what does eaton s wireless electrical installation offer n.
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What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer? PowerPoint Presentation
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What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer?

What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer?

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What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer?

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  1. What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer?

  2. What does Eaton‘s wireless electrical installation offer? • Flexibility • Comfort • Safety • Energy management • Design

  3. FlexibilityThe optimal solution for every need.

  4. Flexibility When your needs grow, your RF switches will “grow“ with them • Place RF switches wherever needed • Reposition RF push-buttons quickly and easily

  5. Flexibility What you expect from your home keeps changing: So Eaton‘s RF system will change accordingly! • Glue RF push-buttons onto glass surfaces, furniture or walls • Expand and change the RF system at any later point in time through • additional RF push-buttons • new functions

  6. Flexibility No more adding wires and therefore no more mess during renovation! • Change conventional switches easily into RF switches • Use adapters • Actuators are easy to position in  Light fixtures Flush-mounted boxes

  7. Flexibility Modern RF technology • Low initial costs • High functionality • Reliable and safe to operate

  8. ComfortYour home wants to do more for you than you think.

  9. Comfort Lighting control • Switching and dimming • Individually adjustedlighting scenarios • Optimal ambience lighting in every situation

  10. Comfort Control of roller shutters, awnings and blinds • Blinds roll up or downat the time you want them to • The shading system reacts to each type of weather • Sensors tell the system when to retract or roll out the awning

  11. Comfort Central ON/OFF switch • Simply switch off all the lightsand electrical appliances whenyou leave home Disconnection from the mains • Conveniently disconnect roomsfrom the mains at night

  12. Comfort Heating control • The Home Manager coordinatesall heating systems taking into account outside temperature  roller shutters and skylights  solar systems hot-water preparation

  13. Comfort Control of air conditioning and ventilation • Automatic ventilation in the bathroom or toilet after every use • A refreshing room climate provides a maximum ofwell-being on hot days • Control of ventilation inpassive houses

  14. Comfort Remote control via PC and mobile phone • Always be informed aboutwhat‘s going on • Conveniently control electricalappliances via mobile phone or PC

  15. SafetyHand in hand: Combine safety with comfort

  16. Safety Central OFF function • Switch off all lights at one pushof a button • Open/close all blinds at onepush of a button • Switch off selected power consumers when you leave the house by pushingthe central OFF button.

  17. Safety Panic function • If you hear any unusual noises at night, you can activateselected functions thanks to the panic button. • Switch on indoor andoutdoor lights • Roll up the blinds • Give an acoustic alarm

  18. Safety Presence simulation • Home or not at home – that‘s the crucial question for uninvited visitors. • Automatically changing lighting scenarios • Roller shutters going up and down

  19. Safety Protection against burglars Surveillance of outdoor or indoor areas by means of • motion sensors and • window contacts Notification through SMS sent by the Home Manager Deterring intruders through an alarm

  20. Safety Fire protection By means of smoke detectors in case of fire • Acoustic alarm through smoke detectors • Notification through SMSsent by the Home Manager

  21. Safety Remote control via PC and mobile phone Is the iron still on? Is the oven switched off? • Always be informed about what‘s going on • Conveniently control electrical appliances via mobile phone or PC

  22. Energy ManagementThe responsibility for the future lies in your hands.

  23. Energy Management Control of heating and air conditioning Energy-efficient control of heating and cooling by means of • sensors such as room and outdoor temperature sensors • window contacts or • actuators Rooms can be individually heated or cooled according to time and temperature profiles.

  24. Energy Management Awnings, roller shutters or blinds Modern energy management thanks to shading control based on • temperature and • solar radiation reduces the power consumption of air conditioning systems

  25. Energy Management Ventilation control Ventilation will only be switched on automatically when it is necessary • Air quality sensor (passive house) • Use of wet-rooms • Time profiles

  26. Energy Management Electrical appliances in stand-by mode cost nearly 80 € per year and household. Central Off function • Switch off selected power consumers Disconnection from the mains • Get a good night‘s sleep combined • with an energy-saving effect

  27. Comfort ManagementYou will definitely love this kind of comfort.

  28. Comfort Management On duty for you around the clock! The Home Manager controls and coordinates the different functions all over the house. • Heating • Solar • Roller shutters • Swimming pool • Lighting

  29. Comfort Management The Home Manager‘s “Little brother“ The Room Manager enables you to control and survey smaller units, such as individual rooms of a home. • Heating • Air conditioning • Ventilation • Shading • Lighting

  30. Installation The easy way to home comfort!

  31. Installation Switches, room controller ..., simply glue them to the wall Integration of conventional switches with binary input into the RF system Suitable for using screw-type and plug-type terminals Installation of the actuator in the switch box or installation box equipped with a cover Installation of the actuator in the switch box equipped with an RF push-button as a combined solution Installation of the actuator in the light fixture Installation of the actuator in a wet-room box Installation of the actuator in the box of a cable duct Easy battery replacement –lifetime of the battery in the push-button is approx. 10 years Easy battery replacement – lifetime of the battery in the room controller is approx. 7 years

  32. Installation Actuators in branch-off boxes Distribution panel DA = dimming actuator, JA = blinds actuator, SA = switching actuator

  33. Installation Actuators in the light fixture

  34. Configuration

  35. Configuration 1. 2. 3. 4. Basic Mode Standard functions Install the actuator in the flush-box and connect it Push the programming button (the red LED and the connected lamp are ON) Activate the corresponding push-button (the red LED and the connected lamps will flash twice for confirmation) Push the programming button again in order to finish the process (the LED and the connected lamp are switched OFF)

  36. Configuration Comfort Mode Complete functionality available for use PC / Laptop MRF

  37. Experience the kind of home comfortyou‘ve always dreamed of!