4) IT in Early Childhood Storybooks computer technologies IT Technologies used for the storage, collection, manipulation and communication of information =

  20. IT in Early Childhood Logical Visual Kinesthetic Multipleintelligences Musical Verbal Intra/Interpersonal Naturalist Existential Learning Styles

  21. IT in Early Childhood (cont’) Books Posters Flash cards Early ChildhoodLearning Toolkit CD Television Website

  22. IT in Early Childhood (cont’) Language Multi languages Visual Attractive Colors Multi-IT products A package of product that consist of CD, online based storybook, flash card (MULTIMEDIA FLASH) and etc

  23. 5)IT in Edu-tourism • An alternative tourism that incorporates and goes beyond aspects of heritage tourism, eco-tourism, and community tourism. • It promotes self-reliance through effective partnership arrangements and community-based education. • Self-reliance demands the people’s active collaboration in planning and project completion. Example : The Molecule Nano World. Moly and Poly will guide the students into the magical worlds of atoms and molecules.

  24. Summary of Key Points • ICT in Instructional Technology have potential to be used in teaching-learning. (the gigantic digital integrated knowledge pool (IKP). Knowledge (K), expert (E) and intelligent tutoring (IT) systems) • Learner Specification • Context • Pedagogic Considerations • Mode of Representation 2. The role of teacher will be as facilitator. instructor-centered top-down communication and broadcast model (Branson, 1991)

  25. Thank you Pari, Maizatulshima, Nor Shafina, Davi, Jeffry, Kanaga, Deiva Just In case No one Has Smiled Your way Today…